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I received an email this week from a client asking me about my recommendation for a pre-workout drink.
The reality is there are a ton of pre-workout drinks on the market today and it can get fairly confusing trying to determine which one is right for you. Product manufacturers are NOT required to show credible research on the safety and effectiveness of their ingredients PRIOR to being sold to the public. I want you to think about this for a second…Do you really think an already lean and muscular bodybuilder is going to have the same needs as someone who’s 20 or more pounds overweight and out of shape?
Of course not, but obviously you don’t hear supplement companies talking much about this. Truth be told, the majority of bodybuilding type pre-workout drinks are for…well bodybuilders! Even with that, I’ll tell you straight up that many of these products may pose potentially serious side effects from high levels of stimulants, and often have questionable ingredients in unknown amounts.
Regardless of body composition, fitness level, and other individual variables, you simply don’t want OR need to be carb-loading immediately prior to a workout.
Trust me on this one, skyrocketing insulin levels prior to a workout is the last thing you want to be doing. I’m not going to get into much on the use of creatine, nitric oxide activators, and the such in this post. Specifically, let’s talk about what might be beneficial for all exercisers prior to a vigorous weight training workout. From a support standpoint with lean muscle (whether you want to cut up, lean up, or get more muscular) one of the most effective strategies is to take a small amount of whey protein (15-20 grams) prior to your workout. The trick here is not using a lot as consuming too much whey protein and you’ll trigger an insulin response. One of the benefits of whey protein is the body has the ability to break down some of these amino acids and convert them to glucose for energy (through a process called gluconeogenesis) if needed during vigorous exercise. This is actually not a bad thing, quite the contrary as it can be very beneficial to condition your body to fuel prolonged activity through gluconeogeneis. Just know that a small amount of whey protein and water prior to a workout can be a helpful thing. What if I’d like more energy to help get me through the workout, or I’m looking to increase fat loss? On the energy side of the equation, excess simple sugars consumed immediately prior to a workout isn’t a good idea like I mentioned earlier. You can pull from glycogen reserves to fuel your workout, and if extra energy is needed the amino acids from whey protein will be readily available for the liver to convert to glucose. I’ll admit that training while in a semi-fasting state (while beneficial for several reasons including the body not being sapped for energy for digestion, improved post-workout protein synthesis, and others) just know this does take some getting used to. I’ve found you need to work up to training in a semi-fasting state with whey protein on an empty stomach.
In the beginning a small piece of fruit shortly before exercise will be very helpful in offsetting hypoglycemic effects for a lot of individuals.
This is what I typically recommend to my personal training clients in the beginning of their body transformation programs. By increasing protein, fiber, and healthy fat consumption, they body will begin conditioning itself off the sugars exclusively for energy production.
Just know that while there’s a lot of discussion about pre-workout nutrition strategies, a lot of it is overblown.
While not everyone can incorporate caffeine into their diet for health reasons, if you can, it makes for an excellent pre-workout energy boost and thermogenic (fat burner). Caffeine has been shown to boost metabolism (possibly up to 20%) when taken prior to a workout.

