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IOWA CITY — Freshman Brady Ellingson has played his last game for the Iowa basketball team this season. McCaffery said that since he played fewer than 10 games and has a legitimate medical issue, there should be no problem with him being granted an extra year. True freshman make it on to the field every season in college football and just about every team finds one that they expect to become a big impact player.
Ifo Ekpre-Olomu played well as a true freshman, and as a sophomore last season locked down a starting spot at cornerback. A scenario frequently less covered involves players that play as a true freshman, then redshirted during their second year of eligibility.
Subtract injuries and off-the-field issues, it seems like blasphemy to redshirt a player that was able to work his way onto the field his first year in college.
The story of the Ducks in 2013 entails the security of returning starters at key positions and the lack of depth at others. The one glaring quandary the Ducks have this season, one that many coaches in the country would love to have, is what to do with all the talented tight ends?
Courtesy of Kevin Cline PhotographyByron Marshall, why the runningbacks won’t miss a beat this season.
There is no reason that either of these players should redshirt after proving worthy of finding the field their freshman season. Baylis came to Eugene for spring ball, but apparently couldn’t separate himself from other summer arrivals Brown and Daniel. Daniel looks like the obvious choice given his lack of experience and playing time as a true freshman, but to say that Brown progressed significantly further than Daniel, Ka’ai or Baylis would be a stretch.
Everyone is so worried about who will switch positions they forget that maybe the plan is to try and keep them all at tight end.
But the problem is, as much as everyone wants to see it happen, Oregon doesn’t use two tight ends.

Oregon can afford to force one or both to redshirt because the Ducks rarely use two tight ends anyway. It may seem like a traveshamockery to let either of these players redshirt, but it feels pointless to let talent like that sit on the bench, unused except for 25-point leads. For Oregon, unless someone gets injured only three tight ends will see time, with the #1 getting easily more than 75% of the snaps. Brandon is a senior at The University of Oregon majoring in Film Studies and minoring in Communications. Skov and his buddies might be as little less effective with Ka’ai and Brown, or Daniel and Bayless dogging them a step beyond the LOS. Studies from the Rand Corporation and the Public Policy Institute of California argue that a change in the enrollment date could lead to higher standardized testing scores.
Supporters of the bill say the skill and maturity differences between 4-year-olds in kindergarten and children turning 6 during that first year, have become problematic, with the younger children getting left behind. The bill tries to deal with some of the questions by directing half of the savings toward the budget deficit with the other half funding the state's preschool programs. Parents whose children don't meet the kindergarten cut can petition their local school boards for an exception to the policy. The California Teachers Association supports changing the enrollment requirements but opposes the bill because it believes the proposal won't address the large influx of children that would be left school-less by the new law, spokesman Mike Myslinski said. The Educated Guess sees a battle over how the savings will be spent as another potential stumbling block. The Legislative Analyst projects there would be enough money to serve 29,000 of the 4-year-olds whose kindergarten would be delayed and whose family incomes qualify for the state program, plus an additional 59,000 three- and four-year olds who are currently on the state preschool wait list. But the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office and fiscal conservatives want to use the full $700 million to reduce the deficit, while early childhood advocates either want all of the money going to expand preschool or, as a more expensive alternative, to establish a two-year kindergarten program for the September to November birthday kids. Head coach Fran McCaffery said Friday that the 6-foot-4 guard will be redshirted and will retain four years of eligibility starting with next season.Ellingson has been hampered by a foot injury since he arrived at Iowa and has played just 32 minutes in seven games this season.

He just won’t play in any more games.“From the minute he got here in June, he's not been 100 percent,’’ McCaffery said. Brandon has been a Duck fan for ten years since he moved from southern California to Salem, Oregon, and quickly realized the Ducks were the missing piece in his life. A bill currently before the state Assembly would do the same to children under the age of 5. Those children also will have the option of attending one of the state's preschool programs, according to the current bill. A Pac-12 fan since birth, much of his family attended UCLA and has since converted all of them to the Quack Attack. And what happens to all those children blocked from school, especially those from low-income families, who would struggle to pay for the extra year of day care? Right now, the state preschool programs can't handle all the kids that would be displaced. He tried to get better, and then he got surgery, and then he tried to come back, and then he had a setback, and that was a long break, and then it still hurts.
Brandon interned for the Statesman Journal covering the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes and hopes to work for the Pac-12 in the near future. We strongly believe we shouldn't be balancing the state budget on the backs of children.
He also hopes to see the "Flying-V" formation played out on the football field in the fall of 2013. Those who can't make the cut would have to sit out a year - hence the redshirt analogy.

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