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If you're a manager, having to meet with senior leaders probably makes you at least a little anxious. So how can you brush anxiety aside, show your potential, and make the impression you want to make?
One of my clients recently told me she always used to feel stressed at her boss’s monthly meeting. I once watched a colleague of mine endlessly tinker with the wording on his PowerPoint slides right up to the moment before his presentation. Most key leadership meetings have a few special attendees—those who have rather strong views or a special interest in your topic.
Make a list of big and small things that could go wrong during your presentation, and plan for each item as best you can.
Joining the conversation with your senior leaders can be unsettling, but the longer you’re in silent mode, the more difficult it becomes. Regardless of how hard you worked on your recommendations, don’t get defensive or resistant when someone in your audience has a new idea. A meeting with your leaders can be intimidating, but when you plan properly and take it step by step, it’s much less of a mountain to climb.

Patti Johnson is a career and workplace expert and the CEO of PeopleResults, a change and organizational development consultancy that she founded in 2004. Those meetings give executives a snapshot of your team's work and can impact your own success within the company. She knew her stuff, but when we looked at her schedule, we realized she was often rushing to them after her own back-to-back meetings without a minute to spare. Reworking her schedule to block out time for her to brush up helped boost her confidence, and she found she was better able to participate when she sat down at the table.
What decisions will be made during the meeting, and what information will be needed to make them? Put yourself in their shoes, and make a list of potential questions from your listeners' perspective. Seek out these people in advance, listen to their opinions, and incorporate what you can into your presentation. What's more, those one-on-ones will show off your collaborative side, all while giving you a little more control during the meeting itself.
How many meetings have you attended where the presenter and someone from the tech team are frantically trying to fix an issue just as everyone's taking their seats, delaying things from getting underway?

Kick down this mental obstacle as early as possible by finding a small comment to make or a question to ask. Confidence and an ability to be effective on a bigger stage are essential for not just for the meeting itself but for your career goals, too. She and her team advise clients including PepsiCo, Microsoft, 7-Eleven, Accenture, and Frito-Lay on creating positive change in their leaders and organizations. Execs want to see your leadership chops, how well you think on your feed, and whether you have what it takes to tackle bigger responsibilities.
A small, early comment will make your next, more substantial contribution much easier to make.
Too many slides can signal that you plan to do all the talking or even that you can’t manage your time effectively.
If you base your presentation around your audience’s needs and interests, you can align your time and content to fit them.

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