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One of the biggest problems with purchasing a Home Gym is either it does not fit the need of the entire family or it is so limited that you would eventually get bored with it. Let us show you exactly how the Vigorfit® is six complete gyms in one compact commercial product.
In addition, most Home Gyms you simply outgrow, meaning they don’t offer you enough variety and enough resistance, so eventually you must purchase something else to keep your progress moving forward. With up to 440 lbs of whopping resistance and more than 107 gym quality exercise the Vigorfit® is the only gym that you will ever need to build muscles and reshape your body. Similar to Body Building, strength training requires that you have enough resistance to continuously be able to stress your muscles, as well as enough variety so that your muscles never become used to the exercises you’re performing. Many people spend hundreds of dollars purchasing gym equipment, small free weights, exercise balls and other items, all in an attempt to get that toned up body. You can get a heart pumping, fat melting, body reshaping cardio workout right with your Vigorfit® Gym in many different ways. With a circuit routine you’re able, in under 20 minutes, to tone, strengthen and reshape your body, all while getting an incredible cardio workout.
The Vigorfit® all by itself is one of the best ab flattening and strengthening machines you will ever use. If that’s not enough we have the optional abs and bun trainer, which turns your Vigorfit® in an entirely brand new gym!
If you want to add ABT to your purchase, it will be offered to you on page two of the cart! 2 safety precautions exercise guide 2 please read carefully before proceeding this exercise equipment was designed and built for optimum safety certain precautions. I actually would like to take note of this particular article “malibu pilates chair reviews pilates gym reviews” on my web page. We are huck products, a manufacturer of upgraded parts for the total gym® and other gyms we are not total gym fitness, llc®, the makers of the excellent total gym. Solidly built; great workout posted by bill maxwell on 24th mar 2016 i spent a lot of time researching the total gym vigorfit and bayou fitness roller gyms and. Discover Eleven New State of the Art Upgrades Designed to Make the VigorFitA® Gym Safe, Smooth & Incredibly Effective! Then You Have to Read on to see How the VigorFitA® Gyma€™s Upgraded Features Enable You to Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster than You Ever Thought Possible. I was into bodybuilding for 20 years and I must confess that I had serious doubts about this purchase.
I cana€™t use regular machines because they are fixed motion only, and that type of repetitive motion can really mess up my muscles.
How to cut through the Hype and Confusion to Purchase a Gym that Gives You More Exercise Options, Features and Resistance than You Should Ever Need at as Much as a 75% Savings! First, we realize that you may be a little bit skeptical or maybe just a little bit confused by all of the different ads and models. If you are like most of our customers, you found us because you are interested in purchasing a home gym that would truly produce the results it promised. The Total GymA® uses many different model numbers to describe what are all very similar, yet different gyms. Leta€™s face it, Total GymA® is not going to allow you to get your hands on a $1800 gym for a few hundred dollars. Simply put, we believe it is because we do not charge you extravagant markups or charge you for expensive celebrity endorsements. I have been training athletes for 32 years in Michigan and am always looking for new technologies and new ways to increase their strength. We have used [Total GymA®] but your product being used every day, hard, has stood up better than any others wea€™ve tried. An associate owns the high-end Total GymA® and when he saw your product, he was totally shocked over the sturdiness and standard features present.
In addition to all of the features described above, you will also be receiving everything detailed below. Part of our Power Kit, the heavy duty weight bar gives you the ability to add up to 100lbs of free weights to the gym. Just another way the VigorFitA® enables you to pump up the resistance and reshape your body. Comfortable dual leg rope system allows you to work one leg at a time or both legs at once. Heavy duty comfortably cushioned shoulder pads lock your body in position for the perfect Pilates workout. The VigorFita€™sA® heavy duty sit up station enables you to work your core, flatten your stomach and work towards obtaining the flat trim stomach or six pack everyone dreams of! Not only is our oversized squat platform durable but its cushion padding helps eliminate stress and strain. The VigorFitA® Pad is designed to provide you with the appropriate support and keep you comfortable. Not only is it 2a€? thick but it is filled with high density foam or maximum comfort and durability.
A Whopping 440 lbs of Dynamic Body Weight and Built-in Resistance Ensures that you will Never Outgrow the VigorFitA® gym! 72% of a 250lb user plus 100 lb of free weights = 252lbs average dynamic resistance which includes all the dynamic forces in effect throughout the exercise cycle.
