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Moxie is free of stimulants, artificial ingredients, sweeteners, preservatives, colors, and flavors.
Well chances are you might have recently read my review for Rally, which is Too Fit's post-workout product. As you can see, you're going to need to get their post-workout product or double-dose this stuff for the most part and both those options kind of stink which I'll talk about.
When I used Moxie at one scoop, i was able to tell it was aiding me during my workout, but I never got that "kicking in" sensation that more pre's provide me with. Alright SR gals and guys, I've been attempting to ease off the ultra high stim pre workouts as they seem to be doing less and less for me. The ingredient profile is rather big and at 20g a scoop it's a lot of stuff that goes into this product. Mixability- Id notice little seeds floating at the top and some settling could occur if you don't shake the cup for a couple of minutes, but nothing awful to prevent you from drinking it.
Ok so at 1 scoop, all I noticed was slightly improved focus and more sweat as opposed to baseline with no PWO.
When I ended up double scooping Moxie, I saw very different results in terms of focus, energy and pumps! Many may say, "well Andrew, you are not being fair, shipping isn't really price of the product, companies have to pay these costs". In the beginning I was under the impression that Moxie may be a PWO that is just orientated at a different type of consumer than most of us at SR tend to be.
But after trying to asses the value and looking into the shipping offered by Too Fit , I'm far more skeptical.
I like taking Non Stimulant based Pre-Workouts or Fat Burners due to their helpfulness with weaning off the of the mighty stimulants, but they are also very effective for a split day gym session which you would take a stimulant based PWO in the morning and Moxie at night.
When I review a product based on a "stack" I am reviewing both products individually, as per that is the purpose of the review system to be based on a single product.
In my experience taking various Non Stimulant based PWS's, this was effective but wasn't necessarily better than any of the others even at 2 scoops! Unflavored: PurePumpĀ® is unflavored and unsweetened, for the most pure and clean pre-workout boost available. Order today using our 100% secure server and get it at the lowest prices in the world with our fast, inexpensive 2-3 day shipping! Pre & Post Workout bundle indeholder tre af de mest populAĀ¦rer kosttilskud til en fatastisk pris. Now it's time to review their natural, stimulant-free pre-workout product, and unfortunately they go hand in hand.
As other reviewers have stated, it seems as though they intended this to be used exclusively along-side their post-workout product, Rally. I felt an average increase in focus and determination in the gym, but that was really about it.
I apologize if i repeated some stuff but it does seem like we all got reasonably consistent results.
Perhaps true, but if the same company can offer $5 shipping on one website, increase it to $8.65 on a different one and have the audacity to offer me 114$ overnight shipping FOR 1 unit of a PREWORKOUT, well ill have to say something isn't adding up here. I have had several Non Stimulant PWO's in the past, and when this product came up on SR I was drawn to it for the unique profile and formulation. You can't say "Pre + Intra + Post" worked wonders and rate them the same across the board, because that is skewing the actual product and the effectiveness.

The taste was best described as "dirt covered cherries", but I would add that fact that it makes me want to vomit.
I started out taking just 1 serving before the gym, but wasn't much of a lift or difference in any of the suggested claims. At 20 servings you are paying $45 which comes out to $2.25 a serving, and guess what if you take this solo running it two scoops?
I really like non-stim PWO products because they allow me to take a thermo type product when I wake up and still workout shortly after without overdoing the caffeine. At 2 scoops, it wasn't all that different, just providing a little bit extra focus in the gym. It seems pretty evident, based on our community, that Too Fit needs to head back to the lab and start reworking these products a little bit. I did not expect Moxie to hold its own against Crazes and Psychotics of the PWO world, but lets see how well it fared as a stim free PWO.
With the day and age we live in, companies are trying to sucker you into buying two products for the one that you actually "need".
That being said, in Moxie we have a good 2.5g Creapure which if brought to 3g would be acceptable at 3-5g is a mainteince dose for Creatine but since this product is half a normal dose you would need two servings to meet this ingredients Clinical Dose.
Mixability is crap, not very effective at it, but whatever because I didn't like drinking it down and would go straight to the dome when I could.. As a reviewer I try to get the most out of every supplement I am taking, and in order to make this run for the product "more" effective I dosed it at 2 scoops. Add 1-2 scoops (provided) of Pursuit Rx Pre-Workout with 10 ounces of water per scoop (serving) and consume 30-45 minutes prior to workout. I will not hit on every single ingredient as things would get a little too lengthy, and alot of these ingredients I don't know a huge amount about. I never had bad workouts while using this product, which is why i gave it a 6.0 in the effectiveness category. Double up on the scoops, which I think you will find yourself doing, now you're at $4.50 a serving and only getting about two weeks worth of workouts in.
The packaging, appearance and overall goals seem to be on point, but unfortunately those are all things that will go overlooked if the actual product doesn't live up to the hype. I was able to focus on my workout with intensity , whether some douche just walked into my mirror space on purpose or my commercial "fitness center" was playing the most awful music selection. But don't worry other shipping options are available like UPS ground for $18 or UPS 3 day select for 29. The kind of preworkout you'd find at Whole Foods and you certainly overpaid yet you feel superior to everyone , because it's Gluten Free. I believe that the supplement industry of users are becoming more educated and thus we have greater demands for the companies to meet. Talk about a big let down this was, and the fact that you need to double dose it to get much of anything and yet it didn't deliver well. Dosing was rather simple, tried it as 1 scoop and advanced to 2 scoops for the remainder for full effectiveness. In terms to the claims, I found that the strength claims are too difficult to judge in short of 9-11 servings based on double scoops. Even if you single scoop Moxie and decide to get their post-workout to get to good dosages, that $4.50 price-point stays about the same, give or take.
At 2 scoop, I had a really good vascular pump, 6g of Citrulline and 10g of carbs should do that to you!

