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I worry about the injury risk because my daughter is so small compared to many of her teammates and the older competitors. This past weekend, CC's 4th grade team won both pool play games and entered the elimination round as the 3rd seed.
Current posts on SportsLetter now can be found on the LA84 Foundation’s redesigned website. Mary Ayers, center, Superstars cheerleaders' coach, goes over cheers with her team as they prepared to cheer at the opening day of the youth winter cheerleading program.
Leonard Gant, right, fires a jump shot over a defender during youth basketball action Saturday at the post youth center. Youth basketball players scramble for a loose ball during action Saturday morning at the post Youth Services Center.
Youth center basketball players surround an opponent during 5-to-6-year-old action Saturday at the post Youth Services Center. Ketisha Johnson, left, Cavaliers coach, teaches one of her young players how to shoot the ball during warm-ups Saturday at the post youth center. FORT CARSON, Colo.---The tranquility that had been the Fort Carson youth basketball courts during the past two months gave way to an enthusiastic group of athletes, parents and supporters of the youth basketball program Saturday.
The opening ceremonies was also the first chance many Mountain Post patrons had to meet the new youth sports director, Chad Jones, who began the season by welcoming all the athletes and parents and then led the adults in the parents code, which reminds everyone to let the youth enjoy the activities and promote sportsmanship at all times. After the pregame festivities it was time to get down to the business of basketball for the players and cheerleading for the cheerleaders.
Tim Patrick’s son, Brylan, was one of the 5-to-6-year-old players that would take the floor to begin the season. A quick stop and jump shot is probably the most important offensive maneuver used by today’s players.
Players often get into the habit of jumping forward too much and come down on their defensive man if he is in good position. This drill will teach the basketball player the art of jump stopping while moving at a high speed and get his shot off while maintaining balance.
A basketball service providing tips to coaching & teaching the game of basketball to the youth of the world.
Instead of resting the basketball under your shooting eye and looking over the top of it, you pull it up to your forehead above your shooting eye and look under it. Get the ball in the proper shooting positing as quickly as possible by bringing the ball straight up past the face. If you are closely guarded, youa€™ll need to jump higher to rise above your defender and shoot the ball at the peak of your jump. If youa€™re shooting a long-range basketball jump shot, youa€™ll need to shoot as you jump rather than at the top of the jump.
Now in it's Second Edition, Developing the Perfect Jump Shot by Ralph Karst has been revised and updated with new photos and information on topics from eye dominance to footwork! Developing the Perfect Jump Shot provides a meticulous dissection of what many people consider a simple or even instinctual move.
Featuring more than 150 photos and diagrams, the book blends mechanical detail with an aesthetic overview to describe the making of the perfect jump shot.

Developing the Perfect Jump Shot is a comprehensive resource on the art of shooting for coaches and athletes at any level. If you read my last post, you followed along as I walked us through the first three steps to consistent jump shot performance for a young basketball player. For a taller or more physical player, that likely means attempting to establish position in order to get a rebound for a missed shot. While your approach may differ from mine, the key to skill setting is that it makes sense to you as the coach and that you can teach and coach using the approach in an effective way for your athlete. I am not worried about her confidence because it soars when her team beats an older team and it does not wane when they lose a game they were not expected to win.
The excitement of a new season seemed to be felt all around the building as the first group of athletes began its warm-ups for the 10 a.m. Tim, who grew up playing youth sports, said basketball was a great thing for his son not just because of sports but for other reasons as well. They understand the concept of winning and losing and also I think they have made a lot of friends that they would not normally have met,” Sites added. If a player expects to be a complete basketball player, he or she should practice a lot from the flatfooted position. Let the passing line start the drill by hitting the cutter at about the head of the free throw line as that player breaks quickly to the basket. All three lines rotate so that each player, at one time or another, becomes a feeder, retriever, and shooter. By shooting on your way up, youa€™ll take advantage of the power coming from your legs. For a basketball jump shot, the ball should be released near the top of the jump as the ankles, legs, hips, and shoulders fully extend. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. The book outlines the progression of steps that players must learn to shoot better, more accurately, and more consistently. Dip: After the athlete has already caught the ball, set, the feet, and eyed the rim, he or she is ready to initiate the jump shot movement. Extend: This explosive movement involves quick release of that stored energy coupled with a lift of the ball over head in good shooting form. Whatever the case, the athlete must be cued to land with good knee positioning (no valgus collapse) and to avoid looking down at the feet. Whether it is teaching an athlete to shoot a jump shot, perform a power clean, or acquire any other skill, the approach is the same.
Regarding bad habits, my daughter tends to pick up her dribble to quickly against bigger and faster teams, but as long as she is improving every week I think that this will eventually make her better than her peers. McLaughlin, right, garrison commander, talks Anthony Twiggs, left, and Kyle Velazco after a simulated contest between McLaughlin and the two athletes during the opening ceremonies for the Fort Carson youth sports basketball program Saturday. It also gets him involved with other kids that are in his age bracket who are black, white and Hispanic, and I think that is important (to understanding how to get along with all people).

We think sports definitely helps you learn how to deal with different types of people and helps you learn how to be a team player. One group is under the basket to retrieve, another group at the side to pass to the cutter, and the cutting group. It offers an in-depth look at the three basic forms of jump shooting (the standing jump shot, the crouched to drive, and the dribbling jump shot) and the five fundamental functions for mastering the jump shot (lunge, hop, leap, aiming zone, and ball release).
This initiation begins with a quick eccentric dip of the hips to store elastic energy in the prime movers of the hips, knees and ankles. From an injury prevention standpoint, it is critical that the athlete avoids valgus collapse at the knee.
The thoracic spine should move into extension as the ball crosses the level of the eyes and is lifted over head. However, after the ball has been released, the player’s next task is to land safely, control downward momentum, and accelerate in a new direction.
Brooks is currently an Assistant Professor in the Master of Athletic Training Program at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Lubbock and is Co-Founder and Creative Director of NITROHype Creative.
She hires ghost writers to make derivatives of experts articles--got in trouble a while back.
McLaughlin, Fort Carson garrison commander, take part in a one-shot contest with two of the youth athletes.
At this early age it’s important to just get them active and hopefully it will carry over to his adult life,” Tim said. The strength of your push off will determine your shooting range. Ita€™s important to jump straight up and not off to the side or forward or backward. The flip should be smooth, with the 3rd digit (middle finger) left pointing at the intended target. For the ball to travel in a straight line to your target, your body must be aligned and moving in a vertical direction.
In order to maximize explosive output, the duration of the amoritization phase at the bottom of the movement should be minimized.
Your take off and your landing should be in the same spot. The height of your jump will depend on the length of the shot. Have them take turns retrieving and passing to their own line, where the receiver immediately takes a jump shot without dribbling.

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