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George Bien's hypnosis graduate Lennie (above), was casually sitting on one of those large exercise balls, she slipped back and hit the top of her spinal column in such a way (one shot in a million) that her head was literally disconnected from her spinal cord. The designated title of Certified Master Trainer is IACTa€™s highest trainer status and distinguishes these professionals as part of an elite group. The IACT Master Trainer training goes beyond the typical Hypnosis Train-the-Trainer programs offered by other organizations! Competently demonstrate and explain the a€?hypnotic setupa€?, all types of suggestibility testing, hypnotic inductions (including direct, indirect, disguised and instantaneous inductions), hypnotic challenges, therapeutic intervention, creative metaphor design and programming. Youa€™ll review what your already know, and fill in any gaps you might have in your hypnotherapeutic knowledge and experience base. Basic Outline Part One: Defining Hypnosis, Historical Aspects, Laws of Suggestion, Rules of the Mind, Types of Suggestions, Keys to Effective Suggestions, Pre-Induction Protocol, Types of Suggestibility, Innovative Suggestibility Testing, Forms of Hypnotic Induction, the 5 Ways of Creating a Hypnotic Induction, Numerous Inductions, Practical Hints for Suggestion, Objective and Subjective Trance Recognition, Numerous Deepening Techniques, Hypnotic Challenges, Levels of Trance, George Biena€™s Fool-Proof Arm Catalepsy, Reactional Hypnosis, Hypnotic Devices, Trance Ratification, Trance Termination, Abreactions, Working with Children, Numerous interventions for Smoking Cessation, Various Hypnotic Programming Scripts, Constructing and Delivering Effective Metaphors, Complete Hypnosis Session Outline, the 4 Stages in Programming a Client, Arranging Hypnosis Sessions, And more!
Basic Outline Part Two: The Three Major Styles of Inducing Trance, More Definitions of Hypnosis, Basis of the Pre-Induction Interview, Hypno-Therapeutic Procedures, Verbal Refraining, including Content and Context Reframes, Creating and Delivering Effective Suggestions, Keys to Effective Outcomes, Hints and Suggestions for Inductions, About Speed Inductions, Offsetting Client Resistance, Various Advanced Inductions, Standing and Seated Speed Inductions, Double Binds, Indirect Hypnotic Language, Induction Protocol, Hypnotic Pain Management, the Creation of Most Problems, Hypersuggestibility, Body Syndromes, Systematic Desensitization, Fast Phobia Technique, Principles of Milton Ericksona€™s Hypno-Psychotherapy, Ericksonian Utilization, Dealing with Hypnotherapeutic Resistance, Dealing with Resistances to Feeling Emotions, George Biena€™s Rapid-Fire Word Association, Activation of Parts, Parts Work, Conference Room Technique, Connection of Feelings, Hypnotic Dialogue - George Biena€™s Style, Gil Boynea€™s style, Running and Changing the Incident, and So Much More!
George will be your coach throughout the training and help you define your strengths and guide you toward your most comfortable stage presence. Of course you will receive two Student Manuals (Basic and Advanced) and two Trainera€™s Manuals (Basic and Advanced).
You get a data CD with two complete Power Point slide presentations that sequentially follow the student workbooks (Beginning and Advanced).
Also included, are two CD's (Basic and Advanced Hypnosis) containing the actual Power Point presentations!
You can run the programs directly from the CDs, or you can copy the files to a folder on your computer. Following the loss of her mother, Kathy found herself in a position of being co-head of household. Note: The techniques included can be used in virtually any type of hypnotherapeutic intervention. Note: The techniques George uses in this hypnotherapeutic intervention are not restricted to Past Life Therapy. You will need confidence to get up in front of a room of people and do hypnosis demonstrations.
This CD is designed to help you create a meeting of the minds on the emotional level and will help enhance your ability to reflect from the other person's perspective. This is the exact same 30-minute DVD (produced in 2006) that George has used to help fill his classes. Hypnosis and You: A Perfect Partnership!a€” a DVD that George created for the International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists.
Fasten your seatbelts, as George takes you on a whirlwind educational and motivational experience, sharing with you the techniques and strategies that he has used over the years to deliver dynamic hypnosis workshops and seminars throughout the world. We want you to thoroughly absord the material, and feel completely confident when you conduct your trainings. There simply has never been a more thorough and exciting a€?Hypnosis Train-the-Trainera€? Seminar! In my humble opinion, what makes a trainer exceptional is not their passion, charisma or mastery of their craft, but the level of transformation they facilitate for their students. I also took his advanced speaker's class, followed by his a€?Certified IACT Master Trainera€? seminar, where I had the privilege of working with some very successful and savvy hypnotherapists from various parts of the globe, as George guided us all to deeper levels of mastery.
