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One of my favorite aspects of bodyweight training is how its underlying simplicity is so scalable, from basic to extremely advanced levels. With GBT you start with the Basic exercises outlined below and then, after you’ve mastered those, you can progress to Intermediate and Advanced.
Following is a brief recap of the basic, intermediate, and advanced versions of the upper and lower body routine featured in the article. Just as a side note, the exercise that is labeled V Shoulder Press is actually a Pike Push Up. In the intermediate section we’ve now either increased the complexity of the movement variations or increased the amount of your own bodyweight you need to use. For the advanced section we’ve taken all eight exercises and continued to progress their difficulty.
All of the lower body exercises have either progressed to plyometric versions or single leg movements. So as you can see, bodyweight training has a tremendous range for whatever your current fitness level is. And, sign up for our email list (don’t worry, we keep your email address private!) through the sign-up form at the bottom of this page, and you’ll get access to my free video, 25 PUSH-UP VARIATIONS FOR TOTAL CHEST DEVELOPMENT! I have recently been to South Africa from the UK to see family and grabbed a copy of mens health while there and read your article, as soon as i come back started training the basic session and plan to progress through, i do both upper into lower as a big circuit and i am a convert to the body weight training!!
I run assult courses for fun, most recently the Strongman run in Germany April 2011 and i thought i was fit but trust me if you have just read this give body weight training a go its an entirely different challenge!
Im glad you got published in South Africa as im now in the UK spreading the Global boby weight word and cant wait to improve to behind the back clap push ups and hand stand push ups!!
Hey Rob, in a circuit format we would perform the entire circuit, then rest before repeating. What recommendations would you have for someone who is just getting back into working out after years of a sedentary, crappy food lifestyle.
DRose has made waves recently, saying he’s even more explosive now than he was in the past. And if you know anything about this guy’s game, he was already one of the most freakish athletes in the game. In this ESPN article, Rose claims to have added five inches to his vertical jump while rehabbing from a torn ACL. Someone who is competing at the highest level, and who is already in the most rarefied air when it comes to athleticism, no way could he add an additional five inches to his vertical. The guy grew up in Chicago, and was the premiere talent in his recruiting class coming out of Simeon High School. Not only does he have an amazing skill set as a point guard, but he’s always been known for his explosiveness. All the tools you want in an athlete – and something you love having in your best player.
At 19- or 20-years-old, chances are Derrick hadn’t been coached much (if at all) on quality movement, nor had he had the time to develop a big strength base. If you’re working with an elite talent in any major sport, one of the biggest issues is time. Coming into the league, Derrick probably hadn’t had much time to really develop his body.
When Derrick tore his ACL in the 2012 playoffs, everyone feared that he might lose some of his trademark explosiveness. While following Derrick’s playing career, one of the things that seemed to be a consistent theme was anterior knee pain. And again, I’m not his coach, nor have I ever trained him, but I could see this in his movement.
Every time he went to plant and cut, there was a lot of loading on his quads and knee joints. When you start seeing a trend of injuries like that, you know something in the movement foundation probably isn’t right. So the first step after ACL rehab (and really, during rehab) is to start cleaning up the movement base. It doesn’t look as sexy as a big power clean or squat, but if you can teach someone to better integrate, stabilize and control their core, pelvis and hips, you can make someone much more powerful. Building capacity (speed, strength, power, conditioning) on top of a poor movement foundation leaves you continually exposed to undue stress, strain, and potential injury.
To give the athlete the ability to use the right muscles, at the right time, with an appropriate amount of strength.
Even with high caliber athletes, I’d argue most are leaving performance on the table as a result of how they move.
Building the movement foundation would improve an athlete’s core control, and should teach them how to access and load their posterior chain. For many of my field sports athletes, we ration the amount of quad-dominant work we do in the weight room.

