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O you know when I get in the holiday spirit, I just keep creating :) I also had a huge green smoothie while playing around! INSTAGRAMTAPPolicyStar Systemz FITNESS will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym or elsewhere.
An important topic that often comes hand in hand with inner thigh exercises is spot reduction. Remember to really focus on tensing and isolating the inner thighs and to keep your hips, body and legs in alignment. Lie on a yoga mat with your swiss ball or pillow between your knees, as shown in the picture below.
Lie on your back, resting on your elbows and raise your feet in the air, as shown in picture 1. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive free updates about the latest in home fitness.
The one legged squat is an extremely effective leg and balance exercise which challenges your entire body. If you find yourself waiting close to a set of stairs you are in a good position to do some one legged squats, or pistol squats are they are also called.
The supporting foot should be placed flat on the ground and remain so during the entire movement. Once you get stronger you can also do one legged squats on a flat surface, but keep in mind that this puts more stress on your knees.

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The standing glutes stretch might be a difficult exercise, but it’s also one of the most versatile exercises there are since it not only stretches your glutes, but at the same time includes balance in the exercise. Try this exercise when waiting for a train or maybe when waiting for water to boil in the kitchen. This entry was posted in Office workouts, Workouts on the move and tagged balance exercise, leg exercise, pack pain, standing stretch, stretch butt, stretch glutes, treat back treat hip pain, workout eveywhere, workout illustration on April 11, 2013 by Joakim - Nano Workout.
Flexible inner thighs are good for general mobility and will help for running, walking, swimming, biking etc.
This is one of the easiest inner thigh and groin stretches you can do and it’s perfect to do in bed just before going to sleep at night. This entry was posted in Bedroom workouts and tagged easy workout, exercise at home, exercise eveywhere, get flexible legs, get sexy legs, groin stretch, home workout, home workouts, how to stretch legs, inner thigh stretch, leg exercise, stretch in bed on March 4, 2013 by Joakim - Nano Workout.
My coach told me to work out my inner thighs so I looked at your web site and tryed out these exercises but I can’t seem to disengage my quads or my butt.
Pistol squats can also be done on a flat surface but it’s easier if you do them on stairs, plus it’s good to have a bannister at hand to help with the balance. The glutes, or gluteus maximus as they are called are basically your butt and they tend to get tight if you sit down a lot, and especially if you sit with your legs crossed. The purpose of the muscles in your inner thighs, called adductors, is to pull your legs together.

We have created a 10-minute workout that focuses on toning and tightening the inner thighs.
The exercises rapidly tone and strengthen your inner thighs so you can step into that bikini in no time!
Improving your diet is going to have the largest impact on the appearance of your inner thighs.
Slowly squat down and at the same time keep your leg extended straight, then push yourself up again. You can adjust the stretch to fit your agility level by positioning your feet close or far away from you.
You can keep your hands at your hips or help the stretch by gently pressing on the right knee.
You can either do several reps on one side and then switch, or switch leg in between each rep.

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