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Course Description: Everblue offers training for the NATE Core Service, NATE Air-to-Air Heat Pump, NATE Air Conditioning, and NATE Gas Furnace Service specialty certifications. The Core Service training covers construction knowledge and HVACR-specific knowledge in the areas of safety, tools, basic construction, science, temperature and humidity, and electricity.
The Air-to-Air Heat Pump training covers installation, service, maintenance, and repair of Air-to-Air Heat Pump systems.
The Air Conditioning training covers installation, service, maintenance, and repair of Air-to-Air AC systems. The Gas Furnace training covers installation, service, maintenance, and repair of gas furnaces. Course Materials: You will find the student workbook, video modules, practice exam questions, and certificate of completion in your online Everblue account. AZ, Tucson AZ, Phoenix Anytime, Online CA, Pasadena CA, Long Beach CA, Fresno CA, Sacramento CA, Santa Clara CA, San Jose CA, San Francisco CA, San Diego CA, Emeryville CA, Los Angeles CA, Culver City CO, Denver Canada, Toronto Costa Rica, San Jose DC, Washington FL, Daytona Beach FL, Miami FL, Orlando FL, Tampa FL, Jacksonville GA, Savannah GA, Atlanta HK, Hong Kong IL, Chicago IN, Indianapolis KS, Kansas City LA, New Orleans MA, Boston MA, Cambridge MD, Baltimore MI, Detroit MI, Grand Rapids MN, Minneapolis MO, Kansas City MO, St. Blog PostIn my previous article “ What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?” I provided a basic introduction to SEO is and why it is important for your overall Internet marketing game plan.
I am going to split the subject of keywords and keyword research into a couple of segments.
To show you how keywords and phrases are useful let’s use Internet business mastery as an example, “Internet business” would be a good example of a key phrase that relates to Internet business mastery. Another phrase that relates to Internet Business Mastery’s market would be “online business”. The challenge with that particular key phrase is that like “Internet business” “online business” is incredibly competitive.
The ideal set of keywords and key phrases would be words and phrases that have the most people searching with the least number of websites competing for those particular terms. To show you the difference between a market phrase opposed to a niche phrase lets look at the term “dog training”. So even though “dog training” gets a TON of search traffic you are going to have to beat out 4,940,000 other competing sites and unless you are a very skilled search professional it is going to take quite a long time to get your site on the first page of search results.
The brunt of your internet marketing efforts and keyword research should focus on finding highly focused niche phrases and keywords that relate most to your particular business and will provide quality traffic that is not as competitive as broad market phrases. I have tried to focus on long tail keys with less comp, but I have recently started runnin for some bigger keys.

I really have to admit it’s rather refreshing to visit a somewhat unique blog like yours, excellent job. I am just wanting to know if you have got the video that you are referring to, because I am going to need the same, too? I think its not helpful when Google restrict all strategies to earn back links but its helps just understanding keywords for Google advertising or PPC. NATE is the only third-party certification body governed, owned, operated, developed, and supported by the HVAC industry.
The package includes the training for NATE Core Service, NATE Air-to-Air Heat Pump, NATE Air Conditioning, and NATE Gas Furnace certifications. For information involving corporate training, group rates, or returning student discounts, please call 800-460-2575.
You will also find instructions for counting this course toward continuing education hours.
I also mentioned that my next article would be discussing keywords and why they are important to SEO. First I will discuss what are keywords and how will they help you bring more targeted traffic to your site. Since Sterling and Jay’s primary focus for their site is to teach people how to start Internet businesses this would appear to be a good key phrase for them. Meaning there are a lot of other websites that are competing to rank for that particular set of phrases. That particular key phrase gets around 73,644 searches a day but has over 4,940,000 other sites competing to be on the first page of Google.
If you did manage to make it to the top the vast majority of people searching for “dog training” will probably leave your site because in actuality you only train German shepherds.
The next article will discuss the difference between broad, phrase and exact keyword matching.
He consults, speaks and writes about search engine optimization, internet marketing, and social media.
Was thinking of mentioning it but did not want folks to think I was pushing affiliate sales in my article.
While most of this is old news to me, I still stumble across one or two new concepts in each of your articles!

Get four courses for the price of one! To complete their certification, students must go on to take exams for each portion of the training. You will gain access to these materials immediately upon registration and continue to have access for a full year from the time of purchase. People looking to start an Internet business would probably type that term into a search engine and if the site is properly optimized for that particular phrase it will show in the search results and send people can find Sterling and Jay's site. 388,000,000 competing sites in Google for “online business” and 431,000,000 competing sites in Google for the phrase “Internet business”.
After doing a little research I found that the phrase “training german shepherd” gets around 1,989 searches a day with only 27,200 websites competing for that particular phrase. Going after the term “training german shepherd” would be a much easier fish to fry and send quality visitors to your site much faster. In reality they are shooting themselves in the foot, because all that deep linking for long tail phrases are really what is going to help raise the overall site trust and value in the eyes of search engines. I rank first and second for a big key, I expected the traffic to fly in lol Di not happen. One related tip that has really been a life-saver for me and my team (via Sterling) is using the Market Samurai application for keyword research.
The more detail the customer already know about the product he’s interested in, the better the chances of him buying it from your website.
Finally I will show you how to find the best terms and phrases and some tools that will make your research a bit easier.
So if you are not an authority site like Internet Business Mastery, you will have a difficult time getting your site to the first page of search results. Just going after one phrase does not look natural and can definitely raise a warning flag to the engines.

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