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By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. This exercise requires a good amount of core strength because balance is required to maintain a good form.
The step-up mainly targets the muscles of your lower body, such as your gluteus maximus, quadriceps, calves and hamstrings.
Mom of a little girl who loves to bake with me and dreams of rock climbing and wife to a loving Paleo clean eating husband of 7 years.
Back in 1892, a German anatomist named Julius Wolff theorized that bone is created and changed in response to gravitational pressure.
If you’re a member of the Save Our Bones community, no doubt you’ve heard about the importance of weight-bearing exercise and nutrition to strengthen bones. But what was discovered in space actually has great relevance for us earthlings who are concerned about bone health.
While the right exercises are crucial to prevent fractures, the right nutrients are no less important. Researchers are just now beginning to admit there is a connection between nutrition and bone health (beyond the scope of calcium).
But the Save Our Bones Program does know what constitutes good nutrition, and it’s all scientifically-backed and presented in a clear, readable manner. The study I mentioned earlier,1 which was published in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, centered on providing the International Space Station astronauts with “good nutrition” (focused mainly on adequate calories and protein), supplements, and exercise. The supplement used for the study was Vitamin D, one of Save Our Bones’ Foundation Supplements. This study was conducted on astronauts because loss of bone density and strength is a major problem for those who spend time in zero gravity.
In addition to taking Vitamin D and eating a “healthy” diet, the astronauts worked out regularly using an ARED (Advanced Resistive Exercise Device).
At the end of the study, astronauts’ who took Vitamin D, exercised regularly on the ARED, and ate sufficient calories showed increased bone breakdown and bone renewal.
All types of exercise have some benefit, but if you want to build strong bones, it’s important to engage in specific moves that can build bone, as the astronauts showed us. This is why I created the Densercise eBook System, a complete exercise program to take you through a fast yet effective total bone-building workout.
In the Densercise eBook System you’ll find simple yet powerful techniques that are specifically designed to help strengthen your bones and increase their density and flexibility. A word on flexibility, or tensile strength – strong bones need more than just increased density. Beginning with your left foot on the step this time, repeat the exercise for another set of 20. Make sure you practice the Step-Up for at least 5 minutes a day, along with 30 minutes of exercises with light weights. The Step-Up is just one example of the exercises presented in the 4-week Densercise eBook System, where you’ll find other targeted moves such as the Pelvic Tilt, the Wall Squat, and the Pray and Pull, all complete with illustrations and step-by-step instructions. All 52 Densercise moves are illustrated and include instructions so there’s no guess work and you can clearly follow along. Thanks to the super-targeted Densercise moves along with the Density Training Method, you only need to practice the moves for 15 minutes a day. The Densercise eBook features a variety of weight bearing, resistance, flexibility moves and more, making it the most complete bone exercise system to date. Elaine, only a couple of the Densercise exercises require you to actually get on your knees.