One thing about George is that youa€™ll never get the sense he is hording information (like some of the other trainers Ia€™ve worked with).
Going beyond his masterful skills as a hypnotherapist and trainer, George is also a model for living life in a fully congruent and authentic manner. George has not only helped me become a better presenter and a better hypnotist, but has inspired me to become a better human being.
I had thought my previous training classes (for my Hypnotist certificate) was a good solid course. Perhaps best of all, after (somewhat) getting over the shock of how comprehensive the training manuals are (complete manual for students and complete manual for teachers to present to students), I found included were: CDa€™s to program one to be a a€?Dynamic Presentera€?, and an a€?Outstanding Teacher of Hypnosisa€?, a Video library of Hypnosis sessions, and complete Hypnosis therapy sessions, and a Comprehensive Power Point of the entire student 8-day course (basic and advanced). George, I want to thank you for all the insight and the deep understanding that you taught me in your Train the Trainer class. The Manuals that you put together, with a step-by-step explanation of all the information, (which are quite extensive I might add)a€”Student Manuals, Trainera€™s Manuals, explicit video documentaries, proper forms, and so much more, for us to guide our students are quite extraordinary.
I know that I have grown as a Hypnotherapist so much more since taking YOUR Train the Trainer Course.
George Bien is absolutely amazing in the breadth and depth of his knowledge, professionalism and ability to educate in a very dynamic and effective manner.
Ia€™ve had prior training as an instructor of hypnosis and have been teaching for over 10 years.
The professional Hypnosis a€?Train-the-Trainera€? certification seminar taught by George Bien is excellent!A  Even though Ia€™ve been a professional hypnotherapist and trainer for many years, I learned many new techniques and approaches that helped improve my skills.
I have taken other Train-the-Trainer programs before.A  Those gave me wings.A  George Biena€™s class has given me the power to FLY!A  Dynamic, Empowering, Powerful!
I took the a€?Train-the-Trainera€? course offered by the IACT with instructor George Bien.A  I specifically took the course at this time because Dr. The training was dynamic energy, providing an exceptional amount of information and instruction, well-packed and decisive.A  Not only is the quality and content of instruction exceptional, the class interaction and participation was on-going and energizing. We are leaving the class fully energized and empowered to be Certified Instructors, with the full range of skills imparted by George Bien. Accruing from the knowledge learned, I fully recommend this training for hypnosis instructors to-be. There arena€™t enough superlatives to describe the experience.A  You cana€™t be in better hands! As a full time professional hypnotherapist since 1980 and a Trainer since 1987 I have been aware of Dr George Bien and have followed his career, awards and growing reputation with interest for many years. I have had the privilege of training with some of the most highly regarded teachers of our profession, including the masterful Gil Boyne in 1990. George Bien's experience, humour, knowledge and integrity made for a very entertaining, educational and inspirational seminar. The curriculum is excellent, and will help me take my training company forward to the next level. The Train-the-Trainer Certification seminar taught me more about the mind in 5 days than university graduate courses taught me in 15 weeks! George created a concise, yet complete curriculum on teaching hypnosis, which he imparted to us with eloquent humility; not a stone was unturned, not a question unanswered.
Words can not express my sincere gratitude for having the opportunity to learn from the best!
All I expected to get from this course was to become a Certified Trainer in Hypnotherapy, which I certainly received. The IACT Train-the-Trainer seminar gave me the expertise and confidence to become a great trainer and an even better hypnotherapist. The videos, DVD's and CD's are so clearly designed to help the trainer develop their own confidence about the material so that they can focus on teaching and not on being self-conscious. Anyone interested in training others in the science and art of hypnotherapy not only should, but must take this course! If you are looking for a professional hypnosis Train-the-Trainer program, I highly recommend this course. George has a direct and focused way of teaching and he comes from the heart as he encourages each student to grow in the area they need most. After attending this training, I feel completely prepared to offer a professional and complete hypnosis certification program with knowledge and heart. There is no question in my mind that George Bien is one of the greatest trainers in the world!
George is an exceptionally caring person who does whatever it takes to bring out the best in each of his students. June 2012 saw SML conduct National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommended curriculum at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX to some eighteen(18) military police of the 93D Military Police Battalion.
Court cases in Texas and nationally were discussed with students receiving a copy of old and new court cases involving officer competency of using both radar and laser speed assessment systems.

The first part of June, SML attended the semi-annual meeting of the Electronic Technology Advisory Technical Sub-Committee of the International Association of Chiefs (IACP) held in Tucson, AZ .
