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Squats: Do 15 regular squats (making sure your knees never go in front of your toes) and then do a 30 second squat hold and finish by doing 30 seconds of squat pulsing.
Lunges: Keep your front knee behind your toes as in the squat and don't touch your back knee all the way to the floor. Although regular pushups have their merits, and they are certainly on this list, we start off with one of their more intense variations – divebombers. While this may not be the best workout to do in your hotel room, that’s what hallways are for (at least until someone calls the police). Okay, so this is the first of several exercises on this list that you can’t really do anywhere.
This is probably one of the best leg workouts you are going to get without a gym and luckily its pretty straightforward.

If you are anywhere near a wall then you have all you need to destroy your quadriceps with this intense exercise.
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Often done in the military, this exercise requires you to start in a piked position (above far right). The risk is worth it though, as this dynamic exercise works everything from your shoulders to your quads. All you have to do is take a large step with one foot and bend your knee to a 90 degree angle (as in the image above). Right before your nose hits the floor flatten yourself out as if you are trying to slide under a bar and keeping your hips low to the ground drive your head upwards until you are looking straight ahead.

We’ve tried to include a couple for each part of the body but understand that this list is by no means exhaustive.
But remember, these aren’t baby crawls…they’re bear crawls, and bears don’t crawl with their knees on the ground (at least we’re pretty sure).
Rows are a very effective back exercise and this is probably the closest you’ll get to doing them on the road.

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