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We have taken expert advice to compile some of the most effective plyometrics and other types of jump workouts you can do. When designing your own training program be sure to be specific in every detail and plan everything down to the minute as much as possible. One of the most hindering factors of any athlete who is looking to improve their vertical substantially is the mental aspect.
I want a little advice in my quest to jump higher, become more explosive and become more faster.
Great stuff, it is best to get a program that is set up for you in order to get on the road to jumping higher.
Simply Enter Your Email Address Below To Receive Your Free eBook "Increase Your Vertical Jump"! I’m going to share with you the 5 key training principles that allowed me to gain 8 inches on my vertical in 3 months during my freshman year of college. These principles also helped me gain 35 pounds of muscle in 4 months during the summer after my sophomore year of college. Progressive overload is one of those terms that sounds like something a scientist would use, but it’s really a straightforward principle. Each week, you need to add either more reps or more weight to each exercise during your workout. For example, let’s say that you are doing squats and last week you did 3 sets at 10 reps of 120 pounds.
Notice how in the first option we added one more rep to each set while keeping the weight the same. Forcing your body to do more work each week, even though it’s just a little bit, will force you to build muscle and blast through plateaus. This is very similar to progressive overload except that in this case we are applying it to our nutrition, and it’s a tip I figured out through my own training and lots of reading. Note that the numbers I provide below may vary a bit between people, but the principle stays the same.
In my case, I like to follow the following pattern – for every 5 pounds of weight I gained I took in an additional 250 calories per day.

The additional calories you take in will help support the mass you’re adding to your frame. If you want to maintain your weight or even lose it, you’ll have to maintain your calories or decrease them, respectively. One of the best things I started doing when I went to the gym was bringing a pen and paper with me. When the margin for progress is only an additional few pounds or one extra rep you need to be precise in your tracking. Before I started bringing a pen and paper with me to the gym it took me a very long time to realize that I was actually doing the exact same workout every week. Remember, doing the exact same workout every week is not going to get you quick and measurable results.
I put that theory to rest when I gained 35 pounds of muscle only working out 3 days per week. You’ll be amazed at how little time you need to spend in the gym to see amazing results.
Taking time off between workouts allows your body to recover and prepare itself for the next day. I hope these rules have helped give you some idea of what it takes to really get good results out of your workout routine.
If you follow what I’ve taught you above I guarantee you will see better results than 95% of the people you see at the gym. You can dunk, block, and steal way better and you will become more intimidating to your opponents. A specific training program is the best because it will eliminate wasted time and maximize your workout potential. We tell you everything there is to know about plyometrics and how to execute them properly.
We will teach you how to train and design your own jump program using specific jumping exercises. Which is why we have provided you with many different articles to cover all aspects of vertical jump training and reviews of 2 great vertical jumping e-books.

That’s the best way to workout, just make sure you implement what you get, otherwise it will be a waste of your money. I guarantee that the people you see in the gym every week who aren’t making progress are not adhering to this rule. If you were to keep your calories consistent it’s likely you will plateau in the gym. Focus on clean foods like fruits, vegetables, and protein from chicken, eggs, and lean beef. Using the provided exercises to jump higher we will teach you how to jump higher with the right form during the exercises.
The tools we will provide you with will have you jumping higher in no time and teach you how to increase your vertical while maximizing results. You need to know what you want to accomplish and how hard you will work to accomplish that. If you are really serious about jumping higher, then this site will be one of the most valuable resources you can use. So I’m hoping for you to give me a little grasp on the exercises and nutrition and program that I need to add 8-10 inches. Combine a great vertical leap with average or better basketball skills, and you will become a great basketball player. The drills are the same no matter your age, but the amount and intensity can vary depending on age. Mental toughness is the key to success in not just vertical jumping, but the whole game of basketball.

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