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Power Stepper with Resistance Adjustable, View Power Stepper, SUNCAO Product Details from Zhejiang Shuangchao Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.
Exercise Home Mini Stepper with CE and GS Certificate, View Mini Stepper, SUNCAO Product Details from Zhejiang Shuangchao Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. The Jumbo Stepper Stairmill is one of the most effcient fat burning exercises available while toning the thighs and glutes. Precisely placed handlebars which provide support and put you in the proper upright position for an all-out workout. 10:51 am January 18, 2008 By Roland Hutchinson Tweet Share +1If you are like me, and spend at lot of time in front of the PC, then this may be a great solution to get some exercise whilst you are working. If you can keep a steady motion your keyboard and mouse works fine, if you stop, your keyboard and mouse stops working. You can burn up to 400 calories per hour whilst seated and up to 650 if you use it standing up.
Air balance stepperDouble chambered inflatable reciprocal stepper can be used for balance training and versatile use.

Feature: It is an aerobic stepper that uses air to provide low-impact resistance, and also be used with resistance bands for upper and lower body exercise.
This product is the best choice for fitness loses weight and losing weight, suits everybody, and it is beneficial of strengthens the physique lets your upper part curve is very beautiful and strong.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Securely attached resistance cords help you balance and strengthen your arms and core as you step your way to more defined hips, calves and thighs.Built-in computer tracks time and steps. The company possess an area of 52000 spuare meter, with more than 500 employees, modemized factory building, the frist class motorcycle produce and advanced inspection equipment, and total production ability of 1500,000.00 units can be assured per year. Packed with great features, from the machines in built computer it includes a step and time counter so you can see the amount of steps you have take during your workout, also a estimated calorine counter so you can see how much you have burnt of during your exercise, also featured is a distance counter so if you where walking it measures the distiance you have traveled . Strictiy adhering to operating modes adopted by most modem enterprises, with its own successful organization and special technology advantage as basis, the company constantly redards making the most fashioned and popular product in this industry as its final aim.

We have produced over 150 kinds of new styles and rapidly developed into an outstanding famous enterprise within shortly 2 years with a group of excellent and responsible staff, elegant and top-fashion products, reliable price and compellent quality. Now our products have been sold very well all over the world and enjoying q quite positive reputation from our new and old clients.The mature enterprise, that has original foresight and picked market analysis with unipue eyes would try its best to search and develop new products continuously, serving for the demand of the market and finally synchronize with the international fashion.
Steppers are an excellent way of training your heart and circulatory systems and are a good way of toning your thighs and gluts as well.

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