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No other player has such a large fan base this many years after retirement.  On this page we are going to learn a bit more about the life of Michael Jordan, his workout routine, and how he was able to create such an incredible vertical leap. Improve your vertical leap by using the EXACT workout routine that Michael Jordan and other NBA athletes use to get major results! Michael Jordan was a very athletic kid growing up.  In fact, he played baseball, football and basketball throughout high school at Emsley A. FAMU head football coach Joe Taylor knew during Spring drills that he would have to replace key elements of his receiver corps, but he could not possibly have predicted that both of his graduating wide receivers would be offered free agent contracts by the NFL. The offeres came after Elliott and Tyms wowed scouts at the annual FAMU pro timing day event.
Taylor predicted at the conclusion of the pro day workout that Elliott and Tyms had garnered so much attention that they would really get a look. Franchise Sports Franchise Sports is awesome because we are Tallahassee’s "Up-to-the-Minute" ONE-CLICK read on what YOU want to KNOW, when YOU want to KNOW IT spot!

Our Mission Franchise Sports was formed for the purpose of keeping sports fans informed about sports in their area. Franchise Sports Vision Statement We aspire to be the best information source for providing Tallahassee players, fans, coaches and the general public with the latest sports news. Brian Tyms has been offered to play for the San Francisco 49ers and Kevin Elliott has been offered to play with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The tall, shifty and athletic players have been working out since the end of the season in preparation for the event. We plan to carry on with our mission; broadcasting a sport’s driven show until sports is no longer in existence. I can’t say that about all of our athletes today, but it certainly shows who has been getting ready for this date. Tyms, who hadn’t played football extensively in high school, really began to blossom near the end of his senior season.

It feels good to see that these guys have put themselves in position to get a shot at the next level,” Taylor said.
They will be recognized for their hard work and as being employees for a show that has been built from a school publication to a commercial television production. Also, Franchise Sports will be sure to transfer its knowledge to those students that have an interest in sports journalism. Franchise Sports will be a community leader and a household name with a respectable and credible reputation.

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