Some twenty (20) officers from eight (8) different departments attended a Master Radar Laser Instructor i??Course conducted by SML at the Travis County (Austin, Texas) Sheriffa€™s Academy the second week in April 2012. SML is a paid expert law enforcement consultant for Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. Police and Security News, a national police publication, has contracted with SML to research and publish its findings on new laser guns introduced at the IACP national convention of 2011. Some twenty (20) officers from eight (8) different departments attended a Master Radar Laser Instructor Course conducted by SML at the Travis County (Austin, Texas) Sheriffa€™s Academy the second week in April 2012. Police and Security News, a national police publication, has contracted with SML to research and publish its findings on new laser guns introduced at the IACP national convention of 2011.A  All laser systems were invited to attend.
As a Certified Master Trainer with IACT, they represent our International Certifying Body on the highest level. And we want to make it as easy for you as possible, so the trainer's manuals give you the exact words that George has used over the years that helped catapult him to becoming one of the top hypnosis trainers in the world!
We dona€™t want you to get left behind in the old 50s style of hypnosis training, so George teaches you to use the latest technology. Simply load the Power Point presentations in your laptop, and you instantly have a contemporary, State-of-the Art audio-visual presentation for your training!
Included are, a comedic spoof on therapy, street hypnosis smoking cessation, a demonstration of hypnosis by an hypnotist who claims that there's no such thing as hypnosis, and dramatic hypnosis excerpts from a 1949 movie (public domain)a€”perfect for class discussion! We want you to conduct successful previews, so you get two DVD's of George conducting Hypnosis Previews that you can watch and model. Watch as George quickly establishes rapport and engages even the most reluctant participants. Watch as George helps the participant rid himself of long-standing, toxic emotional material.
To help you gain the facility to do effective hypnosis demonstrations you also get two DVD's of George conducting hypnotherapeutic interventions.
Her job, her family, and various inner conflicts created a series of stress-inducers that she found difficult to manage. So you also get two of Georgea€™s confidence-building CDsa€”a€?Unshakable Confidence for the Hypnotherapista€? and a€?Unshakable Confidence for the Hypnosis Presenter!a€? Regular listening to these programs will help you turn nervousness into passion and excitement! It is the definitive programming for any practitioner who wants to gain total confidence when working with clients, and has been called a€?the best program of its kind,a€? It is parahermispherically designed to be processed by both sides of the brain and uses the unique a€?enveloped saturation processa€? which helps bypass any conscious pre-filtering to directly access the human change mechanism. The transference of enthusiasm from you to your prospective students will be filled with compassion, camaraderie and mutual understanding. And having a proven-successful DVD that you can watch, study and model to help you create your own promotional product, is worth it's weight in gold.
So you will also get audios of ALL the manuals (three Trainer's manualsa€”Basic, Advanced, and Presentation Skills manual, and two Student Manualsa€”Basic and Advanced). George holds nothing back, and instead shares everything he can from his 20+ years of working in the field.
Everything about him from his choice of words to the way he conducts himself both in and out of the seminar room (including the way he interacts with his beautiful wife Elena) showcases his love for humanity, the genuineness of his character and his burning desire to make a difference in the lives of those around him. Bien possesses a wealth of knowledge, and his experience and expertise in the field of Hypnosis is astounding. Was I ever surprised when we plunged into the material we, as a€?Master Trainersa€? would be teaching to our students! Dr Bien understands the brain, and explains and teaches how to reprogram it in ways that any medical school, nursing school, hospital or medical practice would be proud to have available to their students, practitioners and clients. The way in which you explained the procedures, and then broke each down for all of us in the class to understand, so we could bring this information to our students, was extremely easy to digest. I cannot imagine the research and painstaking hours that you went through to produce a product of high such quality. In addition, I want you to know that I have already started teaching, not simply with ease, but with great success. Believe me, you will not be sorry that you signed up for this incredibly comprehensive class! Biena€™s commitment to and passion for the profession and the students is immersed in caring, ethics and integrity.A  I have been in the field of hypnotherapy for the past 12 years, and I am satisfied that I received the ultimate in quality education in my profession. George Biena€™s training provided me with many more innovative ways for teaching hypnotherapy. George is an exceptional trainer who shares his vast knowledge of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and various therapy models unreservedly.
George Bien is one ofA the best in the world and the best teacher-instructor IA ever had in the field of Hypnotherapy.
