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July 20, 2012 by Julie 105 Comments Oh my gosh, do I have a workout to share with you guys today! I used a 50-pound bar for the squats, a 40-pound bar for the lunges and a 25-pound kettlebell for the kettlebell swings, but If you’re looking for an At Home Workout, you could easily use your bodyweight for the squats and lunges and substitute something like high knees for the kettlebell swings.
I got the idea for the decreasing reps in this workout from a workout that I pinned earlier this week on Pinterest from Annica Nicole. When it comes to eating with distractions, I eat breakfast, lunch and my morning and afternoon snacks in front of the computer nearly every day. I did a very similar type of workout – same countdown concept, but starting from 15 and going down to 1, with different exercises on Thursday.
I eat REALLY fast and so I usually eat in front of the computer because it causes me to slow down. Speaking of salmon – when you cook it, do you remove the black skin on the bottom after it’s cooked or leave it and just fork the fish out?
I am guilty for eating in front the computer almost every morning and most days if I come for lunch then too.
When you have no gym nearby, check out these excellent home workout exercises that will have you building muscle like the bodybuilding pros! While it may be hard for well-off, bodybuilders to imagine, not everybody has a gym membership and many who do cannot always get to the gym. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to have some good home workout exercises in mind so you can build muscle even when fancy equipment isn’t an option. Angle Pushups – Everybody and their brother knows about doing pushups to build the chest and shoulders. Bicep Curls – Before you put the milk cartons or water buckets down, you might want to launch into some bicep curls. Neck Raises – If you want to get the maximum out of this exercise, you should lay on your stomach on a long surface so only your head is off the end. Tricep Dips – This is a classic exercise that people do even when they are in the gym. Hand Stand Pushups – Those who are athletically inclined, and can handle the blood rushing to their heads should try working the shoulders with hand stand pushups.
Free-standing Squats – To perform free-standing squats, either put your arms to the sides or hold them out in front, then squat down in a regular manner. Wide Stance Squats – While wide stance squats are pretty common, you can add a variation with the non-gym version. Lunges – To work both the quads and hamstrings, you can do some lunges with objects in your hands. Hip Bridge – Start by laying on your back with your feet flat on the floor and the knees bent.
Reverse Situps – Put your feet under the edge of a couch, lay on your stomach, and put your hands behind the head.
Deadlift – In addition to working numerous back muscles, you can also gain a lot of benefits for your legs, shoulders and hips by doing deadlifts.
Rows – Grab a filled bag or a suitcase with both hands, then bend your knees slightly and lean over.
Rotation Twists – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and hold a filled bag or suitcase to your chest. Static Crunches – A simple variation of the regular crunch, you do crunches and hold your position for 20-30 seconds at the top. Be sure to checkout this article on Outdoor Cardio Workouts – The Top 10 Best Outdoor Cardio Exercises for Your Workout.
November 12, 2012 By Jess 76 Comments Ready for another workout with you from my GNC Fall series?!
Most of my workouts are done with little to no equipment and are open to all fitness levels!

