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My stats are not mind-boggling, but pretty impressive nonetheless: 35 Inch standing vertical jump, 43 inches with a running start, at 6’1” I can touch a 10 foot rim with my elbow – all this with ZERO plyometrics, weight training, running or any other kind of vertical jump workouts.
Besides genetics, the MAIN REASON I (along with other natural leapers) jump high is because I incorporate jumping into every part of my game.
This is why naturally athletic people get more and more athletic and average to below average people stay the same. On the flip side, a slow person will NOT use their speed, a person that can’t jump will NOT use their jumping ability and a weak person will NOT use their strength – and as a result will NOT see any improvements.
Training that includes Plyometrics and Explosive Movements has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve explosiveness for sports.
Plyometrics: are exercises that focus on developing fast-twitch muscles responsible for quick and explosive movements. These are the main reasons the “Natural Leap” Program may seem a bit strange, or different from most jump programs. So, what kind of exercises can you expect to see inside “Natural Leap” and why are they effective? Why “Explosive Stair Run” is effective: sprinting is one of the most effective overall body exercises known to man, it isolates the leg muscles responsible for making you fast and explosive.
From a standing position, without running or taking any steps jumps as high as you can, land and as soon as you regain your balance jump as high as you can again.
Why “Max Height Jumps” are effective: this exercises doesn’t just mimic jumping, it IS jumping. From a standing start run and accelerate as fast as you can for the first 4 – 8 strides, slow down and come to an abrupt stop as you touch the floor, as soon as you touch the floor explode in the opposite direction you were just running and once again accelerate as fast as you can for the first 4 – 8 strides, until you have to slow down and touch the floor again. Why “Acceleration Sprints” are effective: the most difficult part of sprinting is accelerating from zero to maximum speed. As you can see these exercises aren’t very complicated – but I can guarantee you they are extremely effective for increasing your Vertical Jump, speed and overall Athleticism. The bottom line is these are the exercises I use to stay athletic and in-shape when I don’t have the chance to play basketball, and they are the very exercises I would use to increase my own vertical jump. Become a Fan on Facebook – for updates, sharing advice and stories, as well as free exercise videos and other info for Jumping Higher. Adam Folker is the creator of the program.  He’s a professional basketball player who made it to the professional level by having a relentless work ethic. Folker’s system centers around years of proof, sound training principles and most importantly, hard science. Plyometric training is the key component of the Vert Shock system.  The program uses this specialized vertical jump workout routine to shock the central nervous system into potentially increasing a person’s jumping ability.
All ages and experience levels can use this program because there’s no heavy weight lifting, nor will it stunt a person’s growth.
Finally, in the week long Post-Shock Phase, all aspects of the other phases your body ‘learned’ becomes reinforced in your muscle memory. Every exercise in the member’s area has a video that outlines the correct movement of the exercise.

