Published 11.11.2013

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We sat through the mass understanding much and received communion, saying a prayer for Brother’s Paddy’s repose. A few tug boats and a single scull, powered by a lone oarsman, were all that broke the surface of this venerable and storied river. I signed up for an hour with the hotels internet station ( 20 euros) and sent a number of messages to friends and relatives across the ether of cyberspace. On deck #12, aft, we found the “Sports Bar” a small buffet-style restaurant that served all three meals daily.
Once, this small area had been graced with rows of gleaming white marble structures, the business, commerce and affairs of much of the western world had been waged here daily. The powerful tug “Eduardo Roace” helped nudge the dream in a 180 degree pivot, so she was bow first and able to steam more ably from the congested harbor area.
Several eighty and hundred-foot power yachts lay at anchor in the upscale marina, attesting to the city’s glamourous reputation. I could picture the Romans arriving late, complaining of the heavy chariot traffic, as the sat in their assigned seats, waving at acquaintances and craning their necks to see what dignitaries now sat on the elevated dais. Now, throngs of people from everywhere come by daily and sit on the stairs, admiring the view and enjoying the throngs that come to sit by them.

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