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This is the Jump Boot Camp, this is the highest difficulty level program we currently offer for FREE. If you find all of the above Vertical Jump Training workouts too easy this program is for you! Jump Training RulesAfter you have finished each programs duration you can do another program, or re-do that program again after taking a week off.
I can tell you right now its not going to be easy, however I know you can do it! You have already taken your first steps to become a high flyer because you have found our FREE online vertical jump training guide.

Getting started at an early age in physical activity is one of the best things a youth can do.
When returning to a program or starting a different program you can add one rep to each set to keep your body progressing so that you can DUNK LIKE LEBRON! Each of the exercises in the Programs we currently offer online for free are explained in the menu on the leftIn Basketball your vertical Jump ability is very important. These are great educational resources for those training their Basketball skills or their vertical jump.Can I Use Actual Weights?With these programs you can use weights (as long as the weight you are using is good for you and not overwhelming).

If you do decide to use weights with these programs please only use them twice a week as these programs are designed for what each program says for you to do. Josh has been a Jump Training Coach for over 15 years and has some really hard workouts for everyone to do.

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