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After the four-day-a-week Four-Month Total Transformation course with Blaine we transitioned into a twice-weekly schedule that I thought would be easier.
A Physio Ball reverse hyper-extension where you lay tummy-down on the ball and raise your straightened legs backward as far as you can. Today I struggled, grunted and sweat profusely through two sets of a tabata circuit and finished with a hardcore row. But Cathy seemed to realize I might kill myself on the last round so I caught my breath a little bit and then hit the rowing machine again. Then I puked in my mouth a little bit and walked circles in the parking lot until my stomach stopped revoting. It requires mental focus, physical control and good form to slice through the water at a sustainable clip.
Whether using kettlebells, rowing in the gym or just doing pushups both of them are constantly paying attention to and correcting my form to maximize benefit and reduce bodily harm. One of my goals for this project is to reduce my mile (1600m) time and at the beginning of the month I was swimming 1600m in about 40 minutes.
Posted on July 12, 2013, in exercise, fitness, Helpful, LA Fitness, LA Fitness Blog - Living Healthy, LA Fitness Blog - Top Tips, Strength, Top Tips and tagged 3 on 3, 3 on 3 basketball tournament, basketball conditioning, basketball exercises, conditioning, exercise, fitness, fitness club, goals, how to get a six pack, LA Fitness, LA Fitness articles, la fitness blog, la fitness reviews, lafitnessblog, motivation, nike 3on3, nike basketball tournament, weight loss, workout. Well, all the pros that you see dunking have also worked on their form which is why their dunks look so effortless and authentic. I’ve heard statements that doing high repetition endurance training can actually decrease your explosivene power.
So what ended up happening, was that I explained to my friend how vertical jump works and gave him a couple exercises which concentrate only on explosiveness. So to pull it together, I’d say that any vertical jump coach or training program that tells you to do over a dozen repetitions, doesn’t really know the right principles. Men can not stay in the air in a sustained manner, however great men like Michael Jordan can give us the "illusion" of flight simply because of his two-plus second hangtime. Many people believe that genetically, people of black descent tend to have higher ratios of fast-twitch muscles than any other people in the world. Cardiovascular fitness is achieve thorough regular aerobic exercises, that is repettive movements of large muscle groups over an extended period of time.
Muscle endurance is the ability of the muscle to repeat that movement over a period of time.
Finally, joint flexibility refers to the range of motions (ROM) the joint can undergo as limited by the joint's structure and surrounding connective tissues.
Basketballers are similar to ballet dancers, flexibility is paramount if you want to dunk very well. If you don't fit the above categories, you can still dunk but you might not be able to do all those fancy windmill, double-pump, rock-the-cradle, no-look dunk. It is important to distinguish which group you belong to as there are separate exercise programs for leapers and jumpers. On the other hand, explosive dunkers like Vince Carter, depend more on powerful thigh and calf muscles to dunk.
Leapers take-off from their left leg (if they are right-handed), with some assistance from the right leg during the first step to the basket. Isometric exercises are not very useful and the limited movements only affects specific muscle group. Pylometric exercises is defined as the simulation of sports motion with additional weight resistance. Exploding off two legs gives more vertical height but it's pretty much useless in a game because you've got big guys in the center, like Shaq, Yao and Mutombo who'll knock your head off the moment you try dunking. In order to dunk you must be able to jump to a sufficient height that your hand is over the height of the ring, which is set at ten feet or three metres.

