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Women Entrepreneurs successfully completed Train-the-Trainer courseFrom May 30th to April 3rd, 2012, 20 members of Myanmar Women Entrepreneura€™s Association (MWEA) participated in a Train-the-Trainers course supported by Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF). On Friday 11th, each of the women presented the business plan for her company, which required the application of everything learnt during the class.
Management Training Courses Discover How To Communicate Effectively, Motivate Employees, Manage Performance, Delegate Effectively, Provide Feedback And Other Core Management Skills On These Management Training Courses CORE MANAGEMENT TRAINING COURSES  Train in a Day specialises in delivering intensive one-day management programs. MANAGEMENT ESSENTIALSDiscover How To Delegate Effectively, How To Deliver Feedback To Others, How To Motivate Staff and Techniques To Improve Decision-Making. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Discover How To Communicate Effectively, Develop Flexible Communication Styles, Convey Information Persuasively And Influence Others On This Communication Skills Training. This communication skills course, for both executives and managers, will be beneficial to those looking to improve their communication skills in the workplace and elsewhere. EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION Discover How To Motivate Employees, Increase Productivity, And Combat The Barriers To Effective Motivation With This Employee Motivation Training.
SELF-CONFIDENCE AND ASSERTIVENESS Discover How To Conquer Negative Thinking, Master Body Language & Questioning Skills, Express Assertiveness Whilst Building Consensus and more. MEETING MANAGEMENT TRAINING Discover How To Lead Productive Meetings, Set Appropriate Objectives, Improve Communication And Facilitate Others. FACILITATION SKILLS Discover How To Facilitate Groups, Understand Group Dynamics, When To Intervene & Handle Difficult Situations On This Facilitation Skills Training. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Discover How To Resolve Conflict In The Workplace, Resolve Disputes, Mediate Colleagues Effectively And Build Trust On This Conflict Management Training. Benefits ImportanceDelivery BENEFITS OF MANAGEMENT TRAINING One-day leadership and management training courses give participants the opportunity to learn new management techniques and enhance their current skill levels. These benefits, combined with the importance of engaging in CPD, make one-day management courses an attractive prospect for any organisation.
The management training courses provided by Train in a Day offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of delivery methods, meaning that an organisation wishing to undertake a course will be able to choose how and when training is undertaken, ensuring that the course will always meet their needs. YOUR MANAGEMENT TRAINERS Helen Hinds Caleb Storkey Helen Hinds MCIPD is a renowned management coach and management trainer.
About UsTrain in a Day Training deliver management development programs as blended learning. People always remember a good teacher many years later and the same applies to the training world. This course allows trainers to acquire these critical skills by understanding the way they work and delegate’s learning patterns.
The Train the Trainer course prepares delegates to deliver outstanding training sessions regardless of the topic.
Throughout the course, learners will participate in many exercises designed to teach them specific skills such as sequencing, delivery, body language, verbal skills and so on. Home assignments are provided where participants are expected to prepare for next day’s training sessions. How to take advantage of Cognitive Training Model to focus your training on your learner and get best results? Delegates need to score based on a set standard to pass the assessment and receive a certificate of achievement. You can also complement this course with a comprehensive guide on how to run courses using proven methods and avoiding bad training habits.
Use powerful questioning techniques, increase delegates’ participation, coach and handle difficult situations. The Trainer the Trainer course is suitable for anyone who aims to become better at training.
Because of this feature, the course had to be carefully designed to transfer train the trainer skills, while also be an example of an ideal course delivery. You can also use Train the Trainer course along with specific Skills Converged training materials to provide a comprehensive course and prepare individuals to become trainers on your selected subjects. Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages.