If your vertical is already over 40 inches, this program will help with adding a few more inches, HOWEVER, not as much as a newbie or intermediate. The only downside of Olympic weightlifting is perfecting technique and finding the space to do it. Kurt, over at the Vertical Explosion Program has allowed me to share his special report of how to jump high like that!
One of his athletes added 12 inches to his vertical in the first 8 weeks on the program.  Another added 5 inches in just the first month!
Thats the main reason you should listen to what I have to say, because I actually understand what it takes to jump higher in real life (not just in theory). Its natural for us to utilize what we’re good at to gain a competitive edge is sports: a fast person will use their speed, a leaper will use their jumping ability and a strong person will use their strength.
And that is the basic principle behind The “Natural Leap” Jump Program…By Over-Using your jumping ability on a regular basis with exercises that either involve or mimic jumping, you’ll be targeting the exact muscles responsible for jumping and as a result see significant improvements in your vertical jump.
Unlike conventional strength training that involves slowly lifting heavy weights (slow controlled movements), plyometrics involve fast and explosive movements aimed at making you faster and more explosive.
Its not 500 pages long, doesn’t confuse you and doesn’t require you to join a gym and live in it just to see results. The focus of this exercise is speed and explosiveness, NOT endurance – so each run should be performed to only 50-80% of your maximum endurance, maintaining maximum speed at all time. Sprinting up stairs (or hills) ads extra resistance and upward motion to the sprint, which mimics jumps with a 1 leg take-off.
It also eliminates the momentum transferred from taking a running start, so the only muscles being used during this exercises are the ones responsible for thrusting your body up in the air.
It requires the most explosiveness and effort, this exercises focuses on nothing but acceleration and explosiveness – which is extremely effective for jumping and quickness (or hops and a quick first-step).
This is why so many people love “Natural Leap”, and choose it over other jump programs – its extremely effective, easy to follow and doesn’t require a ton of commitment. And remember: you DON’T have to join a gym, spend $100s on exercise equipment or dedicate your life to a strict exercise schedule just to Jump Higher – you can actually do it from home! His first measured vertical jump was only 14 inches but by the time he left high school, it increased to 32 inches.  Folker played college basketball at the University of California Irvine.
If you are starting a Olympic weightligitng program I would focus on building absolute strength with core exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses etc. I’m sure you can jump, as most ballers, but wouldn’t you like to just leap over everyone? He even got a message on Facebook from a mother telling him that her daughter had added 6 inches in the first 7 weeks.  Pretty impressive! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Your information is 100% secure with us and will never be shared Your browser does not support Flash or does not have it installed.
Since I found out I’m more athletic than most people I’ve used my jumping ability to gain an advantage over other players – every jump shot, every lay-up, every rebound, every dunk and every attempt to block a shot I jump my highest.

Its designed to be simple and easy to understand – so once you download and read it you’re more likely to say “Ok, that seems straight forward” and start exercising, instead of saying “Damn! This is a sprint, so as soon as you start slowing down and can’t maintain your max speed – the exercise is over!
Folker has professional football player Mark Chambers to take you through all the exercises and give you tips on the right form, technique.  It also shows it to you in slow motion.
My point is that to get to a level of a 40-inch vertical, your speed will gain a big boost as well. The starting speed, the 1st 20 meters of a sprint is determined more to absolute explosive power than pure speed. Synchronization of the muscles firing and contracting at a rapid pace is the key to any explosive movement whether it is jumping, sprinting etc. Sometimes people say its talent or a special gift, but the truth is – you can work toward a higher leap. The more I jumped the higher my vertical jump got, and since I played a lot of Basketball I did a lot of jumping.
This is a why Olympic weightlifters have been clocked as fast as 100 meter sprinters in the 1st 20 meters of a sprint, and recorded over 35 inch vertical jumps. Olympic weightlifting should never replace basic strength lifts; it should be incorporated with it and with other forms of traing such as plyometrics. High, a professional athlete, or even just a weekend warrior, the respect and awe created by a rim rattling vertical leap is as yearned for and respected as any athletic feat or endeavor. As a teenage athlete with a lot of determination but with very little in the way of athletic gifts I, like a lot of you, was determined to increase my vertical jump. Over the years I wasted a lot of time and money on bogus programs and gimmicks but I decided to go on a mission and find out the truth - the most effective way to increasing leaping ability. I eventually did achieve my own goals and began working as a trainer where I was able to refine my approach even further.
I invested years in education, thousands of dollars on books, seminars, and hours upon hours reading through scientific research journals.
Ia€™ve been able to learn from the brightest scientific minds in the field of athletic enhancement. Most importantly, over the years I have spent thousands and thousands of hours in the gym helping other athletes.
Along the way I figured out what works and what doesna€™t. Many people can talk a good game but I prefer to rely on my personal experience to back it up About a year ago it became apparent to me that even today there is a vast shortage of information for athletes who desire real results with regard to vertical jump improvement.
It's impossible to promise anyone an increase of "X" number of inches in "X" amount of time because everyone is different.

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