Band resistance is the maximum static resistance of the power bands on the glide board at the very top of the incline board maximum stretch). Lab Tested results show that the VigorFitA® Power Bands provide upwards of 188 lbs of maximum static resistance. Our unique folding mechanism allows the VigorFitA® Gym to be extremely strong but allows the gym to fold up very small. I am using the VigorFitA® gym twice a day for only a few exercises and I am already noticing an incredible difference. I never thought it possible for me to recover the way I did, and regaining my old figure seemed to be an illusion.

I think that a lot of people disabled or not, could benefit by having the VigorFitA® in their house. Now I can become fit and shapely again with the help of God, the VigorFitA®, and my tenacity.
I practice medicine and I lecture patients constantly about the importance of weight bearing exercises and the development of lean muscle mass. The VigorfitA® is at least as good and better than many machines that I have owned or looked at for significantly less money. The quality is MUCH higher than I had expected, and quite frankly I had been worried that I would soon outgrow it. I just want you to know that I am almost 56, hated physical education as a kid, and in fact, was an obese child.
With the VigorFitA®, I can start very easily and ease into the muscle stretch that usually causes all the damage with free weights.
Before you make a purchasing decision take a moment to review the eleven upgrades detailed below. We firmly believe that we have found the solution with our Patented Frame & Folding System. By maintaining the ropes position as it comes through our pulley system you are ensured a very safe, smooth workout. New Adjustable Rope System Enables Ropes to be Quickly and Easily Adjusted for Users of all Sizes. We dona€™t all wear the same size pants or the same size shoes so why would anyone expect that the same size rope will be perfect for everyone? Our easy adjustable rope system allows you to quickly and easily change the length of the ropes. VigorFit'sA® Glide Board Locking System keeps the pad held tight to the frame at all times.
Not only do they keep the pad on the gym but helps the rollers maintain the proper rolling position at all times for a smooth, comfortable workout. In addition to a steel resistance support, we use a heavy duty steel pin to lock the board in place when you change resistance levels.
Only a solid extra long heavy duty steel pin will do when dealing with the safety of VigorFitA® customers. The VigorFitA® Gyma€™s folding system allows our gym to be extremely sturdy yet fold up small.
The VigorFitA® is the best home gym available on the marketa€¦.value unsurpassed by anything Ia€™ve seen.
I became interested in the a€?Total GymA®a€? in as much it appeared to address flexibility, strength and cardio all in one compact machine. The VigorFitA® arrived a week later and I am pleased to say that once again I am obsessing about my fitness potential. On a final note, as an added benefit, and my motivation for getting fit and securing the proven health benefits of regular resistance and cardio training, which can be done simultaneously with the VigorFitA®, the machine is used and enjoyed by my 8 year old daughter, who a€?worksa€? out with dad supervising three nights a week and enjoys every minute of it.
It is so smooth and with the added bar for weights I feel like I am getting a better workout than at the gym in less time. I tried a cheaper Total GymA® at a local chain store and I felt that I was going to topple over or break the thing.
With up to 440lbs of dynamic body weight resistance and built-in resistance the VigorFitA® Gym is ideal for strength training a€“ regardless of how strong you currently are or will be in the future.
Not only is the VigorFitA® Gym ideal for muscle training but offers multiple cardiovascular options to get your heart pumping and help you reshape and lose weight.
Circuit Training involves performing a series of total body exercises with little or no rest in between.
I have to tell you with regard to the bike, I have used it two days in a row and I just love it. Now Ia€™ll probably just use the bike attachment as my legs really got a good workout for the two 20 minute periods that I used it.
I was looking for a piece of exercise equipment that was easy to use and that didna€™t take up a whole den.
The steel tubing construction, the retaining and locking pins even the welds are of high quality. So, when I was looking to find some way to replace it, I was thrilled to see the ad for the VigorFitA® Gym. With the Vigorfit® Gym you are making the investment in the health of not just yourself but your entire family.
With the Vigorfit® we offer more than 107 gym quality exercises, up to 440 lbs of whopping resistance, as well as a complete Pilates Gym. With all the exercises and resistance available on the Vigorfit® gym, it makes it the perfect strength training gym. Of course Pilates is excellent for this, but we wanted to be able to give you that extra push. First, the Vigorfit® is one of the best gyms of its kind to enable you to do a circuit routine.
In addition, the Vigorfit® offers some specific cardio related exercises such as rowing. I had looked at competitor [Total GymA®] models and was unimpressed a€“ the only impression I had was a€“ cheap. When you came across the Total GymA® your jaw probably hit the floor when they told you the price a€” $1800 or more depending on the model and options you wanted. Whether or not you ever purchase from our firm, we guarantee that you will leave us much more knowledgeable and better able to make your own informed intelligent decision.
