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Observational prospective study including all consecutive pts from 2005 to 2011 who underwent at least 2 DXA scans, performed 1 year apart. In the general population a 60 to 85% increase of fat mass, predominantly represented by visceral adiposity (VAT), is expected between 25 and 65 years of age; in the same period there is a 20% decline of skeletal muscle mass.
Univariate and multivariable longitudinal linear regressions were built to evaluate FFMI change associated factors.

These body composition changes are key determinants of ageing phenotype, being constant across all ethnicities. Fat Redistribution and Metabolic (FRAM) study found that, among HIV treated patients, 5-year mortality risks was associated with being in the highest tertile of VAT and with being in the lowest tertiles of leg or arm skeletal muscle mass, after the adjustment for other factors known to increase mortality.
Covariates included in the models were: age, sex, BMI, physical activity, change in leg fat % (assessed with DXA), change in Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) and in Total adipose tissue of the abdomen (TAT) (assessed with abdominal CT), NRTI, NNRTI and PI cumulative exposure, CD4 nadir, CD4 recovery from nadir, VitD plasma level, time between DXA scans.

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