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For today’s Focus On post, I’m choosing another one near and dear to my heart, and an old staple in the fitness scene. After my mom stopped stepping, I didn’t really see it again until I moved with the Pilot to Fayetteville, NC and started taking classes at the base gym. Step is my favourite class, I really love it, the time flies and it’s a great workout.
Also, my gym incorporates quick segments with weights into some of their step classes to make it more challenging.
I can’t look at footage from that tape without hysterically laughing at the hairstyles…will that increase my cardio? I have not found a club since that can compare to Staying Alive…still searching and getting fat. My mom would take me with her to her step class –in shorts with a leotard OVER the shorts- and I would be in the corner playing along.
The base gym was one of the coolest participation environments I’d seen- everyone was really into fitness and the classes were crazy packed. I was used to picking up choreography since I had danced for so long, was a 7-year-old step machine, and couldn’t get the moves to save my life.
You can adjust the height –it’s best to start off low to the ground and add inches as you get more comfortable, but don’t go too crazy with the height, especially if you’re short- and the use of the step simulates how it feels to walk up and down a set of stairs while you’re moving through the class. Before checking out a class, take a look at some YouTube videos to see what some of the basic moves are (basic, turn step, L step, 3-knee repeater, V step, corner knee and over-the-top are a few good ones to know). Walking up and down a small platform may seem like NBD during class, but if it’s your first time, you will feel it in your legs and booty for the next few days. Usually I love to wear shorts for step, but  since many instructors will add a small abs set at the end of class, wearing crops can prevent flashing the goods during abs exercises- it depends on the class.

An intense class will burn 500+ calories an hour, and also provides cardio endurance while improving balance.
Usually instructors will break down the combos in an easy-to-follow manner, but once you learn something, you’re quickly moving onto the next.
You can add more height to a certain degree, add in variations –there are some crazy fun L-step and repeater variations- but after that point, it gets harder to challenge yourself as you get used to the class. I had done an easy (more like senior-citizen) step class before, so when the instructor asked if there were any beginners I neglected to raise my hand.
I have never taken a step class, so maybe that’s why I want to laugh, because it looks so silly! I know my bro in law wants to crossfit, but what are some things she needs to be careful of? Since I took dance classes, I had no prob picking up the combos and always looked forward to taking classes with mom.
I arrived early for my favorite spin class one day and caught a glimpse of the step class going on beforehand – it was unlike any of the 80s or 90s-style sporty step I’d seen. Of course, I love a challenge, so I kept going back to class, learned the name of the steps and variations, and could rock it out within a month or so.
Take class with an open mind, have fun with it, and just use it as a chance to familiarize yourself with the type of workout and see if it’s something you’d like to include in your routine. This class may be extra challenging for those who have a difficult time learning choreography. I recently became a certified step instructor over the summer after taking AWESOME classes for a couple years.
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There were at least 40-50 people in there, many of whom were using two steps, the moves were more dance-y than athletic, and everyone was hooting, hollering, and dripping in sweat. Learning different combinations and choreography has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. I’m teaching a class at my college, and I must say, I definitely feel like the minority as for loving step aerobics! Though I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and weight loss specialist, the information posted here is not intended to substitute the advice of a medical professional.
We had a step at the house, and sometimes her friend would come over and they would do a step DVD and lay by the pool on the days they didn’t have to work.
From then on, I fell in love with step and it was one of the first classes I started teaching when I got my group fitness cert a few years ago. I don’t know if others are intimidated by it, or think of step aerobics like in your first picture haha. I’m going to build up the courage to try it again sometime soon, but WOO was it a workout!!!
But I do love it and feel kinda cool when I can keep up with my mom while others can’t. I have a couple of her DVDs and love them, but they’re REALLY dancey and advanced, and definitely require watching it first before trying it because she moves through it really fast!

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