When we ordered seven VigorFitA® Gyms, we had no idea how much it would impact our USA competitive swim team. I am greatly impressed and elated about the durability and versatility available to different level athletes.

All of the quality features, 107 gym quality exercises, up to 440 lbs of resistance, yet it folds up to only 8a€? in width for easy and convenient storage.
After having gained all that weight, which was mainly due to stress, now by using the VigorFitA®, I can see and anticipate that I will be fit and sexy again! I am as technically inept as a baby, but I can make the changes I want easily and effortlessly. You can do a very effecient circuit workout and you can do a very focused workout on on muscle group. For anyone who thinks they are too old or hate exercise, I am living proof that anyone can change their health and body if they truly want to do it. With the [power bands] and ability to add free weights, Ia€™m sure [I wona€™t max this machine out]. When I was 17 I worked out in a professional gym for two years, 5 days a week, two hours a day. Our folding system ensures that the VigorFitA® rollers ride along the smooth surface of our frame at all times. Thata€™s why we feel that our New Sealed Pulley System is one of the best advantages of the VigorFitA® Gym.
I am 42 years old (now young) and I had experienced pain in my joints due to weight lifting. I am not an exercise novice, I was a director of a health club in the 1970a€™s while attending college and a a€?gym rata€? when I was not working at the club I managed.
I now use it every other day for a 30 minute non stop workout, starting with my legs, moving to upper back, chest, shoulders, arms, and abs. This is ideal for strengthening and elongating muscles, reshaping your body and losing weight.
These muscles are used in everything you do from sitting, standing and walking, to playing sports.
When you do this you increase your heart rate, burn calories while at the same time strengthening and toning your body. Put simply you have to continually push and challenge your muscles in order to force them to grow. I honestly can say that it will probably get used less often now that I have the bike attachment.
Sometimes you dona€™t have to pay a lot for a quality piece of equipment and thata€™s the case with the VigorFitA® gym.
In addition, as we have stated while the Vigorfit® provides an incredible Pilates workout that’s not all.
By adding a few additional exercises to your Pilates routine, the Vigorfit® will reshape your body and tone you up quicker and easier than you ever expected. If that’s not enough, you can add a couple of additional items to supercharge your cardio workout. But in this post i will explain We are huck products, a manufacturer of upgraded parts for the total gym® and other gyms. Ia€™ve personally tried the CrossbarA®, the BowflexA®, free weights and have been a member of two health clubs.
I had tried physical therapy that really didna€™t do much for me except convince me that my legs had to get stronger and that I could in fact use my legs again. But dona€™t worry youa€™ll be able to get what I think you will agree, is an incredible gym for a fraction of the price a€“ a gym that will meet all of your needs, wants and goals.
You will feel very comfortable with your purchase a€“ again whether you purchase our gym or another home gym. In retail stores and all over the net you find many different models advertised a€“ inexpensively a€“ Model 1000, 1500, 1700, Platinum, Ultra amoung others. Instead they market very inexpensive versions direct and through distributors to try and grab sales from all of the buyers that simply wona€™t cough up the $1800 to purchase their more expensive model. After receiving the VigorFitA® I managed in a matter of a mere twenty minutes to be whooped like I had gone to the gym for two hours. I did the comparison of cost versus value, visited a local retailer that sold a version of the a€?Total GymA®a€? and was disappointed with the quality of the machine and its function, like many items you see on television, what you see is not always what you get. Wea€™ll we both worked out together and when we were done we looked at each other and said Ia€™m out of breath and Ia€™m a little sore. The VigorFitA® Gym is ideal for this because there is very little adjustment required between exercises. With up to 440lbs of dynamic body resistance and built-in resistance the VigorFitA® Gym is the ideal tool for even the most experienced fitness enthusiasts.
I had been lugging the skier back and forth to use it as it sits off to the side in our bedroom.
Once again, in order to be able to properly tone you need a gym that offers you variety and resistance. Perfect for beginners looking to tone up or advanced body builders looking to add some serious muscle.
If you are not convinced that the VigorFitA® Gym is everything we say it is and more than you may return the gym risk free. This allows you to work different muscles in a group and to work the same muscles in different ways. If I ever get to the point where there is no challenge left, youa€™ll probably be seeing me on TV as the worlda€™s strongest woman!!!
I went back to the VigorFitA® website, noted that they offered a a€?money back if not satisfied policya€? and made the purchase on line. It doesna€™t matter whether youa€™re a beginner, brand new to exercise or have been going to the gym for years.

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