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Crossfit will become an even bigger sport very soon, so I wanted to bring up a question that I think is very important.  Is Speed Training important in Crossfit?  Well I guess think about it, a good amount of the events have to do with doing Olympic lifts a certain amount of times and increasing weight.  You also have to be able to do Plyometrics and Calisthenics fast also, but is running speed that important to a crossfit competitor?
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Get Dramatically Faster Sprint Speed and Better Performance in Just 14 Days With One 3 minute exercise - Even if You're Already the Fastest on the Team - Guaranteed! Student-athlete exposure, coaches discovering talent and the world's biggest and best sports fans. Strength training is vital for runners as this ensures their joints and muscles are strengthened and this in turn reduces their chances of being injured while running. Ideally, strength training should be carried out on a regular basis as this ensures that the runner is functioning at an optimum level. Regular strength training can lead to enhancement of the efficiency with which oxygen is used by the body and this improves muscle endurance and increases running speed. Some of the aims behind strength training include improving lower body strength, healthy calves and shins and building strength in the legs. Ensure that strength training is incorporated into the workout so that balance and stability improve. Straight leg raises and bent leg raises are some of the strength training exercises to improve strength in your calves.
Bench presses develop the muscles of the chest and the shoulder and involving lifting a weighted bar while lying on the workout bench. Abdominal crunches are also important for the runners.
Thus, there are various strength training exercises which runners can use to improve their strength, speed, flexibility and stamina.
I recently stumbled upon some research on the relationship between muscular strength in humans and their life spans.
In the study “Association between muscular strength and mortality in men: prospective cohort study” by Ruiz et al, published in 2008, researchers used data collected at the Cooper Institute to analyze if there was a relationship between muscular strength and mortality by any cause.
Even better, at least for those who like cardio exercise, was the researcher’s conclusion that the combined effects of muscular strength and cardiorespiratory fitness had an inverse relationship with mortality. When it came to strength training, the researchers hypothesized that one of the reasons why being stronger would increase life span was due to the fact that muscle requires more energy to maintain on a daily basis, and thus, regular strength training (and the resultant increase in muscle) would, all else equal, result in a higher daily calorie burn and lower risk of obesity and obesity related illness. Given the importance of strength training as a factor to an increased life span, I will be posting a series of future articles with tips and examples of how you can strength train a dog. Please enjoy our FitDog Friday Blog Hop brought to you by SlimDoggy and our co-hosts To Dog with Love and My GBGV Life. NSDC is excited to partner with SkillSonics -which provides an industry-led public partnership vocational training model in India, adapted from the highly successful Swiss Vocational Education and Training system. NSDC(National skill development Corporation) invested Rs 22.5 crores in SkillSonics yesterday. SkillSonics aims at addressing the severe shortage of skilled workmen across Indian industry, by creating a sustainable ecosystem that brings young Indians seeking a manufacturing vocation, the manufacturing industry and the Government together. Despite an expected need for 40 million machinists (workers skilled in handling machines) and mechanics in 2020, India produces less than 2 million skilled, vocationally trained workers every year.
SkillSonics courses, designed in collaboration with Swissmem (Swiss Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing Industries) and SFIVET (Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training), adapt world-renowned Swiss content and pedagogy to the Indian context.
Courses are also offered to existing technicians that lead to continuous improvement of existing workforce. Strength training also ensures that runners are able to run at a faster pace and professional sprinters and runners complete the race in lesser time.
It is important for runners to focus on improving total body strength in order to become more skilled at running.
For a stronger core there is need for strength training to ensure upper arms and body as well as the abdomen are worked out and the upper body is strong enough for the runner to be able to sprint or race in a marathon.