These popular convenience store energy drinks with large amounts of caffeine and tons of sugar are complete garbage and should be avoided at all costs.
Key point here if you’re going to use coffee is that it must be black and ideally from freshly ground whole, organic coffee beans.
Remember you don’t want sugar, or sugar substitute sweeteners for that matter, as you want to avoid an insulin response. Truth is a simple cup of freshly brewed coffee can provide all the energy and fat burning benefits you need without the potential downside that can come with bodybuilding type or convenience store energy drinks. Quite possibly one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective pre-workout strategies for the combination of energy, lean muscle protection, and fat burning would be a cup of coffee a half hour or so before training and scoop of whey protein and water right before.
Truth be told this was the MAIN product that initially got me interested in the Advocare product line. I start drinking my Spark before training and continue sipping on it throughout the workout. Personally, I feel the Spark could be equally effective as whey protein for lean muscle supportĀ  by simply adding some branched chain amino acids and possibly creatine powder.
It’s a toss up between that and a cup of coffee a half hour or so before training and a scoop of whey protein and water right before. When you step back and look at the dozens of pre-workout supplement drinks it’s kind of ironic that you could get just as good results, often times better, with a simple cup of coffee and some whey protein and water. The Advocare Spark is the only product I strongly endorse as an alternative to the above strategy. With all the marketing hype and fancy ingredients, the supplement companies are simply looking to convince you to buy their products.
A scoop of whey protein and water immediately prior to working out (possibly a cup of coffee a half hour or so before that if I want added energy or fat loss support).
An Advocare Spark (sometimes “enhanced with branched chain amino acids and creatine to help support lean muscle growth with hard training). I’ve been down the road using the bodybuilding type products like Speed Stack, Ripped Force and the like when I was younger.
Plus who wants to be so jacked up you can’t sleep at night or you’re bouncing off the walls all day? And on top of that there’s no worry about strange side-effects like my client had with her ears feeling like they were on fire!
Shane Doll is a certified personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios. Evolution Slimming HydroSlim is also great enjoyed as a cool morning beverage to give you some get up to kick start your day with optimal focus & energy. HydroSlim by Evolution-Slimming is a delicious, high strength pre-workout thermogenic blend giving you the power to get the best results from your fitness routine.
Evolution-Slimming HydroSlim is a delicious, high strength pre-workout thermogenic blend giving you the power to get the best results from your fitness routine. 1 tub provides 20 servings of this orange punch flavour powder that is added to water to create a pre-workout drink.
If you’re looking for a simple yet effective natural herbal supplement to help boost your results in the gym or on the track, HydroSlim is right for you. HydroSlim has no known side effects yet, It contain all Natural Delicious Orange Punch flavour with Green Tea & Green Coffee extracts!
Evolution Slimming HydroSlim is ideal as a pre-workout thermogenic energy booster to help you reach your fitness goals. Enter your email address to subscribe to this store and receive notifications of new coupons & promo codes by email. She had gone to a local chain nutrition store and sampled a product there that low and behold made her feel like her ears were on fire!

You’ll want to do your homework or perhaps consult with your physician or a research nerd like myself before getting on any product. Take a look at the composition of some traditional bodybuilding type pre-workout drinks and you may see a boatload of carbohydrates from simple sugars.
I could do a whole post just on the pitfalls of glucose loading prior to resistance training. The body needs to be conditioned to get off the sugars so a supportive nutrition diet with small meals every 3-4 hours is the typical starting point. Wait to start looking to train in a semi-fasting state if you experience hypoglycemic symptoms like dizziness, nausea, and light-headness.
Pre-workout nutrition strategies become much more of a consideration when you’re already lean and muscular, looking to optimize results from your workouts. Use a scoop of whey protein and water if you can manage on an empty stomach, but if you get hypoglycemic add a small piece of fruit or just do the fruit by itself.
I was looking for a pre-workout drink without the sugar and insane amount of stimulants found in bodybuilding type drinks. I absolutely LOVE this product as it’s quite possibly one of the best all-around pre-workout drinks on the market. It contains just the right amount of caffeine (120mg) and as an added bonus has a broad base of B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids like L-tyrosine. There are a ton of flavors, which all taste great, and you simply put the powder in bottle of water shake and drink. Mind you, the regular brewed coffee would work just as well from an energy and thermogenic standpoint. I kind of like my one cup of coffee in the morning then I’m done with it, so the Spark makes for a nice pre-workout (and during) drink I can use when working out at noon. After all who knows what the impact will be from some of the “stimulant” ingredients in a lot of these drinks? Yes, I am a distributor and will get a small commission if you purchase from me in full disclosure, but that was never my intent with writing this post. Often times the traditional bodybuilding type pre-workout drinks could be diminishing your results NOT improving them.
If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Charleston, you can receive a no-obligations personal training trial and consultation without risking a dime. Pleasant, Daniel Island, Isle of Palms, Sullivan's Island, and the Bluffton-Hilton Head areas. Inactive Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavour (Contains Milk and Soy), Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Acesulfame, Sucralose, Absorbic Acid, E129. A small amount of caffeine 60-120 mg is enough to provide an energy boost and serve as a metabolic activator without over-stimulating the adrenals. Over 1000 Charleston area residents have transformed their bodies following our unique burst training workouts and simplified nutrition programs. Most pre workout formulas on the market are filled with artificial additives and unhealthy ingredients. These benefits will help you stay engaged in your exercise routine to fuel the best possible results.

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