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Vertimax workouts increase vertical,workout videos for youth baseball,build muscle workout mens health - Step 2

VertiMax can develop muscles essential for speed in ways soccer players could never dream of with conventional weight training. If you want more team speed and first step quickness on the field, performing soccer drills with VertiMax can develop muscles essential for speed in ways soccer players could never dream of in a conventional weight room. The V8 is our original vertical jump and speed training system designed for On and Off Platform training. The V8 EX includes the innovative jump training capabilities of the older VertiMax training platforms with our upgraded band technology's 30 yd+ extended range.
VertiMax is the most effective and versatile piece of soccer training equipment for developing explosive power and speed for any position on the soccer field.
To switch from cycling to rowing or from rowing to cycling, simply pull the pin and adjust the seat. The multifunctional electronic fitness monitor keeps you motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals showing speed, distance, time, odometer, heart rate, and calories burned. Oversized foot pedals and adjustable foot straps hold your feet securely to improve pulling motion while in biking mode.

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It has all the capabilities of the older VertiMax V-series units and 10 yard off-platform training range. The Raptor is an incredible 17 lbs, portable VertiMax training system that you can mount in your weight room or field.
VertiMax allows coaches to conduct dynamic, soccer specific power and speed training workouts that produce results. No other training equipment in the world can do this and VertiMax’s versatility has the ability to conduct hundreds of other performance enhancing soccer exercises to improve kicking power and agility and take game performance to a whole new level. Heavy-duty nylon rowing strap with foam hand grips keep hands stable and comfortable while rowing.
Because both are impact-free activities, stationary cycling and rowing can be lifelong forms of exercise.

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