Charlie told me when training his NBA players his goal was to execute every lift in the weight room with a vertical tibia, making it very hip dominant. This is where you put the athlete on a steady diet of RDL’s, rack pulls, deadlift variations, and (possibly) even box squatting variations.
Not only will this help with performance on the back end (running faster, jumping higher, etc.), but it will also help protect the ACL in the future.
If you look at them on a force-velocity curve, they will trend towards the right-hand side. While you can’t train the muscle without the tendon (or vice-versa) you can preferentially recruit one over the other with smart training.
Making a concerted effort to slow them down and really load the muscles themselves can go a long way to making the actual muscles themselves stronger.
And just taking a year off from competitive basketball to rest and rebuild his body was good for one more.
So if Derrick Rose builds a movement foundation, and builds a serious posterior chain, and gets stronger, isn’t it possible that he really did add five inches to his vertical? While everyone was sporting a bit of off-season rust (especially with regards to shooting and finishing at the rim), Derrick Rose looked every bit as explosive now as I’ve ever seen. And while I’ll be cheering for the Pacers every step of the season, I secretly hope that Derrick has a great year, too. Here is a training video of Brandon Roy, (you may have to plow through a tedious ad, sorry).
While Roy was never as athletic as Derrick Rose, he was a more fundamentally complete basketball player, a technician, and absolute money in the clutch. Imagine jumping 36″ in the air, and crashing onto the floor into unsupported valgus hundreds, thousands, of times. So can we extrapolate that even for the NBA’s brightest stars, their choice in private coaching may leave a bit to be desired? At the NBA level, to think there are coaches that don’t factor these things into account is really sad.
I know you mentioned strengthening the posterior chain, (always a good move), but I wonder about also strengthening his hips in rotary, single leg type movements, ala banded skater squats (banding the up leg against rotation), and roundhouse kick type moves. Also, I would look hard at doing some posterior tibialis work to strengthen the foot in supination.
He is such a herky-jerky type player with such incredible explosiveness, that there may not be much that can be done. The NBA is unfortunately a meat grinder, and has ground up more than a few extraordinary athletes.
Hey mike, I’m a athlete that wants to get fast as heck and I also a 40 inch vertical can you comment back and give me some drills.
One cautionary piece of advice, though: With me doing the sessions AND regular basketball practice, the balls of my feet get too much strain resulting in painful pressure points under the bones. It’s no secret that pound-for-pound strength is one of the most important factors of being successful in MMA, and there is no better way to build true pound-for-pound strength than bodyweight training. It’s no brainer that pound-for-pound strength is one of the most important factors to become a successful MMA athlete. Fighting Insider is giving you three exercises that you can follow, so you can start building and controlling your total body strength.
A variant of the single leg squat, the pistol is done by reaching one leg out in front while squatting on the other.
A European filmmaker has been reversing weight problems in NON diabetics with a Diabetes diet. The movements are divided into four lower body movement patterns (Squat, Lunge, Step Up, Deadlift) and four upper body patterns (Vertical Push, Vertical Pull, Horizontal Push, Horizontal Pull). Our Push Up has now become a Behind the Back Clap Push Up, which requires a tremendous amount of explosive power as well as the challenge of decelerating the bodyweight on the way back down. I have about 50lbs to lose, and can’t even do an unassisted pull up, barely 2-3 pushups and well you get the idea.
The first time I watched him play at Memphis I was shocked at how quick he was when moving side-to-side, especially with the ball attacking the basket.
With the current NBA set-up where young men have to wait at least one year before joining the NBA, I think everyone expected him to be a one-and-done at college. A good friend of mine, Josh Bohnotal, was an assistant strength and conditioning coach with the Bulls early in Derrick’s career and had nothing but amazing things to say about him. You could tell he had strong quads (as evidenced by his lateral movement and agility, and his vertical jump).
This may sound simple, but you’d be shocked at how many athletes have no clue how to do this. We’ve seen similar things happen at IFAST with our clients, albeit with lower caliber athletes. They get so much loading during practice and games, there’s no use in beating a dead horse in the weight room.

Charlie was a former NBA strength coach with both the New Jersey Nets and Philadelphia 76ers, and he made a great point. You’re training your body to be efficient at storing elastic energy in those areas to make you quick and explosive. Brandon Roy was once a phenomenal talent, who has been reduced to the fringe of the league by bad knees. I don’t know how long or if this was the major focus point in his rehab, but he should have had great quality training there. I am a former basketball player, and I think that if back in the days I had the knowledge I have now, or to be more precise my coaches had this kind of knowledge, I and my teammates could go without some of the injuries we had, plus we could be way more athletic and thus better on the court. I had similar thoughts (foundation related) when I heard the news about this vert increase.
I hate when strength coaches take a joint that is hurting and then attribute that ailment only to the muscles controlling that joint.
Both injuries came about as D-Rose was trying to decelerate, and pivot off an inside foot, causing the inside knee to buckle inwards. I am not finding fault; you are going to find yourself in odd positions in all athletic events, esp. The body is leaning hard in one direction, and a very small group of muscles must both absorb the force, and turn the force directly around in the other direction.
As coaches one of the best things I feel we can do for the athletes we work with is to protect them from their talant.
If you tend to have splayfeet I would recommend a) taking it easy and b) using special sports insoles that decrease the load on the balls of your feet! Don’t be frustrated if you can’t do the more advanced moves; there are still techniques that will take Fitch another two years to master. I however don’t have access to anywhere that I can perform pullups or inverted rows at all at the moment.
I think all of these things are right on but maybe most important was for first time since probably 4th grade had time off from bball. By that I mean they have the ability to generate enormous force but sometimes their bodies cannot handle the forces they put out.
While conditioning is an important factor to fight in shape, you are not going to get strong by just boxing jumps the entire day.
Make sure that your fingers are spread out even, and use your core muscles to keep your body tight as you lower down and push yourself up.
The only tools I used in the beginner workout is a pair of gymnastic rings, which you can get HERE.
I was thinking that I could substitute these exercises with rows and lat-pulldowns but still keep the circuit format of the original program. It’s criminal that his trainer is providing a protocol that Roy is not able to perform safely. One has to wonder if Roy’s lateral hips had been properly strengthened, and his landing mechanics had been improved, if he might still be an absolute terror in the league.
Also was not popular but did not rush back for end of last yearkeeping big picture in mind. When he injured the knee on a non-contact play, I figured that Rose had been overloading and overusing knee flexion in training. This also may be a movement pattern that D-Rose has adopted since childhood, and if so is going to be monumentally difficult to change. A well thought out strength and conditioning programme is an absolute must for the most talented! But in order to do so I was thinking that I would need to emulate the two movements by knowing the exact resistance that they would provide and using weights on a barbell.
I wish more young players and coaches could actually take this post in and really understand and put the principles to use! Just ensure that the top of your head touches the ground on every repetition, or you can use your nose so you can go a bit lower.
My logic is that my muscles would work as hard as they would for chins+inverted rows and I could work on getting the full reps and circuits and progress as this program does.
Anyway these are just thoughts and I am clearly not an expert or anything so here I am asking if this could work. This movement is a killer variation for working the Abdominals, hip flexors and Quads in addition to the original vertical pulling muscles.

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