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Needless to say, none of the prospects that appeared today will be making the Draft Prospect Board.
As I wrote earlier this week, Martell is limited to shooting for just 20 minutes at a time. Ariza certainly has been lauded for his improved shooting, particularly during the playoffs.
After dribbling down and back a few times to warm up, Martell because taking one hand shots from about 8-10 feet in quick succession.
Martell then backed out a little bit to 12-14 feet and shot using both hands but without jumping. After that, Martell backed out to the 3 point line and began taking jumpers off rhythm passes from Monty Williams. After maybe 5 minutes of straightforward jumpers, Monty progressed Martell to the final step, which was actually something I haven't seen any of the wings do for an extended period of time before.

Here's a shot of Martell ball-faking to an imaginary point guard at the top of the key, before raising up to stroke a jumper. Martell's ball fakes to the right looked different, with the ball raised up over his head as if he was going to dump a pass into a posting up Oden or Aldridge.
Although these are not complex movements they will certainly lower shooting percentanges when done at full speed and in rapid succession.
Lastly Martell moved to the top of the key and worked on a few pull up jumpers off the bounce, taking a behind the back dribble or two to set up his full jumper in rhythm. Last but not least, here's Blazers scout Chad Buchanan getting some much-deserved facetime on Comcast TV. His emphasis was on setting the ball in the same place each time, keeping his shoulders completely square and relatively quiet, extending his arm up and straight during a clean shot release and holding his follow through.
Martell worked on taking the ball from the lower position across his body and raising up as well as taking the ball from a higher position above his head and quickly pulling it down to set himself up for a quick-trigger jumper.

Jimmy was the first prospect this year to re-enter the gym after the workout was over to put up more shots.
Jones played hoops at Lower Merion High School and Immaculata College, and teaches health and wellness classes at Immaculata.
He has appeared on Comcast On Demand workouts and marketed his own workout DVD, "Break Your Limits." In July, he worked at Kobe Bryant's summer basketball camp.
I did that in 2011 and filmed eight videos for them, and they liked them and asked me to do two additional sets of four each.

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