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Some cyclists are averse to the feel and aesthetics of home exercise bikes, preferring the familiarity and comfort of their own outdoor bike. The Blackburn Trakstand Ultra uses an innovative "Centriforce" resistance system that creates a natural pedal stroke simulating cycling on the open road. The Blackburn Trakstand is a well-built and reliable device that provides a good indoor cycling experience. The Fit Quick Rehabilitation Exerciser is a light, portable mini exercise bike with an ultra smooth, ultra quiet, judder free motion. An indoor bicycle trainer is an excellent option for avid outdoor riders and others who can't afford a full-sized stationary bike. This patented advance distinguishes it from magnetic and fluid bicycle trainers that lose speed quickly when pedaling is paused.
Also see the CycleOps Fluid 2 which incorporates a different design and adds statistical tracking and a training DVD.
An easy to use quality product ideal for compact spaces, use while seated on a sofa or chair. A high quality easy to use home or office exercise cycle for legs, arms ideal for rehabilitation following injury or surgery, promotes a healthy heart and circulation.

By the same token, athletes can select between 14 workout programs that mimic just about any type of terrain, from mountain to hills and everything in between. The flywheel incorporates a centrifugal clutch that allows resistance to increase with speed, creating a wide range of resistance with no external adjustments.
Helps build muscles in the legs and arms plus strengthens joints while promoting circulation.
Virtually impact free exercise motion Rehabilitation Exerciser is endorsed by therapists for its magnetic resistance delivering a smooth, quiet stress free cycling action.
Additionally, heart patients can take comfort in the 4 cardiovascular programs that will help them keep a close eye on their heart rates.
The resistance can be easily set using a dial on the front of the bike with incremented adjustment from gentle to 100 watts of torque which is perfect for most users and covers beginners to intermediary fitness levels (for more challenging workouts, up to 170 Watts resistance, take a look at our MagneTrainer model). The indoor cycle is even equipped with a brilliant blue backlit LCD screen that displays your fitness-related data such as distance covered, calories burned, time, cadence and heart rate.
Recommended by physiotherapists as magnetic resistance places less stress upon the joints while promoting, strengthening leading to the repair of weakened muscles and ligaments.
To monitor your progress the on board monitor will keep track of your time, virtual distance and calories.

The Diamondback 510Ic also boasts an ultra-sensitive heart monitor placed on the handlebars to closely track your cardiovascular goals. Resistance can be increased from gentle to moderate which can also be effective for exercising the heart and cardiovascular system. Rehabilitation Exerciser has an extendible base for stability and the same peddle revolution as most full size cycles, most mini bikes have short cranks which impedes motion making them more suitable for short legged adults or children. Perhaps the most striking feature is the battery-free display option: indeed, your pedaling motions will generate enough energy to power up the console leaving you free from endless cables and power outlets. Rehabilitation Exerciser is a quality product perfect for commercial or home use, engineered to ROHS (contains no hazardous materials) and supplied with a 12 months warranty.
This feature is enhanced by the heavy-duty 31 pound flywheel which provides excellent momentum, enabling you to quickly tone up your quads, glutes and calves.
Because of the heavy flywheel, athletes can experience an exceptionally smooth riding motion and equally quiet cycling experience.

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