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Dexy Block Crush is a challenging puzzle and great way to train your brain in any free time. Just drop blocks in order to fill whole lines on the board both vertically and horizontally to crush their.
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The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Train Your Brain: 60 Days to a Better Brain was a number-one bestseller in Japan, even outperforming the Harry Potter books at one time.
Designed especially for readers who want to keep their minds sharp and stave off the mental effects of aging, this book presents a complete 60 day program to build a better brain. The world has long recognized that physical exercise helps maintain a healthy, well-working body.

His experiments using MRI technology showed that these simple activities increased blood flow and neural connections to the widest areas of the human brain.
Today, thousands of adults spend just minutes a day performing simple mathematical and verbal exercises designed to keep their minds sharp, improve their memories and stave off the mental effects of aging.
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And now, after selling over a million copies and inspiring countless copycats in its home country, this revolutionary title is available in an English-language edition!
The program consists of a daily worksheet of simple mathematical calculations that takes less than five minutes to complete. Yes it can be challenging but over all I think it is a fantastic game to get you thinking about something. Each week, readers take a short pre-frontal cortex evaluation test to measure their progress.

He originally set out to prove that video games provided healthy stimulation for our brains. Kawashima then used these findings to develop a complete adult learning program designed to build a stronger brain.
Kawashima discovered, much to his surprise, that the two best methods for activating the brain were performing simple mathematical calculations and reading aloud.

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