In these two exercises, focus on raising the leg straight and bent respectively and raising and lowering your head for about 50 repetitions. Knee extensions are an effective way to ensure that the quadriceps increase in strength and flexibility. The crunches should be performed at a 45 degree angle and the lower abdomen should remain on the floor. I will provide some details shortly, but the research suggests that people who are stronger will have a much lower death rate, and this longer life span, then people who are not as strong. The study data covered 8762 men aged 20-80, and the average follow up period of participants was almost 19 years. In fact, they found that the age adjusted death rate in men with high levels of both muscular strength and cardiorespiratory fitness was 60% lower than the death rate in the group of unfit men with the lowest levels of muscular strength. The example used in the study was that 10 kgs (~22 lbs.) of lean muscle requires an incremental 100 kcals each day to maintain. Delhi, 25 June 2013: SkillSonics offers vocational courses designed in partnership with Swiss Vocational and Educational Training (VET) institutions, based on industry demand. Skillsonics provides an industry-led public partnership vocational training model in India, adapted from the highly successful Swiss Vocational Education and Training system and intends to train upto a million engineering technicians by 2022.
The NSDC funding is an endorsement of this endeavour, and a significant step towards building this ecosystem through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) that will help in creating employment opportunities. This number constitutes only 2% of the total students in the age group 15-25, as compared to 80% in Europe and 60% in East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. The apprentices spend only about 65% of the time doing course-work (mostly practical work and projects), leaving the remaining time to be spent on productive work on the shop floor or company-specific training. Strength training not only reduces the chances of an injury but also lessens the severity of an injury when it does occur.
Use a gym and also incorporate high intensity exercises which will challenge and strengthen you further. Effective strength training programs are those that ensure that muscle groups most in need of conditioning are trained. As I read through the study, I wondered (as I often do), if the conclusions would also apply to dogs.
The relatively large sample size and lengthy follow up period of this study makes it particularly interesting and, in my opinion, lends more credibility to the effort.
These results suggest that there is real benefit of incorporating both cardio and strength training in a fitness routine, not just one or the other. Whether it is due to some intrinsic factor that muscle provides a body or simply due to the increased metabolism that muscle requires, I would expect that strength training would contribute to a longer life span for a dog, just as it did in the human study. SkillSonics has secured Rs 22.5 crore funding (equity and loan) from the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) towards accelerating to its target of training and certifying up to a million engineering technicians by 2022. Built on a pilot project that commenced in 2009 they have trained over 600 apprentices till date and have plans to step up their presence to eight states, covering all the major engineering clusters across the country.
The shortage of skilled labour both in terms of quantity and quality has reduced productivity and cut into the profitability of Indian enterprises.
This helps the companies to benefit from immediate increase in productivity of entry-level technicians.
Knee extensions are performed by keeping the knees bent at a less than 90 degree angle and extending your legs fully straight.
There should be muscle balance which can be attained by training the antagonist and agonist muscle groups. This study points out that strength training, at a minimum, would result in a leaner body, and other research on dogs concludes that leaner dogs will live longer than their overweight litter mates. SkillSonics is built on a successful pilot project commenced in 2009 that trained over 600 apprentices till now, in collaboration with Swiss vocational training institutions.

At the end of the course, the apprentices take exams for the Indian National Apprenticeship and Swissmem Certification. SkillSonics plans to step up its presence to eight states, covering all the major engineering clusters across the country.
The dual certification and rigorous assessment of demonstrated skills, teamwork ability and on-floor behavior greatly enhance the employability of these apprentices. The NSDC funding is an endorsement of this endeavour, and a significant step towards building this ecosystem through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) that will help in creating employment opportunities and skills augmentation for industry certified to Swiss International Standards.
NSDC CEO & MD, Dilip Chenoy, welcomed SkillSonics as their partner in the mission to increase the strength of skilled workers in the Indian industry. Currently, only 5% of India’s workforce receives any sort of formal training as against, say, 70% in Germany or 95% in South Korea. We need to scale up our training offerings both in terms of quantity and quality to make youth employable.
In this light, we are very happy to work with SkillSonics that has introduced industry-led Swiss-quality vocational training in India“.
Linus von Castelmur said, “Partnership between NSDC and SkillSonics is a step towards further strengthening Indo-Swiss cooperation. SkillSonics is building on the pilot to implement the Swiss Vocational and Educational Training (VET) model in India on a self-sustainable basis. The Swiss VET model is a proven model and I am sure it will reap benefits in the Indian context especially in view of the country’s growing need for skilled labor.” Speaking on the funding and partnership with NSDC, Mr. G P Chandra Kumar, Chairman and CEO, SkillSonics said, “We are very happy with the endorsement of our apprenticeship based, Industry Driven, Public Private partnership model by the NSDC. We believe that drastic steps must be taken to skill-up the Indian labour force, while enabling greater employment opportunities for the millions of educated unemployed youth. Moreover, there is a dire need to empower our industry to compete globally, which is possible only with internationally acceptable levels of skilled manpower.
We are confident that we will be able to closely work with NSDC to scale up this ecosystem in India”.
SkillSonics is successfully adapting this model to India to create world-class technicians and globally competitive companies.
NSDC’s support will help us in further strengthening our ecosystem approach to skilling, where all the stakeholders including government, industry and academia come together to address India’s skills gap sustainably“, Mr.
About National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is a one of its kind, Public Private Partnership in India.
It aims to promote skill development by catalyzing creation of large, quality, for-profit vocational institutions. It provides viability gap funding to build scalable, for-profit vocational training initiatives. Its mandate is also to enable support systems such as quality assurance, information systems and train the trainer academies either directly or through partnerships.
It offers high-quality technician skill development programmes (1 week to 3 year duration) based on Swiss content and standards to companies in India. Technicians acquire international skill levels and benefit through dual certification (Indian and International). This enhances their productivity, work quality and impacts global competitiveness of companies. SkillSonics approach to skill development is through industry-led PPP involving the government, sector skills councils (in future) and industry associations -to build a sustainable skilling ecosystem addressing Indian Industry’s skill gaps.

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