Still , I was thinking of giving it a "meh" as it did work at 2 scoops and may have had a different customer base. Of course companies aren't excited about this, because they don't want the users to actually know their product is less dosed than others or from the Clinical Studies the formula was based on.. Astaxanthin is an anti oxidant, which is useful for getting rid of those free radicals resulting from our workouts and 10mg is a good half dose as well. I ran this mainly as a in-between stimulant break, as in I have been going a week off from stimulants before beginning another stimulant based PWO. CONSULT A PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO USING THIS PRODUCT, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS, INCLUDING HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART OR THYROID PROBLEMS, NERVOUS DISORDERS OR DIABETES. Citrulline Malate is dosed 3g here, requiring (no surprise) double a dose for the Clinical Study it was based on (6-8g).
In my current program that I am following, I will workout 3-4 days a week (my off work days). I've said in past reviews that I am a fan of green tea, so I guess I'm down with the inclusion of it here.
If I didn't chug it immediately after shaking it, sediment would quickly build up at the bottom of the shaker and I would have to shake it up again. Carnosyn (beta-alanine) 1.6g , again normally you see this ingredient at higher dosages 2-3g. Too Fit Guys have developed Moxie which is well formulated, but if you are not going to stack it with their second product (Rally, Post Workout Supplement) this product will be under dosed requiring double the dosing (read more about this in my Rally Review). The beet root and pine bark extract are great pump ingredients and well dosed here at 1 scoop, certainly 2 scoops won't make an issue and only improve the effects. Some days I was able to run this at night, that being on a split workout day (due to lack of time or issues come up). LIMIT THE USE OF CAFFEINE CONTAINING MEDICATIONS, FOODS OR BEVERAGES WHILE USING THIS PRODUCT BECAUSE TOO MUCH CAFFEINE MAY CAUSE NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS AND OCCASIONALLY RAPID HEARTBEAT.
I would suspect that the free radicals being removed due to the anti oxidants were a plus, and may have aided in my recovery somewhat in combination of the BCAA's contained (while they would typically be utilized for energy in a PWO, it could potentially be used to fill those muscle fibers back up with glycogen in hopes of recovery).
Like I said above, this stuff really should be double scooped to get a good dose of everything, yet they say to start at a half scoop to assess tolerance. Of course if you look at this with a glass half full attitude, I don't particularly enjoy flushing and tingling, and with it being stim-free, I never experienced any sort of crash. That is the good thing about this product, more about quality and less about cheap ingredients. I honestly don't think there is anyone who uses a PWO that couldn't tolerate a full scoop of this stuff.
The dosages are pretty well cut in half, and while some of the other halves are in Rally not all are and thus the overall effectiveness will be less if not double scooped.
Anyways, I used one scoop for a while just to try it out, then I moved onto 2 scoops for the remainder of the tub. Props to Too Fit Guys for this marvel formulation while it is under dosed at one scoop, 2 scoops do great justice. Wis3guy's review for further explination of these unique ingredients, he does an excellent job.

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