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Cervical Spine Surgery Hospitals in Chennai, India are offering treatment at a reasonable price.
Cervical spine surgery may help if other medical options for cervical spine disease fail or if symptoms worsen.
Cervical spine disease is usually caused by herniated intervertebral discs, abnormal growth of bony processes on the vertebral bodies (osteophytes), which compress spinal nerves, trauma, and narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal column around the spinal cord. Cervical spine surgery is done for treating the patient with (general anesthesia) to avoid surgical pain. Cervical Spine Surgery Hospitals in Chennai, India are certified and are equipped to perform the most complex spine surgeries.
Dead bug: Lie on your back with your knees bent, arms at your sides, and feet flat on the floor. Double knee to chest: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
Spinal Stenosis exercises are one of the conservative measures used along with painkiller drugs and heating modalities for symptom relief. The exercises for spinal stenosis performed regularly increase and maintain muscle strength. These spinal stenosis exercises combine movements aimed at improving the strength of the muscles that moves the spine forward and backward.
Strengthening Exercises – These are specifically aimed at improving the abdominal and the trunk muscles, two of the important muscles that form the support system of the spine. Aside from the spinal stenosis exercises program, patients may be recommended assistive and supportive devices to aid in mobility.
General conditioning, such as swimming or walking, is helpful in rehabilitating a herniated disc. The spinal column is supported and controlled by a network of muscles all working together to maintain alignment and prevent injury. Once you have your doctor's approval, there are many herniated disc exercises that can help alleviate pain during your recovery.
Abdominal Isometrics: This exercise can be performed virtually anywhere, while sitting, standing, or lying down. Lower Back Extension: Lie on your stomach, and prop your upper body on your elbows while keeping your pelvis on the floor. Lower Back and Hip Stretch: Lie flat on your back with knees bent and arms relaxed at your sides.
General Conditioning: Your doctor will probably recommend a general conditioning exercise in addition to specific herniated disc exercises.
Please, for all those with back pain, look up McKenzie trained physical therapists in your area. My L4 and L5 are sequestered and I have numb toes with feeling that strings are tied around them. I wake up unable to get out of bed without pulling myself up, and then my muscles and whole inside is in terrible pain. Go see a good DPT and receive a thorough evaluation followed by a well structured treatment program. If you are thinking about getting spinal treatment in India then you have made the right decision because the medical facilities available at various Cervical Spine Surgery Hospitals in Chennai, India are at par with the best hospitals of this world. A vast majority of people -- approximately 60% -- with pain due to cervical spine disease will get better on their own over time with simple, conservative treatments but the rest of persons often face serious complications due to failure of general medications and physical therapy. For treating cervical spine, an incision may be made either in the back of the neck (posterior cervical) or in the front side of the neck (anterior cervical), depending on the location of the problem.

They specialize in offering surgery to high risk patients with the preamble of innovative techniques of plainly insidious and robotic surgery package. Pull your belly button in towards your spine and push your lower back into the floor, flattening your back. The reality remains that spinal stenosis has no cure; however, these exercises help improve the symptoms. The physical therapist not only teaches the patient regarding these exercises, but also explains the role of the patient as well as his family members in the treatment sessions. To stretch the back, patient actively draws his knees toward the chest, done easily by grasping the back portion of the thigh.
Motions for flexibility – The basic active movements of the joints are taught, which often help to relieve the pain felt by patient. General Exercises – These spinal stenosis exercises include aerobic exercises and swimming; may be done on land or water. Depending on the client’s health situation, treatment may last from several weeks to months.
The combination of several conservative measures including drugs, exercise and use of assistive devices may work to relieve the symptoms of spinal stenosis to a large extent. Chiropractors weren't able to help me at all, and my PT believed I was too acute for exercises. Weight-bearing exercises, such as walking, jogging, stair climbing, dancing, or weight lifting, keep bones healthy by working the muscles and bones against gravity. Chiro's are good for spinal pathology, but they only treat the spine with a THRUST technique.
I've had several slipped discs and been threatened with surgery but the chiro has sorted it every time, quickly and painlessly. In the first six months, I had almost no improvements at all, but after that, I feel it has getting better gradually. You will need to call the doctor and see how much motrin you can take; it may need to be increased.
In such cases doctors and spine treatment experts perform the procedure of cervical spine surgery. Cervical Spine Surgery Hospitals in Chennai, India are at the forefront of providing superior cervical spine surgery - both invasive and non-invasive. While keeping your abdominal muscles tight and knees bent, lift one leg several inches off the floor, hold for 5 seconds, and then lower it. With your hands stretched out in front of you, curl your upper body forward until your shoulders clear the floor. Spinal stenosis exercises, that target those of the arm and legs, enhance a person’s mobility, gait, endurance as well as stability.
The patient is also taught how to use his body properly and improve his posture and stability. Then patient holds this position for 30 seconds before going back to the original position. For someone just starting this spinal stenosis exercise, doing both knees may be hard at first. As backward bending, rotation and side bending is avoided in spinal stenosis, patients may prefer doing these exercises seated or on a bike.
However, when the conservative measures are not able to provide enough relief, one may opt for the last resort, surgery.
It has been one year and two months and with the aid of the above exercises and no medication and I am doing OK.
I had it done to me and felt miserable afterward (I'm not the only one who feels this way).

When it is really painful (both at lower back and leg ), using an ice pack is more helpful. I have had this on and off for years and i don't think the condition goes away but the pain should. Most of the Cervical Spine Surgeons in India are certified and have an experience of working abroad. A combination of high quality and low cost medical treatment is attracting a large number of patients from all over the world.
Extending, side bending, and twisting the body is limited; some individuals are in such severe pain that even standing up is a great challenge. Education is the guiding factor that may make the Spinal stenosis exercise program a success or a failure. For this reason, patients experience less pain or discomfort when they walk with a stooped posture with the use of a cane or a walker. If this cannot be tolerated, spinal stenosis exercises are done in water, under the supervision of a physical therapist specialized in aquatic rehabilitation. All parties involved including the therapist, patient and his family need to listen to one another. I started with a chiro and am going to see an ortho surgeon in two weeks, but am not sure which route is best long term.
I find that walking is much better than trying to lie down, but when I do lie down, I always lie on my stomach.
Various Cervical Spine Surgery Hospitals in Chennai, India are treating international patients on a daily basis with good success rates. They are allied health professionals who develop individualized spinal stenosis exercise programs for patients. Then patient sustains this position for 2 to 4 seconds before going back to the original position. The first problem is that people are often misdiagnosed with 'disc' pain - sometimes through poor clinician assessment, or an false positive on an MRI. You will need to rest if in severe pain, then when pain lessens you need to start light exercise like walking. We make sure that our clients are in safe hands hence, we have tied up with the finest Cervical Spine Surgery Hospitals in Chennai, India where various surgical procedures related to spine are carried out by highly efficient cervical spine surgeons. This exercise can be made easier by starting with your knees and hips flexed toward your chest. Explanation of the spinal stenosis exercise program needs to focus and meet the needs of the patient. I am just trying to figure out if it is the disc causing the pain or something pushing on the disc causing it to act up, Bladder and bowels are not working properly.
Most Chiros I know would not treat an acute discogenic back with neurological signs, however there are some very important exercises to do in these stages. If you suspect you have disc-related back pain see a physiotherapist, preferably one who practices McKenzie therapy. To challenge yourself, clasp your hands behind your head and keep your elbows out to your sides.
When pain goes away or is at a minimum, work with a professional and exercise your abs and lower back.I experienced no pain while I had a healthy weight and an active lifestyle.

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