As stated in the video, you will perform 10 reps each of burpees, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups, then complete 9 reps of each, then 8 and so on until you get to 1 rep. I completed this workout in 13:30 minutes and had to break up the push-ups on the first 5 rounds to maintain my form. I had to work on my form too, but your first movement should always be back, not down, that way you engage your glutes. I usually have a protein smoothie with spinach, some fruit, and always a banana after a workout. I am really in a vitamin slump right now – I was taking them (multi and fish oil) but my stomach started really hurting from them after a few weeks. She’s way more hardcore than I am and her workout decreased reps from 10 all the way to one. I ate it as I clicked through my inbox this morning and think I kept eating past my normal point of fullness.
I’ve noticed that lately you seem to be posting twice a day as opposed to three times!
Interestingly, when I don’t take this time in the morning, my morning feels so frazzled!!!
Breakfast and lunch are at my desk as I work, and then (sometimes) dinner is distraction free.
My boyfriend has been working late recently which means I don’t sit down to eat at the table and eat at my computer instead.
I usually eat distraction free at breakfast and lunch, dinner tends to be in front of the television! Usually I have a hardcore running practice in the morning and its my way to relax after running.
For supper we usually eat in the kitchen but probably once a week in the livingroom while watching TV. After all, gym memberships are an extra some people cut out of the budget when they’re low on money. This being said, let’s get into some muscle-building home workout exercises that don’t involve weights, along with sample no-gym workouts you can do virtually anywhere. But if you’re looking to hit other areas of your chest, you can do pushups at various angles. To do lateral raises, lift the objects out to the sides, then back down; for front shoulder raises, just lift the objects out in front of your body.
There isn’t anything revolutionary to discuss here, but you should pull back your pinkie while doing the curls to work the actual biceps more than your Cephalic vein. Then you take an object and hold it on the back of your neck; once you are set, raise your head up and down to work the neck. To do these dips, you should use a couch or chair seat to put your hands on while you’re in the sitting position.
To perform these, do a hand stand with your feet against the wall (you’ll probably need to walk up the wall with your hands on the ground), and do upside down military presses.
Also, be sure you’re going completely parallel and doing at least 30 reps per set with free-standing squats since no weight is involved. Since you probably won’t have as much weight in your hands as with dumbbells, you can get an extra workout by standing on a step to do the cave raises. To do split squats, put one leg behind you on a chair or wall; the higher the leg is, the more intense your squat will be. You may need to get creative to find items that will actually work your legs beyond just the normal range of motion. From here, lift your butt up in the air until there’s a straight line from your shoulders to knees.
The only problem with doing these away from the gym is finding a heavy enough weight to make non-gym deadlifts worth your while.

While in position, pull the object up towards your ribs and back down again; repeat until you’ve done 10-15 reps. Next, twist from side-to-side while trying to maximize the full range of motion in your obliques. If you can’t hold the position for this long, you can always start at 5-10 seconds, then work up from there. As mentioned with the crunches, it’s important to work your way up if you can’t hold the position for 20-30 seconds. If you choose to do any of the workouts featured on this website, you do so at your own risk.
I prefer vitamins that are natural and not synthetic, although I do need to take magnesium when I remember to stop cramps!
An animals joints need so much care since they have four legs forcing their backs to sway down and thei little hips to pick up the slack. Would recommend higher quality supps though, GNC vitamins are all synthetic and absurdly overpriced, and I definitely don’t trust where they source their whey protein either (growth hormones in cows fed GMO grain, antibiotics, etc. Annica’s workout also involved more core exercises, so I changed it up to incorporate more cardio and total-body exercises, but decreased the overall reps.
As for eating, I don’t watch much tv at all but am very guilty of eating in front of my computer while blogging! And even if you can easily afford a membership, there are going to be times such as vacation, work or holidays where there is no gym around and you need some good home workout exercises.
For example, if you want to work the upper chest more, put your feet up on a couch (you should be at a downward angle) and complete the pushup.
Keeping your hands on the seat, move your butt off of the furniture and lower yourself with legs out in front; push yourself back up to complete the rep, and don‘t sit down in the seat until the set is over. The last step involves lowering your body towards the ground, and then back up while keeping the body as straight as possible.
If you want to make this exercise even harder, you can lift one leg straight up in the air before lifting your butt. Be careful though because this exercise is not only strenuous, but it can also put extra strain on your back.
This being said, you might need to fill up a suitcase with items or look for another heavy, but lift-able object. Thankfully my husband is mountain biking after work so I should be able to get it done before he gets home with only the cats to laugh at me!
I have read recently that sit-ups can be bad for your back and that it is better to do planks to work on your core instead. I definitely think planks rock and have their place, but full sit-ups are super effective too! I laid off and the pain went away, and haven’t got back on the bandwagon since, though I know I really should.
I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way!
On the other hand, if you want to work the lower area of the pecs, place some books under your hands with your feet still on the floor, then do the pushups. These are somewhat strenuous for a non-gym workout, but most people should be able to handle at least 10 reps in a set.

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