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If some smaller guy had the same power as Howard, he would have a vertical leap of 61 inches. I assume vertical leap is the change in height of the center of mass of the jumper from standing to the highest point in the jump. Here s is the distance through which the force acts on the object and ? is the angle between the force and the direction the object moves. I know you are worried about the starting horizontal speed, but remember this is the vertical velocity and this is what matters since I am looking at the change in vertical position (s).

In true Sport Science fashion, you have to make some comparison at the end of the show (again, it is in the contract). In the end, this is another case of Sport Science just making up some stuff and calling it science. If you want some science, clearly show the force (not the max force) that the jumper exerts on the floor along with the displacement of the jumper. I will look at this work as the jumper goes from the moving squatting position to the highest point (and not moving – or moving very little).

He'll work out for the teams with the top 3 picks and no one else unless a team tells his agent they may want to trade up.
Durant looks pretty good out there, and all Wiggins gotta do is not become a flopping bitch like him.

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