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This article addresses the cause(s), symptoms, treatment and expected results of injuring the hamstring muscle. The doctors at Coon Rapids Chiropractic Office have experience in the care and treatment of injured hamstring muscles. The muscles are stretched beyond the normal capacity of the muscle to handle the sudden stretch or weight load placed upon it.
Depending on the extent of the injury, the athlete or worker may not even be able to stand let alone walk or continue the task. Exercises to include stretching and the range of motion exercise must begin as soon as pain allows. Exercises to strengthen the muscles that allow the knee to flex and extend but the calf, pelvic, and lower back muscles will need strength and balancing.
The sudden stopping and starting with sport puts a greater stress or load on the recently injured hamstring muscle.

If you have seen an athlete injure the hamstring, you will recall they grab the upper leg and immediately start limping. It is commonly recommended after a grade 3 injury to use crutches to take the body weight off the muscle and prevent further injury. As soon as there is a 25% reduction in pain these activities can gradually be instituted to begin the rehabilitation process. Rest is necessary and when lying down, elevate the leg and use ice to the area of injury for the first few days. The hamstring muscle flexes the knee and extend the hip (moves the thigh back with the leg straight) and are a primary knee flexor. Putting pressure over the muscle becomes more painful the closer to the tear in the muscle. By limiting the function of the muscle, it can limit athletic or work activities and contribute to re-injury.

Dedication by the injured person to prescribed rehabilitation is necessary to minimize future problems. We have found that for chronic hamstring injury of lower extremity rehabilitation device from JBIT has worked very well for this type of injury.
The tearing occurs usually at the tendon attachment of the hamstring to the area of the pelvic bone that you sit on.

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