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Although a number of stories of individuals with such strange abilities have been reported over the years, one incident does stand out among them. Within days of the incident with the lightbulb, her vacuum cleaner burned out as well, and a repairman who visited said he could find no cause for the apparent malfunction. One day, as she passed a particular cupboard where Ron had kept a number of his possessions, another lightbulb exploded violently above her, frightening her and her infant child. Eventually the two women came across a man who they sensed was evil and whose appearance repulsed them, but who showed them how to find their destination.

After their experience, the women wrote separate accounts of what they felt happened, and even returned numerous times to the same gardens, unable to find that strange lane they turned down to encounter a slip in time. Randles reported several recent cases of this same kind of atmospheric shift, described in a number of situations as being palpable and disturbing.
The disorder is sometimes known as as High Voltage Syndrome (or HVS), and a number of similar cases have been documented.
This theory hold very little weight, however, as no clear footprints, other than those of the deceased, had been found anywhere near the scene of the deaths.

However, one would suspect that, once again, these knowledgable skiers and their leader would have been fully aware, as they looked behind them, that no avalanche activity was in sight. Other witnesses report the reverse of this type of experience, as in seeing a solitary diner on the side of a dark deserted highway, stopping in for a meal, then when attempting to RETURN to said diner weeks or months later, finding it not only abandoned and run down, but discovering the diner went out of business thirty years ago.

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