It was also a joy meeting colleagues and making new friends who had traveled from all over the world to train with George. Having been one of George's students 14 years ago, at the IACT practitioner level, I knew I was in for a great class and tons of invaluable information. What makes studying with George so powerful for me is the flood of enthusiasm, passion and humor that flows through him as he shares this work. In fact, many times I thought I had gained knowledge sufficient to move forward when he immersed me with more techniques and knowledge to begin my journey. Yet what I also received was an incredible wealth of additional knowledge above and beyond excellent! In many learning environments learning just does not stick however in the Train-the-Trainer seminar with George Bien, I learned and I laughed, which means that what I learned will stay with me. The vast amount of information is a plus, and the interactive style of George Bien is a must, for hypnosis is an interactive healing modality. Special emphasis was placed on field activities of estimating speeds and distances of some i??one hundred (100) vehicles consistent with a Valid Visual Tracking History. Special emphasis was placed on negative court cases involving the dismissal of speeding violations due to the officers not following proper use of the radar or laser systems and improper set up procedures per the Operatora€™s Manual of each gun. This course is commonly called a€?Train The Trainer.a€? The NHTSA compliant curriculum is based on current and past court decisions and state Attorney Generala€™s Opinions. During May 2012, SML conducted compliance statisticsi?? in its study of driver compliance with H.B. Special emphasis was placed on field activities of estimating speeds and distances of some one hundred (100) vehicles consistent with a Valid Visual Tracking History.A  Hands on experience was demonstrated to all students checking the accuracy of both radar and laser guns. During May 2012, SML conducted compliance statistics in its study of driver compliance with H.B. Laser guns were mounted on tripods to eliminate any possibility of hand shaking making target identification difficult. Simply follow the outline, use the suggested verbiage, and easily conduct your own dynamic hypnosis certification seminars. And yes, you also get the complete Power Point slide presentation that you can use for your next preview.
Through a series of both direct and indirect hypnotic and therapeutic methods, Kathy's model of the world is altered.
She discovers that her low self-esteem, poor self-image and anger stem from the abuse she suffered from her mother and from lovers in her past lives.
And to help you enroll students into your seminars, you also get George Bien's Maximum Sales Persuasion CD.
It utilizes an underlying sound matrix of binaural beats, digitally processed linear enhancement, reversed speech, and precise multilevel preconscious programming specifically scripted for enhanced absorption. Like the CD's above, it also uses the unique enveloped saturation process, reversed speech, with precise multilevel preconscious programming.
The complete trainers' manuals, students' manuals, and presentation manual in audio format (MP3)a€”on one data disc! I apologize in advance for my gushing tone but when you eventually meet George you will fully understand where Ia€™m coming from. Now, even though George came highly recommended, I was a bit skeptical that he would be able to live up to his reputation (Ia€™ve been disappointed one too many times in the past).
When you work closely with someone who is not only brilliant, but who truly desires that you become the absolute best you can be, powerful growth and dynamic transformations are inevitable.

I now see I got so little training compared to this fantastic, powerful course, and I learned so much myself that had not been covered in other courses. This is an outstanding course, put together and presented by a veteran of Hypnosis whose passion shows through in everything he offers!! Ita€™s all there for you in black and white, and a more colorful presentation than you can imagine. George your concern for detail and your care and love for the profession of a€?Hypnosisa€? truly shows in your heart.
Gil spoke highly of George, and because I strongly believe in continuing to add to my skills and knowledge, I was keen to meet him and attend one of his trainings.
He creates a safe and open environment that allows all of us to explore, practice and play with hypnosis. On my return home from your hypnosis train the trainer course, I walked in my gardens and witnessed all the beautiful growth that had taken place in just a week. Students were evaluated on a written post instruction test, field activities, and class participation. The Committee has requested proposals for meeting current performance instruction for officer certification programs and equipment certification and re-certification. Students were required to estimate speeds and distance of vehicles consistent with a Valid Visual Tracking History and special emphasis was placed on proper set up procedures for both radar and laser speed assessment systems. 1116 effective 1 September 2011 banning the a€?sale, use, operation, installation or attempt to operate a radar interference device.
However, we did evaluate a laser jammer as there are no federal restrictions on this product.
Manufacturer representatives were present at the field testing to insure their equipment was operated properly by the certified police officers. First, we wanted to see if the claims made by radar detector manufacturers were valid and secondly, we wanted to examine and evaluate new laser guns introduced.
She transcends her former negative barriers and creates new strategies for effective living.
The specifically designed script is digitally processed over an underlying sound matrix of binaural beats, to help bypass any conscious pre-filtering and create enhanced absorption.
For even better retention, read and listen simultaneously, and really accelerate your learning! That being said, after attending three of his workshops, I can say without hesitation that George Bien is at the very top of the pack.