Skills Converged is a unique company that provides professionally designed fully-customisable training course materials based on the latest research in learning & development. We can also provide this training course for your staff or your organisation anywhere in the UK.
The objective of the course was to develop content for future entrepreneurship trainings, and to improve the womena€™s pedagogical skills to carry those trainings out. They worked with the women to improve the content of the entrepreneurship training, and to adapt it to the situation of women in Myanmar.
All participants were able to improve their knowledge and skills, and were confident in giving feedback on their colleaguesa€™ presentations.
They are highly committed to both improve their own business as well as carrying out entrepreneurship trainings for young women.
Since 2004, we’ve been working alongside management teams helping them develop their portfolio of essential management skills. This introduction to management training is for new and existing managers looking to improve their core management skills. By the end of this course you will be a better facilitator and able to facilitate groups with confidence.
By the end of this course you will be more confident and better able to resolve conflicts in the workplace and within your team.
Courses last just one working day, thus affording participants a much greater degree of flexibility compared with other courses that span several sessions. In an increasingly changing commercial world, it is vital that companies ensure their staff are continually engaging in professional development to stay ahead of the competition, and to maximise efficiency. Worldwide, Helen has an enviable portfolio of training clients across commercial and public sector organisations.
Our management and leadership course modules combine with e-learning, in-house training courses and mobile learning to complete your management training program.
A trainer must know the content well or be an expert in it, be able to communicate well, know how learning works, have a high level of empathy to understand what delegates are going through and be able to show enthusiasm about the content. Trainers must feel confident about their domain or expertise, however a good trainer must poses a set of skills directly dedicated to training others and on transfer of knowledge form one person to another.
Most people go through many forms of training in their lifetime and when it comes to delivering a training course, many simply copy what was used on them. The course employs the same mechanism to train learners; hence learners can see the method both in theory and in practice. In addition, it also prepares delegates to use dedicated Skills Converged training materials which are designed in line with Accelerated Leaning principles discussed in the course. These sessions are prepared throughout the course based on specific exercises and home exercises taking place after each day of the course. In line with the products we offer, our fundamental aim is to facilitate the training of others. The research on best training methodologies is used in the course both as content (to be taught to delegates) and as the underlying training methodology (to transfer these skills to delegates). The script is full of details on how a trainer who want to teach a Train the Trainer course should approach and deliver it to get maximum results. This is particularly attractive for training and educational agencies that are interested to train and prepare their trainers for various courses.
Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results.
Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses. Case studies were carried out in order to develop easily comprehensible examples for the future trainees.
Beyond imparting knowledge, our unique approach to blended learning means learners can receive both fundamental knowledge and classroom facilitation.

This employee motivation course, for new and existing managers, will help you promote a culture of high performance, morale and teamwork. This confidence course, especially helpful for those new to managerial positions, will help you display self-confidence in the workplace and discover how to be more assertive. This meeting management course, especially useful for those with team management responsibility, will show you how to better manage meetings in just one day. One-day management courses enable businesses to do exactly that: to train and develop staff in new areas of management, which in turn should have a tangible impact upon the day-to-day running of their company.
Clients testify that Helen has a charismatic and engaging delivery style that incorporates real world training activities and role-plays. Invariably they were lectured and presented to during their education and trainers simply use the same techniques to train others. As a result, this comprehensive course allows delegates to learn a substantial amount of content in a very short time. Delegates who go through this course can easily pick up any Skills Converged course and know how best to present it. Comprehensive instructions are provided to systematically assess their performance and provide feedback.
This is recorded based on 4 sets of criteria on content, delivery and sequence which is explore during the course. As you can imagine, a Train the Trainer course sits at the heart of this mission and we have researched and developed this course with a huge amount of attention to detail to ensure we can provide a quality course highly beneficial to our customers. This dual approach makes the course much more effective which means it can deliver more content at any given time. This training meta-knowledge, so to speak, is provided in the script at various intervals as necessary to facilitate the delivery of this course. For best results, you can take advantage of our package offers to combine Train the Trainer course with other training materials and receive attractive discounts.
Learning about pedagogics and teaching exercises helped the women to strengthen their teaching capabilities and competences.
To highlight the importance of continuing professional development (CPD), upon completion of any management training course offered by Train in a Day, participants will be awarded a certificate to demonstrate that they have undertaken a thorough session of CPD.
Helen is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and brings a wealth of experience to your management facilitation. Next, adjust your performance based on the feedback from your delegates and how much they have learned from your delivery session. Unfortunately this leads to sub-optimal results since training is very different from lecturing.
Delegates who pass according to a set standard will be awarded a certificate of achievement. Caleb Storkey facilitates both business owners and senior managers from both private and not-for-profit organisations. The most important lesson a trainer must learn is this distinction which does not come naturally and it is a skill that needs to be acquired through practice and persistence. Although this is the recommended length, you can easily modify the content to suit your delegate’s needs and time available for training. Caleb is a high-energy leader and team player who will bring the best out of your employees. As well as working with individuals and companies as a coach, Caleb has a track record of delivering results by facilitating clear thinking and generating real action. Your team will be enthused by the contribution Caleb delivers in these management training courses.

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