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This technique is a great way to nondestructively create great cross-processing and other split-toning effects to your images! If you want to keep these settings for use on other images, or as a state to roll-back to, then in the Presets tab, click the New icon at the bottom-right and name your settings preset—it’s that easy—and now you can apply those settings with a click. Next are cool down, upper and lower body sculpting, including abdominals and weight training, and a final cooling stretch.
Many people get self conscious about their thighs, but actually, they’re an area that you can tone quite quickly. In our 5 minute thigh toning workouts, you should concentrate on slow, deliberate movement through your full range on each exercise.
Treat the workout as a circuit, doing 1 minute of each before moving smoothly onto the next. We want to work the whole leg and butt with our step workout, so make the move into multiple stages. Sit down on a chair, and give yourself enough space so that you can move your leg freely and hold the exercise ball between your knees. Start with your feet together before striding forward with one leg, and bending your  front leg at the knee, and pushing down as far as you can.
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