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These drills for the run and jump press are from the University of Washington Women’s basketball coaching Newsletter. In the drill steer sideline, the inbound defender must quickly get below the level of the ball. Once the ball starts to dribble you must get away from the offense, there is no reason to be close (you will foul). Offense advances the ball with the pass up the floor, while the defense sprints to the proper position. You don’t need to necessarily call the colors your players need to learn when to RJ and when to trap.
This defensive drill was from an old Mike Neighbors University of Washington Basketball Coaching Newsletter.
If you are interested in being added to his list, let me know and I will pass your email address along to him. I like this drill, but you could certainly add other actions that you must defend against the teams that you play.

Defensive player (x1) must jump to ball and get in position to not allow cutter to go across his face. Offensive player clears to the help side of the floor and defender establishes help side position. You can do the same drill with the offense starting on the wing and the coach at the top slot. Tom Kelsey is currently the Director of Basketball Operations for the LSU men’s basketball program. Allows your players to think about getting the shot quick coming down the floor off the pass or off the dribble. Receive pass from coach take one dribble hit coach with the pass and make a v-cut away from the pass. Have players to pretend to be coming off a screen for the jump shot and receive the pass back from the coach.
Today’s post is more drills from a collection put together by Nate Hill, Assistant Boys Coach at Colonel Crawford High School in North Robinson Ohio.

Defense tries to force offense outside the elbows, offense tries to stay inside the elbows. The library has hundreds of plays and drills from coaches all over the world and from various levels of coaching. Player is running at full speed catches the ball and tries to get to the top of the key or clutch shooting spot on the wing for a spot up 3 point shot. With a strong step on the outside foot come back toward the ball hands up, finger tips to the ceiling and call for the ball.
Coming down late in the game and getting the shot off the run or shooting off the dribble going full speed into shot.

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