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With just a wall, a ball and a yoga mat, you can build a low-impact, total-body strength and toning workout like the one below (not to mention work up a serious sweat as you do it).
Far too many people associate stability balls with boring crunches, goofy stretches and childlike bouncing, but this versatile piece of exercise equipment provides some of the best ways to test your balance and work up your core strength.
Step 1: Find an empty wall space, and place the stability ball between the wall and the middle of your back (just below the shoulder blades and above the hips). Step 2: With your chest tall and hands clasped in front of you, slowly lower into a squat position with the upper thighs parallel to the floor. If the previous exercise felt comfortable and you're ready for an additional challenge, give the one-legged version a try. Step 1: Standing in the beginning position of the first move, lift your right foot off of the floor and extend it in front of you, knee locked, foot flexed and upper thigh engaged. Step 1: Place the stability ball behind you, and carefully lift the right foot and place the toe of your shoe directly on top of the ball.
Step 3: Using the power of your left thigh and core, pull your body back up into the starting position to complete one rep.
Leave your right toe on the ball and repeat 15 times before lowering the right leg and switching sides.

Step 1: Return the starting position used for the balancing pushup, and roll the ball slightly forward so your shins are resting on it rather than your feet and ankles. Step 2: Engage the abdominals, pulling the belly button toward the spine, and drive your hips directly up into the air (with control!) while keeping both arms and legs straight. Note: If this move feels a little too advanced, try the modified version that instead involves tucking the knees in toward the chest.
Step 1: Lie flat on the yoga or exercise mat with both your legs stretched out straight and arms reaching straight overhead.
Step 2: As you engage your abdominals, lift both the hands and feet an inch or two from the floor.
By performing some of your go-to moves (and some you avoid like the plague) on an unstable surface, you're able to give the bigger muscle groups an added challenge and effectively activate the smaller ones that play a key role in, well, stability. Stand with your feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart and positioned several inches in front of your torso, which should now be leaning on the ball. Make sure the knees do not extend beyond the toes, and keep your posture tall by engaging your core muscles as you press your weight against the stability ball. Make sure your hips remain aligned with one another, placing the majority of the stress on the left leg.

Simultaneously, extend your right leg back, letting the ball roll away from you to complete a lunge position. In a way that feels the most comfortable to you (standing, kneeling, etc.), place the tops of your feet and ankles along the top of the stability ball and your hands stacked directly beneath the shoulders, coming into a plank position. Quick tip: If you're struggling to stabilize, widen the feet on the ball to take advantage of a greater surface area. Your body should maintain that board-like form as your weight shifts onto your hands and shoulders. Once your core has pulled your hips as high as they can go, slowly lower back to the starting plank position for one rep.

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