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Are you looking to be that devastating open-court basketball player who puts the defense at their mercy as soon as you touch the ball in the back court?
While he can score at will, career average of 25.6 per game, he's a surprisingly generous passer averaging almost 8 assists per game. When the Cleveland Cavaliers made LeBron Raymone James the NBA's No.1 draft pick in the 2003 after his senior year, no one was surprised. Kyrie Irving came into the basketball world and has every young player working on their handles and finishing, and with good reason. Born in 1992 in Melbourne, Australia, Kyrie Irving played basketball for one season at Duke University before being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the number one overall pick in the first round of the 2011 NBA draft.
Allen Iverson was a guaranteed number of points every time he stepped on a basketball court.
Allen Ezail Iverson, The Answer, was one of the fiercest competitors the NBA has ever seen. When the Philadelphia 76ers made him the NBA's 1st overall pick in the 1996 draft, few knew he would make such an indelible mark on the league. Dwyane Wade took the NBA by storm - and surprise - when he came into the league the same years as Carmelo and LeBron. Dwyane Wade entered the NBA in 2003 selected by the Miami Heat as the fifth overall pick in the NBA Draft. This Hoop Handbook will have you working some of the post moves of a guy who can get his buckets no matter who (taller, stronger, more athletic) is guarding or how (giving space, crowding, physical, double teams) they do it. A Wake Forest graduate, Tim Duncan was the 1st draft pick by the San Antonio Spurs in 1997 and has since gone on to lead the team to five NBA championships. Since coming to the San Antonio area, he has supported numerous causes and has even created his own nonprofit organization – the Tim Duncan Foundation. This program is heavily skill-based, and if your post and shooting skill fundamentals are not there right now, use the Post Moves Package and Shooting Program to get them up to par. James Harden proved his superstar-level skills when he joined the Houston Rockets and finally got to be the #1 option on a team. Harden is athletic -- surely you’ve seen him drive and dunk -- but he is not a player who plays off his athleticism, such as a Derrick Rose or Dwyane Wade.
Are you the player poised to prove she can step up and carry the load, even when everyone expects you to and plans on stopping you? With the Oklahoma City Thunder, he scored a then career highlight of 40 points in a 109-97 victory over the Phoenix Suns on April 18, 2012. Guard and wing players whose game is scoring-based and you are the main ball handler for your team. I could succinctly describe myself as a basketball player, but a voice in my mind tells me I'd be selling myself quite short with that description. A bunch of MVP awards, some championships, and status as the best around for much of the 2010’s (so far). Born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio, James was seen as a 'can’t miss' NBA prospect as a young teen. Since joining the NBA, James has the NBA championship twice with the Miami Heat, voted league MVP 4 times, won Rookie of the Year, been the NBA Finals MVP twice, won a scoring title, been selected to 10 All-Star and All-NBA teams, 6All-Defensive teams, and is the all-tie leading scorer in Cleveland Cavaliers history. See The Ultimate Athlete for a complete athleticism program you can do with no equipment of facilities needed. Want to break the D down with your handle and quickness, then finish over and around the help defenders? Wearing jersey number 2, the point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers was born into a basketball family.
But what about the other elements that made AI one of the greatest scorers in basketball history?
Born in humble beginnings in Hampton, Virginia on June 7, 1975, and raised by a single mother, Ann Iverson, this 6 foot, 165 pound dynamo battled against all odds to become an NBA star basketball fans will not soon forget. If you need work on either skill asa prerequisite, get the Finishing Handbook and the Crossover Package.
You can blow by whomever is guarding you and put pressure on the defense every time you touch the ball.
Starting a successful career as a shooting guard, Wade would go on to be named to the All-Rookie, then the All-Star teams for eleven consecutive years.
No matter what a defender tries against you, you have a move and a counter-move for when they inevitably adjust to the first move.

