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Each of its seven, four-day camp sessions will be tailored to challenge the skills of youth ages 8-17 and will cover warm-ups, agility and skills training.
Basketball season is upon us and that means many parents now find themselves at the helm of their child’s basketball team.
Machines may be a good choice in the beginning as most young adolescents may not have ever lifted weights before and machines would be a great introduction to strength training.  However, after they have become accustomed to the weight room and the machines, slowly phase in dumb bells and barbells as they are more functional and require greater motor control.
Coaches can do a great service to their young athletes by exposing them to resistance training at an early age so it hopefully becomes part of their long term athletic development. This entry was written by IPTS, posted on November 3, 2012 at 10:56 PM, filed under Blog, Strength Training, Youth Sports and tagged basketball, plyometrics, weight training, youth sports. This program places a high priority on movement quality, running technique, athletic coordination, balance and core stability and the introduction of essential muscular movement patterns.
Each athlete will be tested at the beginning and end of the program using with Functional Movement Screen(FMS) which is utilized by many professional sports teams.
At the end of this class each participant will have a strong base of movement skills and proper training protocols which will set them up for success later in their athletic career. If you're new to youth basketball training, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and perhaps even a little nervous! Don't worry! Basically, coaching youth basketball can be summed up in 2 words: "What" and "How"What are the most important skills to teach?
Don't expect basketball defense at the kindergarten and elementary basketball level to look very good. When you're coaching youth basketball players, you need to start by introducing them to some basketball basic rules. If you can teach your youth basketball players how to get their feet off the floor when they go after a rebound, they will dominate the game.

Teamwork games are a great way to help childrens basketball players learn how to have fun working together. Though physical strength is an important part of basketball conditioning, it shouldn't be a part of training for young players until they're about middle school age. If you need some help planning and organizing your practices, I think you'll find these youth basketball training plans to be a tremendous resource.
If you want some other useful basketball pointers for working with kindergarten and early elementary basketball players, check out these 10 things I've learned from experience.
Denver Basketball Training for elite players with ambitious goals is a cornerstone of our business here at Forge Player Development. Join the many others who have smartly subscribed to receive a 30 minute consultation and personalized training session.
These are the some of the same drills that our trainers have performed themselves, worked on with NBA talent, and have shared with thousands of their students. Most competitive athletes are looking for methods to become more explosive, jump higher, and increase their speed.  Well, look no further than the weight room!  Early teenage years are a great time to introduce them to the advantages of the weight room and the benefits of strength training. Coach Terrence Jones provides an array of basketball lessons that range from basic shooting fundamentals to dynamic ball handling drills! Such as: shooting form and body positioning basics, shooting off the dribble, reading the defense, reading screens, basic ball-handling, advance ball-handling, the mindset of a point guard, one-on-one offense and defense, team defense, post offense and defense, basketball psychology and much much more! These are vital in establishing a child's athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention, and long-term enjoyment of sports participation. This assessment allows us to identify movment issues that can lead to potential injuries or decrease an athlete's ability to perform. At first, most kids will need to use two hands to shoot, and they may try to sling it from the hip.

Youngsters won't be able to reach a regulation size goal, and they may not have much success with an 8-foot goal. There are a lot of technical skills players won't understand until they get older, but you can start introducing them to some basic defensive principles.
Don't throw all of the basketball regulations at them at once, but teach a few as they relate to skills you are working on.For instance, as you introduce basketball dribbling drills, you could talk about traveling or double dribbling.
If kids are going to enjoy their time at practice, they have to feel like they fit in with the team, and the team has to have fun interacting together. Physical size, athleticism, and fundamental skills help determine what position players are best suited for.In my opinion, youth basketball is not the time to pre-determine what position a young athlete will play 5 years down the road. Each participant will be given a customized movement correction plan that addresses their specific issues with the goal being to improve their overall screen score which indicates an overall improvement in movement quality and efficiency resulting in more success on the playing field. Don't overload them, but pick a few concepts to start with and introduce new ones as appropriate. Many officials in youth basketball games teach players the rules as they commit fouls or violations during the games, which is a good way for kids to learn.
Too often this step is skipped and athletes are thrown right into complex strength moves resulting in poor form and many times injury.
You can still focus on other important parts of the basketball shot like what their eyes, knees, or feet should be doing.

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