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Lie down on the floor; positioning hands behind your head, bend legs, bring to 45 degree angle, straighten your left leg out and position your right knee to the chest. To continue with the remaining exercises in the Stepworkshop, please register to attend our weekly online meetings.
You may also arrange for private one-on-one assistance with an experienced 12 Step guide via telephone conference. DISCLAIMERTrademarks and Disclaimer: Alcoholics Anonymous®, AA®, and the Big Book® are registered trademarks of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
Students of Marshall’s Exercise Science department developed a new test to determine how well oxygen powers the body.
Former exercise science student Tyler Gossett initiated the step test validation study after creating the new test. Oxygen is a vital source of energy for the body, and the test determines if a person’s heart rate can stabilize and endure fitness activities. The treadmill, breathing device and computer system used for a VO2 max test can cost upwards of $60,000.
Senior exercise science student Eric Riley is one of the students who works the exercise physiology lab on a regular basis.
The simplicity of the step test means doctors and health care providers can more easily determine a patient’s fitness level.
Former exercise science student Tyler Gossett developed the step test in September 2015 using a few materials.
As in many research studies, the exercise science department is asking for participants to take both the VO2 max test and the step test so the results can be compared. The importance of accessibility of the step test is because of the development of exercise as medicine. With the evolvement of health and wellness, a person’s fitness level will soon be one of the vitals a physician checks as regularly as blood pressure or heart rate. The gold standard VO2 tests the amount of oxygen a person’s body is able to take in to pump their heart and send energy to the cells. Because the step test is simple, cost efficient, and effective, virtually anyone with a stop watch and the steps can perform the test in as little as four minutes.

Shepherd and the exercise science department are doing a concurrent study with this step test study to test the feasibility of implementing the test into doctors’ office. This study is equally as important because it will determine whether doctors think it is useful in their practice and whether patients mind the test. In the next few weeks, the step test will be placed in doctors’ offices around the Tri-State area to evaluate how well the test works in this type of setting. For participating in the step test study, Marshall students and the Huntington community receive a free step test, free V02 max test and free Bod Pod composition. Senior exercise science student Seth Morgan said the test is beneficial for students and staff during this developmental phase.
The step test validation study is given on level C of the Cam Henderson center in the Exercise Physiology lab.
Using the aerobic stepper for aerobic activity involves low-impact, high-intensity exercise.
This is highly recommended by physical therapists and fitness professionals as it is an excellent way to get and stay in shape. Signature required service is available during the checkout process at an extra cost $0.20 per order.
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Your version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer is out of date and our website might not function propertlyPlease click here to upgrade to the latest Internet Explorer, thank you. At the same time, rotate top half such that your left elbow reaches right knee and change to other side. After you write down your miracle for the day, ask yourself one question: Is this just a coincidence?
At the end of the week, you will need to go over your Step Work with your sponsor and share with your stepworkshop group. Please share your experiences with the other stepworkshop participants in a stepworkshop group and share below in the comments section. During the online Stepworkshop meeting, you will have the opportunity to review your work with the group and you will receive your new assignments and exercise for the following week.

The step test validation study compares the step test to the gold standard VO2 maximum test.
The step test is much more cost effective and can be used by health care providers in a clinical setting rather than just an exercise facility. In order for the step test to become as common as the standard V02 max test, the test must be validated.
The step test consists of four different leveled steps, a stopwatch, a heart rate monitor and the sound of a beat similar to a drum.
Validation that the step test projects the same results as the VO2 max test would verify that the test can be used in clinical settings in place of the VO2 max test.
The American College of Sports Medicine has made it their mission to integrate scientific research that provides a practical application of sports medicine into the spectrum of health and wellness for all individuals.
Clinics and offices are not equipped with expensive machines to perform a fitness assessment.
In addition to measuring fitness level, VO2 is an effective tool to measure mortality and morbidity. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without written permission. The standard VO2 max test requires the athlete or patient to exert strenuous effort while running or walking on an inclined treadmill. The athlete or patient begins stepping on the lowest level step for 30 seconds to the beat of the drum. The final heart rate from the last step projects what the VO2 max test can take as much as 30 minutes to project.

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