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Powerlifting has masters, it's tons of fun, and less taxing on the body than oly lifting (it's still taxing but less so). If someone wants to incorporate a clean and jerk into their regular liting program with just the bar then fine - but I thought we were talking about competitions here. No, I have never competed in oly lifting, but given I still do oly lifts just fine and I am much older than you, I do not see how you can make such a broad statement like you did. Again, seeking clarification, your sentence as written made no sense; now with the clarification, I see how it does make sense now in the context.
I have been in powerlifting comps for a number of years, but have not done so in a while because I have been competing in jiu jitsu for a number of years now.
She stated she was interested in competition, I did not think this meant she only wanted info regarding competition, because before that she asked what the difference was between the types of lifting. Though I am not 50, I am still much older than you, snatches feel just fine when I do them, though the gym I am at now does not have an area to do this, so i am out of luck on even trying.
Some impressive vertical jump results are presented for a couple of quite heavy champion weight lifters.
When you talk about guys with big legs and guys that dunk naturally, it's a difference in Type I and Type II muscle fibers. Young Arnold Stressed Symmetry In His Physique Got a Question for The Frugal Fitness Guru? 2 day per week lifting program that you will be doing in conjunction with your cardio of at least once a week.

To fully realize the effectiveness of this workout program you must make a few nutritional considerations. You understand that there are various classes of competition according to age, powerlifting having a masters level (ie. There is a huge difference between throwing a power clean into a regular program like Starting Strength and competing in Oly lifting where you are doing 60-95% max lifts in Oly 5x a week. Plus I did not think we were discussing oly lifting at a competitive level only as you implied, a person can lift just fine and not be at a competitive level; you make it seem like a person should just cease oly lifting all together when they reach a certain age.
A small or moderate amount of caffeine can be beneficial before a workout, especially before cardio. If you eat something it should be somethin light, ideally with mostly protein, fiber, and complex carbs. This allows you to have a "cheat" day when you go out to eat at Cheesecake Factory, get shitfaced, etc while also keeping your metabolism from going down.
Foods that are good for this while being low in fat include skim milk, luke's protein, powder, nuts, seeds, chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish (wild alaskan salmon is the best!), protein bars, beef jerkey, fat free cottage cheese, and fat free yogurt, etc.
This is nearly impossible but you should try to opt for more complex carbs when you can such as whole wheat products, oatmeal, sweet potatos, kashii, total, etc. If you want to just do a little lifting before cardio I would suggest a 10-15 minute ab or core workout. Each lifting session will be 45-60 minutes in length, resting time between sets will be 1.5-2 minutes long approximately.
Increase your protein intake to at least .7 grams of protein per pound of your bodyweight by eating protein powder (whey is the best), skim milk, turkey, chicken, lean beef, fish (especially salmon), nuts, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, whole grains, etc.

It is extremely taxing on the body with an early retirement age (sort of like gymnastics in that sense). It is the opposite for strength training, where strength is the priority and vanity is a byproduct of strength training. You can do a hang clean ever week or two as part of Crossfit just fine at 50 but do an actual Oly lifting program at 50+ (or hell even 40+) and dont' be surprised if you blow out your knees within 2 years.
Another guy at my gym is in his 40's, but does not lift 'competitively' (how do we classify this?).
If you diet everyday your metabolism will drop because your body cannot work as hard on no energy and will thus conserve its fat and calories (not to mention you'll feel like shit). It is two sides of the same coin, and many people have a little mixture of both in their routine. Most athletes are no longer competitive when they get older, but that does not mean they still cannot engage in the sport they do.
These lifting workouts will build muscle as well as burn many calories especially through the prolonged increase in your body's metabolism.
Protein should be consumed directly after a workout with carbs and also 30 minutes before a workout if possible.

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