He was named NBA Rookie of the Year and the 1999 NBA Finals MVP after winning his first NBA championship with the Spurs.
The foundation’s main function is to fund education, youth sports and recreation nonprofit organizations in South Texas, North Carolina and US Virgin Islands. No need for any other skill-development program while you're doing this one: we cover it all in one program. Harden doesn’t depend on power or speed or quickness most of the time when attacking to score.
He has also been a two time member of the United States National Basketball team representing the US at the 2012 summer Olympics and the 2014 FIBA World Cup. He would later beat this record by scoring 45 points in a game against the Atlanta Hawks, while playing for the Huston Rockets on November 2, 2012 .
You can create your own shot off the dribble from both the outside and getting to the basket. How about adding some strong jumpstop moves to your arsenal so you can slash through defenses, absorbing contact and still finishing?
Nobody can stop him when he steamrolls his way to the basket and he shoots his mid-range and long-range shots with deadly accuracy.
He has also won to Olympic gold medals for basketball, and is the youngest player to have scored 20,000 points and is the youngest player to win the NBA All-Star game MVP award. Want to be trusted with the ball in your hands in crunch time to make the right play and deliver the win for your club?
His father, Drederick Irving, played for Boston University and then went on to play professionally for the Bulleen Boomers in Australia, where Kyrie was born and holds dual citizenship. You can score on any defender one-on-one.  Your team can call isolation plays for you and you will make something out of nothing.
By the time he graduated from Bethel High School in 1994 and headed off to Georgetown University, the Associated Press had voted him High School Player of the Year in both basketball and football and had led his high school to state championships in both sports.
You can shoot form the outside but also love to drive to the basket, and are not afraid of contact and getting to the foul line. A leading scorer for the team, Duncan was again named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2002 and 2003.
You can do other off-court training - such as the Ultimate Athlete or Position Of Power - at the same time. He is a two time NBA All Star (in 2013 and 2014) and has been the Pac-10 player of the year (2009).
He broke that record again by scoring 46 points against his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Can you be the player who is a threat from any spot on the floor, on offense and defense, who fills in any gaps left open by teammates in every aspect of the game? Those attributes along with his two NBA championships have led many to call him King James. You utilize crossover moves, stepbacks, hands-up moves and hesitation moves off-the-dribble. He had a “nobody can guard me no matter how hard they try” mentality, often as the smallest player on the floor. It was not unusual to see him taking on men almost a foot taller to get to the basket and score. Iverson played only two years at Georgetown, but during that time he averaged 22.9 points per game, a record career scoring average at the university.
You are quick and can create separation form your defenders with your shiftiness in handling the ball.
He is only the 4th rookie since the shot clock era to be able to lead his team in assist and scoring average in the post-season. Your footwork is flawless, like a professional dancer who never has to look down at his feet. The foundation has donated a 4-player Basketball Video Arcade game to the San Antonio Downtown Youth Center and has given a $50,000 donation to the Kids Sports Network.
You create ay scoring opportunities base don how your defense plays: Whatever what your defender plays you, there's an advantage you can take due to your skills. In college, Harden played for Arizona State, where he was on the All-Pac-10 team his freshman year, and appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated his sophomore year. You do not need to be the most athletic player on the floor, but your advanced ball handling skills and crafty ability to use your body are the ways you get your points.

He can seemingly do whatever he wants on the basketball court and he makes everyone around him better players. You can finish layups in the lane over and around bigger defenders, even though you don’t play above the rim or dunk a lot.
It was only his third season with the Heat when he lead them to an impressive championship, the first in the franchise' history in 2006. Duncan is the second player in NBA history to be named to an All-Defensive Team and All-NBA Team in each of his first four seasons.
Duncan’s Dollars Charity Bowl-A-Thon event for Breast and Prostate Cancer detection, prevention, and treatment has raised closed to $700,000. After his sophomore year, Harden entered the NBA draft, and was drafted 3rd overall by the Oklahoma City Thunder, making him the first player drafted in the franchise’s history. In his personal life, Harden is known for being a devout Christian having said that he thanks God for everything God has done in his life. But it was in the NBA that Iverson really began to show people the amazing things he could do on the basketball court.
He was also named the NBA Finals MVP the Heat owing a large part of their 4-2 victory over the Dallas Mavericks to him. Harden played for the Oklahoma City Thunder for 3 years, and in 2012 he was traded to the Houston Rockets after failing to agree to a contract extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder.
He is also recognizable by his characteristic beard, which he began growing after being too lazy to shave. During that season, he was the only player in the Eastern Conference to average 20 points and 5 assists while shooting .800 or better from the foul line.
2008 was also an exciting year for Wade as he led the US Olympic Basketball team in scoring and helped them to capture the gold medal in Beijing China.
The NBA awarded Duncan with the Home Teach Community Service Award in 2001 for his charitable commitment to the community. The beard has been featured on t-shirts, in songs, and has inspired the James Harden Illustrated Project by designer Filip Peraic. Notably, the young Irving also become only the fifth player in NBA history to have three consecutive 30 point games before his twenty-first birthday. The 2008-2009 season would also see Wade named the league's top scorer leading to his first NBA scoring title.
Duncan holds an honor degree in psychology and he is a staunch supporter of promoting health awareness. In 2013, he was named to the NBA's All-Star team, becoming the sixth youngest player ever to be named to the All-Star team. Soon after LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined the Heat and lead to Miami's second championship in 2012 when they took down the Oklahoma City Thunder.
In his sophomore year he averaged over 25 points a game and his team again won the state championship.
In a game against the Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving became the youngest player ever to score 40 points in a game at just 20 years old.
The following year was another outstanding year for Wade and the Heat as they faced and defeated the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals for his third championship. Unfortunately his luck seemed to run out the following year in 2014 where the Heat were defeated by their rivals, the Spurs, in the NBA Finals.
As a child Wade idolized the Chicago Bulls super-star Michael Jordan and has said that he patterns his game after him. In his junior year he became the first high school underclassman to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. In fact, among all qualified NBA Point Guards, Irving ranks second in points scored per game. This strategy seems to be working because in addition to his multiple championships he also has the record as the Miami Heat's all-time leading scorer. He averaged 29 points a game and won Gatorade's basketball National Player of the Year, the first junior to win the award.
In the 2014 All-Star game, Irving was named MVP after scoring an impressive 31 points and 14 assists.

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