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Her research overturned previous work by her own mentor, Peter Thompson from the University of York, on how clothing patterns affect visual perception.She had the idea after she read about prior research done by psychologist Dr Thompson. He used 2-D line drawings of women in dresses to show that horizontal stripes play a trick on our eyes, making people look taller and thinner.However, when Ms Watham saw the study, like a good amateur scientist, she was sceptical about the findings. The reason why black makes us look thinner is due to another visual effect discovered by Helmholtz, called the irradiation illusion, in which a black rectangle surrounded by white looks smaller than the same rectangle in white surrounded by black. But the reason why Helmholtz's stripe illusion doesn't seem to work in 3D is a mystery."Val has got a really interesting result that needs an explanation, as we don't really know what's going on," admitted Dr Thompson. Mr Rudling will shed some light on whether people who look similar also have similar voices, while Mr Khoshdel studied whether people's emotional responses to an artwork are a good predictor of its monetary value.
More on this story Horrible noise results in for Radio 4 amateur scientist 14 June 2012 How do you react to horrible sounds? Comedian and TV writer Caroline Aherne has died aged 52, having had cancer, her publicist says.
Vertical gardening is the concept of increasing your horizontal garden space by growing plants vertically.

In the average vegetable garden, plants such as peas, tomatoes, climbing beans and small cucumbers are good examples of vertical growing, thus greatly increasing the capacity to produce vegetables from the same small piece of land. With out a doubt Patrick Blanc would be the world's greatest vertical gardener, and has worked his magic all over the world, but Paris is his most famous canvas where he regularly turns multi-storied buildings into masterpieces.
Vertical Gardens WA has taken this a step closer and is creating purpose built gardens for client's walls here in Perth, Western Australia. The vertical gardens can be planted out in almost any small plant, either mixed or with specific groups of plants such as succulents, herbs or vegetables. Gardens such as these can be used to cover a lounge or entrance wall, walls behind bars, in restaurants and reception areas.
The look and feel of living greenery with a soft trickle of water is very soothing and cooling. The plants are carefully chosen to give a contrasting design using texture and colouration, creating beautiful swathes of living colour. Vertical Gardens WA's new garden showroom is open for your perusal of several different types of green wall systems from green walls to green screens and living screens, together with unique art and LED lighting ideas are here for you to inspect and compare.

This is a working environment and you will be delighted at the choice and information available. The undergraduates made outfits in vertical and horizontal stripes, plus plain black, in various male and female sizes. Man has invariably been growing this way since the Hanging Gardens of Babylon where massive hanging gardens cascaded down from the Babylonian towers.
With thought they can be positioned in gardens as screens or hung on existing boundary walls.
An increased quality of air, the absorption of odours, a cooler environment, suppression of noise and a unique restful ambience are all benefits of living and working with a Vertical Garden.

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