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The drawback is that all that extra motion can lead to a higher incidence of serving errors.
Up 2-1 in games with a 24-23 lead, Washington senior outside hitter Jessica Nicerio launched herself toward the ball and delivered the kill. Washington senior outside hitter Jessica Nicerio rises up for a jump serve on Thursday at Lowell High School. Not a player or fan from either side doubted the result, as Nicerio hit a perfectly placed shot to win the game and defeat Academic Athletic Association rival Lowell. Yet early on, Nicerio’s stellar play (21 kills, eight digs and six aces) was masked by Washington’s (3-2, 3-0) play as a collective unit. Capitalizing on untimely errors from Lowell, the Eagles captured the first two games 25-18 and 25-22.
Just as errors and inconsistent serving plagued Lowell early on, the Cardinals rebounded to win the third game 25-19. The fiery Washington crowd, which had virtually eliminated Lowell’s home-court advantage, vacated the seats following the second game, and with the third game under its belt, Lowell’s student section came to life for the first time. Riding the crowd’s enthusiasm and their own momentum, the Cardinals established a 16-14 lead in the fourth game.
After a diving dig prevented the Cardinals from taking a three-point lead, the senior finished the match with two kills in the final four points to prevent the fifth game and secure the win.
Nicerio’s comfort at outside hitter will prove to be uncomfortable for opposing coaches and players this season. Following the dramatic loss, the Cardinals move to 8-4 on the season and 2-1 in league and will face Jordan on Wednesday. Comments that advocate violence, racism, or libel, as well as comments featuring profanity will not be permitted. Chances are if you are the shorter player on your team you will get served more often and so you will need to be the better hitter.

Second, you need to train your muscles to be explosive, and this is done through exercise called plyometrics. The author and Digestopia have an affiliate relationship with a person, company, product, or service mentioned in that message and may receive a commission on referrals or sales generated by that message.
Unfortunately, the organizers are still doing most things the same way they have for years–manually. Ellie is competing in her first ever sand volleyball tournament this weekend in Seaside, Oregon. Today’s photo is of SOU alum Sarah Holgen, who, along with teammate Renee Yomtob, has yet to lose. On our way home from Portland to Ashland today, the other members of my car wanted to go shopping.
Oregon will battle #1 seed Nebraska in the semifinals of the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship Tournament on December 13 in an attempt to make the finals on the 15th. Both Stanford and Oregon have made it easily through the first two rounds of the 2012 NCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship Tournament. Click "Like" to have updates to the blog automatically delivered to your Facebook news feed.
Try them all to find out which one suits you best.FloaterA float serve or a floater is a serve that does not spin. Squats involve lots of muscles in the legs and you need to be able to squat your weight comfortably if you want to be able to jump high. Most people only bend there knees slightly and don’t take advantage of the extra power produced when you bend the knee more. All fundamentals will be taught, including serves, sets, spikes, blocks, returns, positioning and team strategy. Especially when playing beach volleyball because it’s only you and one other person so you will have to either hit or block every play.

Some things that will help with that are using a chair so that you can practice exploding from a seated position. This is very important for anyone that blocks because it is a standing jump with no approach so all of your power must come from how deep you are able to squat. Whether your child is an experienced player or a complete novice, they will have a blast and learn a lot about the sport in this fun and innovative program! With about 120 courts and 1,500 participants, and growing every year, this tournament sets the record for the world’s largest sand volleyball tournament each year. As things stand, people have to do way too much walking to get to the boards to check for updates.
A float serve catches the air and can move unexpectedly to the right or the left or it can drop suddenly.TopspinA topspin serve does exactly that – spins rapidly forward from the top. If they both continue to win they can meet in the championship game on December 15 in Louisville, Kentucky. The server tosses the ball a little higher, strikes the ball towards the top of the back in a down and outward motion and follows through with his or her swing. This serve has a much more predictable movement, but can be difficult to handle because of its quick speed.Jump ServeA jump serve utilizes an even higher toss that should be several feet in front of the server. She gets more playing in a 5-set match at home (which can be accomplished in less than a couple hours) than she got in an entire two-day span. The extra motion allows the server to put even more power on the ball and this can make for a very difficult serve to handle.

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