Now that you have the height side of it under control you need to concentrate on the mechanics of the dunk. The workouts are 6 days a week and involve weights and plyometrics, but different exercises than you've ever seen. Also FYI, I usually post these photos through the Knife Challenge Twitter feed and you can find that here. You have to hold your breath and sometimes fight that fear of suffocation you get when you’re working hard underwater. So start your training and conditioning at LA Fitness today and give yourself a competitive edge come game day with these 3 Super Set Exercises. Remember that first and foremost you always need to be in control of the movements during your exercise.
The only thing I do different is I add the element of max reps in one minutes on the jump squats.
He’s greatly over six feet tall and he has been bugging me to give him vertical jump training advice for a long time.
I mean, I would absolutely understand if the advice he got from the vertical jump programs would have been given by a random gym teacher, who doesn’t really have any specific knowledge, when it comes to vertical jumping and gives him advice from common sense. If you see stuff like that, you should move on to a new training program or get a new trainer. Good leapers are guys like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen who can simply coast to the rim for a dunk. Leapers rely more on horizontal speed to reach the rim and generally have very strong hips, abdominal and upper body strength in order to launch themselves for the dunk.
Start by jumping to touch the net with a running jump, working in simultaneous sets of 10 jumps.
Then slowly work your way up until you are dunking slightly larger balls, like volley balls, soccer balls and finally a basket ball. Practice palming the ball, as this will make it less likely that you will lose control of it in the air.
If you have access to an adjustable height basket, lower it so that you can master the mechanics and feel of the dunk before you perfect the 10 foot height.
Because the hips are a hard area to strengthen, it is very important to have good flexibility in the hips.
The workouts range from an hour to two hours, and a good weight system is definitely needed.
Team doctor (David Orth) hooked Jordan up with Tim Grover, a former college point guard working as a fitness consultant in Chicago-area businessmen.
You will do 3-5 sets of each Super Set combo exercise with 3 minutes of rest between each set.
Think of it, being this big and having a great vertical jump would make him pretty much dominate the field. It’s like there’s a certain amount of power and you decide if you put that to your endurance or explosiveness, but you can’t have both of them at the same time. Keep in mind that low repetitions with high resistance equal explosiveness and high repetitions are the exact opposite. It has been genetically pre-programmed into your body and remains constant throughout life. With regular exercise, your muscles burn energy more efficiently and endure overloading for longer time.
Good jumpers are guys like Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins who explode near the basket for a powerful jam. You may have to limit your daily caloric intake to 2000, 1500, or even just 1000 calories a day.

Concentrate on simulating jumping movements (explosive motions) with weights in your hands. Once you are comfortable with this, practice the move by dribbling toward the basket as if you were on a fast break, then take the allowed two steps while at the same time palming the ball in your dunking hand. Then slowly bring the height up until you are slamming the ball through at regulation height. So one of the things that resonates with me as a lifelong swimmer is Adam and Cathy’s attention to form. They work the muscles that you use in your favorites sports to increase strength, power, endurance and agility by isolating muscles with payload, resistance and repetitive movements. The problem with him is that he has been already doing many vertical jump programs and has been unsuccessful in each of them. One thing's for sure, you wouldn't want to get hit by the ball when it goes through the hole. It helps to fine-tune your body and raise its responsiveness when you decide to go for the dunk. If you're not stiff the next day or aren't feeling a lot of burn when you do the exercises, increase the reps.
It helps if you can palm the ball with one hand as you can take advantage of the upward momentum of the ball to "drag" your body up. You should definitely be able to increase the reps every week (by 5 is a suggestion) in the jumping drills. There are three muscle groups, skeletal muscle, cardiac and smooth muscle and the major muscle group is skeletal muscle. You're vertical will improve like you never thought possible if you go for more distance on every jump. It is very important that you progress with the weights (and with jumping-the reps) as much as possible.
So I called him up and we decided to meet, sit down and talk about the programs and especially exercises that he has been doing. If you don't have the dough, a scuba-diving weight belt (with 20lbs) should be sufficient (make sure it's very secured to your body) The danger of scuba-diving weight belts is that they are very easy to unbuckle and fall-off if your pylometric exercises start becoming too aggressive. If you don't increase the weights and reps, you're muscles think they don't have to get any stronger and your vertical won't get anywhere.
Imagine if you came to me and asked me, how could you increase your bench press maximum from 150 pounds to 200 pounds and I told you to start doing sets of 50 reps with 80 pounds. You can easily roll an ankle or tear-off knee ligaments if you're not careful with the shoes. Watch out!!, you don't want the weights to smash your tootsies or put a hole in the gym floor. Sure you would do your high repetition sets and feel your muscles burn and think that must be it. That’s exactly the situation with doing huge amounts of repetitions in vertical jump training. Next, stretch your quads by putting one hand on the pole and grabbing your leg behind you and holding.
Now, lay on your back and pull one leg to your chest and hold, then repeat with the other leg.

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