Susan, since you have the Densercise eBook System, you only need to practice the moves 3 times a week. Thanks Vivian;Could you please explain what egg shell supplements do to assist our bone building or any other product like this that may be on the market.
Vivian, thank you for all your inspiring, informative and enlightening posts about bone health.
My concern in doing different enercises with a hip replacement and after colostomy and urostomy surgery, and being the age of 90. Vivian, what is your opinion of vibration therapy which was used by NASA as well to exercise muscles and thereby increase bone density?
Every time I read about your Densersize eBook, I wish SO MUCH that it was available to order in hard copy.
Connie, another option is to send the Densercise link to your local office supply store or printer, such as Kinkos or Office Max. Get a free copy of our ‘Stop The Bone Thieves’ eBook, exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else, plus vital osteoporosis news and updates. Her workout session is of 75 minutes, during which she is supposed to focus on her legs, arms, core muscles and must do some stretching and balance exercises. Legs Exercises – Legs are very important part of your body which must not be ignored. Arms, Core and Balance – Spend another 30 minutes on your arms, core muscles and balance. Natasha Poly does some balance exercise as well which helps her to maintain the body balance when she walks the ramp.
Her dietitian even suggests to eat a little bit of dark chocolate or ice-cream twice a week to keep the splurge away. I’m always on the lookout for ways to pair exercises together into circuits to get more exercises done in less time to increase intensity, get cardiovascular benefits, and improve results. You will complete 20 step ups on a platform that challenges you, then with no rest complete 20 jump step ups for a total of 40 reps.  I have below more information on how to complete each exercise to match your specific fitness level. Step Ups are a functional exercise that I encourage you to incorporate into your routine if you do not use them already.  Step ups improve your balance and coordination, while activating your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Finally, you can add weight by holding dumbbells in your hands, which is what I prefer and instead of alternating legs as you step up every rep, you can use the same leg for several repetitions, then switch legs. Step onto the bench with your right leg, while making sure your foot is flat against the bench. Lean forward slightly and push yourself upwards through the heel of your right foot, so your left leg is able to come up to the bench. Jump steps ups are a fantastic plyometric exercise that can help improve your stamina, explosiveness, and cardiovascular capacity. Because jump steps ups are more challenging then bench step ups, you may consider using weight for the bench step ups, but no weight with the jump step ups.  Using weight with jump steps ups can get your heart rate up very fast and is an advanced exercise. Step up onto the bench with your right leg, while making sure your foot is flat against the bench. Smoothly catch your weight with your left leg on the bench, and then with your right leg on the floor. At the end of the day, you can use this circuit any way you want to, but the preceding is how I have used it.
No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc.
Step up with your left foot [A], bringing your right leg forward and up and bending your knee until your thigh is parallel to the floor [B]. This recent study, involving astronauts on the International Space Station, confirms such bone-healthy wisdom.

My regular readers know how important Vitamin D is for your bones and those who are following the Program have the complete vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant checklist so they know exactly what and how much to take of each. Astronauts on long-term space missions have experienced bone density reduction to the point that it is a major medical concern.
Because weight-lifting is out of the question in a zero-gravity environment, the ARED provided the resistance necessary to build bone by mimicking the gravitational resistance bones experience when you exercise here on earth. In other words, remodeling and renewing were going strong, and bone density did not decrease despite the weightless environment.
Stand in front of a step, such as the bottom step on a flight of stairs or a portable “step” designed for workouts. If you already own the complete Densercise eBook System, you know that just 15 minutes three times a week is all you need to improve your bone density.
Regular bone density tests only show density; they do not show that the bone has become hard and brittle at the same time. The instructions for practicing the Step-Up daily along with light weights is for those who don’t have Densercise ?? Keep building your bones!
Based on Wolff’s Law, the bones receive positive stress through repetitive muscle contractions and as a result, bones remodel and strengthen. I have been doing this at least once a week for over a year, but haven’t had a density test for 2 years.
Loos of balance is common in certain medical conditions and elderly, which can contribute to difficulty in walking.
The goal of stretching exercises is to prevent musculoskeletal injuries by making tissues, ligaments more soft, flexible and thus preventing them from damage or tear. According to your video, you look like a 110 Ib buff woman who intcejed testerone in her balls. Without gravity to create the resistance needed for weight-bearing exercise, bones do not get the healthy stress they need to build and remodel.
Bones made dense by osteoporosis drugs may result in better bone scan scores, but the tests don’t show that the drugs have made bones harder, less flexible, and more breakable. But you are right to be cautious – please check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program! Seems like this would be an excellent way increase bone density in those of us who are unable to do strenuous exercise.
Those sections will print out in solid black and you won’t be able to read the sections at all. You may do any kind of stretching called static stretching (Stretching of body parts done with one’s own force), passive stretching (Stretching done with a force provided with the help of an instructor or partner), dynamic stretching, isometric stretching, ballistic stretching, etc. So building your bone mineral density through diet, supplements, and exercise means you will also increase tensile strength, making your bones more resistant to fracture.
Natasha is a Russian model who is best known for her razor-sharp cheekbones and ubiquitous presence on international runways.
Core exercises aims at improving all the muscles of the trunk both front and back, inner and outer, that help with stabilizing and moving the spine and pelvis. Some of the core exercises include Abdominal Crunches on balance board, Back Extension, Bridge-Ups, Crunches, Crunches with balls, Dumbbell Side Bends and so on.

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