The man is undoubtedly a genius, but when you work with him, you walk away feeling like YOU are the genius - partly as a result of his tremendous humility, but mostly because he knows how to bring out the best in you and ensure that you walk away owning your inner power.
I have to say I was blown away by Georgea€™s passion, enthusiasm and overwhelming willingness to give of himself to his students. Dr Bien wants his students to succeed, and it shows every minute of every day for the 5 days of this fabulous training. After being in the business for almost 8 years I left New York with, not only the skills of a professional trainer, but I learned more skills to add to my tool box.
In addition, George instilled a confidence in me that inspires me to share hypnosis and healing with every seeker who comes my way, both as a trainer and an hypnotherapist.
All students were provided with copies of the Instruction Manual, Understanding Police Traffic Radar and Laser, Library of Congress #98-87615 a week prior to instruction and a three (3) ring binder containing instructional aids and court decisions.
A follow-up meeting is planned concurrent to the IACP National Convention scheduled for late fall of 2012 in San Diego, CA. Students rotated laser gun use during this field exercise to gain knowledge of laser guns they were not using.
In the case of radar guns, officers used two tuning forks for the moving mode and one tuning fork for the stationary mode per NHTSA recommendations. Due to lasera€™s precise and low divergence, it is extremely popular with police agencies facing rush hour traffic.
According to the Federal Communications Commission in their Public Notice DA 96-2040, a€?Radar detectors are radio receivers tuned to receive radar signals and are used by motorists to provide a warning of any radar activity in the vicinity. Techniques utilized include: NLP, Ericksonian Methods, Connection of Feelings and Word Association. Through hypnotherapeutic insights and procedures, she finally opens the door to opportunity for change and takes a major step towards positive growth.
Before the a€?X-Treme Speakera€™s Workshopa€?, I suffered from (among other things) a lack of certainty, rushed and disjointed delivery, and an inability to fully connect with my audience. The set up procedures for both radar and laser guns are documented in the Ownera€™s Manual of the particular gun. Participants were instructed to bring with them the current radar or laser systems they presently use along with the Operatora€™s Manual provided when the systems were received by the individual departments. Many departments in metropolitan areas or replacing moving radar systems with pinpoint laser use.
In this regard, the FCC regulations pertaining to receivers do not address the subject of radar detectors. Techniques utilized include: Connection of Feelings, Rapid Word Association, Hypnotic Dialogue, Past Life Regression, and Strong Programming based on her belief system. After working with George and his equally impressive partner, John Rozsa, I now, for the first time in my life, feel completely at home in front of an audience. First, we wanted to see if the claims made by radar detector manufacturers were valid and secondly, we i??wanted to examine and evaluate new laser guns introduced. 1116 does allow police officers to operate a laser jammer a€?in the discharge of their official duties.a€? We did this to see if the laser jammer worked. In the case with laser, a Known Distance must be established and the laser gun pass a Vertical and Horizontal sight alignment test.
As required, students had to demonstrate their ability in using a low and high Doppler tuning forks in setting up each moving radar system. Most notably, powering of the laser gun and their diminished size highlight the new laser introductions. 1116 does allow police officers to operate a laser jammer a€?in the discharge of their official duties.a€?A  We did this to see if the laser jammer worked. I wona€™t bore you with all the changes Ia€™ve noticed in the months following the two-day seminar but the one that really stuck out was when Bravo Television came to my office to interview me. It is further recommend for both radar and laser guns to conduct a Known Speed test with a speedometer calibrated vehicle. Students were also required to demonstrate the proper set up procedures for laser guns from all manufacturers along with logging results. Both cities physically have cars parked or moving police vehicles in school zones during active periods. In the past, I would have been overly anxious, scattered and hyper-conscious of how I was being perceived. Participants were instructed to bring with them thei?? current radar or laser systems they presently use along with the Operatora€™s Manual provided when the systems were received by the individual departments.
SML provided radar systems from Stalker, Kustom Signals, Inc., MPH Industries and Decatur Electronics for this purpose.
This research confirms that without visible enforcement in school zones, bans will not be effective.
In February of 1995, the United States Department of Transportation banned the use of radar detectors in commercial vehicle, 18 wheelers, nationally. But surprisingly, I felt incredibly relaxed and centered, and was able to effortlessly field the tough questions thrown my way.
A TOP GUN Certificate was presented to the top student in the class being Roger Looka of the Texas Department of Public Safety. According to the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) cell phone use while driving has no become the #3 cause of accidents and fatalities in the country. This was HUGE for me and I am forever grateful to George for helping me a€?step my game upa€? in this area.

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