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Recently participated in a Faculty Development workshop with some brilliant colleagues – Dr Rob Woods together with Sean Polreis and Deirdre Bonnycastle [see her work on my fav links page] .
If you forget everything else – this is the most important part of setting up positive learning in the ED.
Zoals u allen waarschijnlijk weet geeft Soccer Skills dit seizoen alweer voor het tweede jaar techniektraining aan de onderbouw (F,E en D teams) bij Teylingen. Om meer mensen te enthousiasmeren om hier onderdeel van te zijn, willen wij u als ouders en andere belangstellenden, uitnodigen voor een avond ‘’train de trainer’’. Op deze avond zal Wim Bouckaert uitleg geven over waarom deze techniektrainingen zo belangrijk zijn voor spelers op deze jonge leeftijd. In Melbourne, Australia in 1970, Michael Hewitt-Gleeson designed the generic Career Acceleration Program (CAP).
In 1976 at HBO Studios in New York he produced a 3-part video version of his train-the-trainer program (CAP I, II and II) which became the first nationwide video training program in the USA. Since then, continuous, focused development of the training technology in the marketing, business, and public training applications has brought its evolution to its current stage of development.
Learning by teaching means that if you have to explain something to someone else, then you must have already learned to explain it to yourself. Developing a thorough understanding and conviction of the difference between merely having knowledge on a matter and owning a skill of performance in it. Learning by teaching others is a great way to make sure you have a full understanding yourself. Guys can you please help me here, How can the use of problem solving help teachers to teach in ways that consisted with the principles of CAPS ?
All of these are brilliant principles, having done a few train the trainer courses these are very effective even at branch level having the staff that I have trained now training the newer staff and being able to see their own progression is very rewarding.

One great experience I had in the RAAF as to training new people to the Squadron how to understand and repair the electronic systems in the aircraft.
In my current workplace, I really need to more effective with CAP 4 Commitment to Action as there are currently no consequences for people who do not comply with the new guidelines, resulting in continual relearning.
All members have the opportunity to purchase a 10 min time slot to train their nominated PT by registering below. If a PT deems any exercise to be unsafe or risky to their health, the trainer has the right to ask for an alternate exercise. You will be notified before the day so you have time to change it. All PTs will be training at the same time – keep this in mind when choosing equipment and how much space is required for your workout.
The Alannah and Madeline Foundation is a national charity protecting children from violence. Train the Trainer is a two-day training by Atria Group designed for future training professionals and for the development of human potential. Some of the concepts derived from the ED STAT course put on by the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians. Zodat er meer mensen op de trainingsavonden zullen aansluiten, om met elkaar de spelers te laten groeien naar ieders individuele plafond. He used principles distilled from his leadership training experience in the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force. Hewitt-Gleeson studied, as part of his military training and service, world-class Australian Army officer training in leadership, survival, confidence training, instructional techniques and military arts.
The program was first used by Equitable Life Assurance in 185 of their branches across the US and also by the Ford Motor Company. So people are encouraged to teach their skills to each other, to their families, to friends online and offline.

This means focusing on the process and measuring it in hours of practice and key performance indicators (KPIs). Don’t leave a trainee out on a limb with no knowledge of what is expected of them, in what time frame.
This totally change my ideas of skills needed to be an effective leader as now I had a understanding of a totally different variable that I don’t think I would have appreciated -training people and checking their understanding both form them and the end customer which in this case was their Managers.
The Foundation was set up in memory of Alannah and Madeline Mikac, aged six and three, who were tragically killed with their mother and 32 others at Port Arthur, Tasmania on 28 April 1996. I am a great believer that if you truly understand and can demonstrate a skill, thinking ,or anything that the people you are trying to teach will respect and be more engaged if the teacher has actual skills and understanding in said lesson.
Encouraging others to teach what they have learnt reinforces what they have learnt and encourages teamwork and training through the ranks. Sadly, every year there is a devastating increase in the incidence of child abuse and neglect.
Children are often the forgotten victims of family violence, yet almost one million Australian children have lived with violence in their home and this number continues to grow.
The Foundation relies on support from people like you to help protect children and to run innovative programs which help prevent violence and bullying.

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