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Jump training for volleyball is probably more important than learning how to increase your vertical for any other sport.
When you practice basketball drills you have to incorporate a basketball in your hands while you do your jumping. The Vertical Jump Bible Project comes with heaps of information but we do NOT recommend it. Hello,My name is Barry Lovelace and first I must say how it has been such an honor to be a part of the volleyball world the past 3 years.
Since we spoke a couple of weeks ago we won the "LL" State of Connecticut Volleyball Championship. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the volleyball training that started with two high school girls just 3 years ago would turn into a phenomenon that is being used by tens of thousands of athletes all over the world. The circuit training in each program can be performed on the court, in a health club or in your garage. Your training video gave us additional circuits that we implemented this spring and will continue to use this summer.

Last year when my daughter Bre was a junior I purchased your Training for Volleyball program. FIRST time in school history!And I am glad to say that your training program has been incorporated into our pre-practice routine the past two years. Barry travels the country working with athletes and coaches teaching them how to implement his core conditioning and training programs into their training. Changes in vertical jump, core strength, POWER, quickness & reaction, cardiovascular and muscle endurance as well as the 'look' of athletes can be expected very quickly.How?
All I can tell you with 100% confidence and certainty is that it is impossible not to achieve the results you see here. We added some of the exercises from that DVD to what we were already doing.This year Bre's high school team won the state title in class A. The Bonus: Your athletes will LOVE it!Thanks in advance for your time and keep reading on how these programs WILL change your game.
With every movement and every exercise you WILL challenge your core, you WILL recruit and stabilize muscles throughout your entire body, you WILL work on cardiovascular endurance and you WILL see results!

The workouts they did to achieve the results would later on become, Training for Volleyball.She went on to start for her Division Two college team as a freshman and lead her team in overall blocks! I went through the video several times myself and then last week my team and I started with your training techniques. At the beginning, before any training we measured our standing-jump height, then after 3 and then again after 5 sessions we measured again. I just want to say thank you for offering such a wonderful program at such a reasonable price.

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