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The first one, is one I learnt from an Olympic Eventer when she came to my area for a clinic. 2 OOOOO, #1 and #2 will defintely be helpful and expose where I am dropping him lol. The green poles are set at, basically, walk distance (trust me, you don't walk them) and the red poles are set slightly longer than regular trot poles. 2 I used MIE's first one and it helped show some holes in our flatwork, and by the end we had gotten much better. 2 Faud, I have used the raised cavalettis with him, he works really well over them.
1 1) Start with one pole on the ground, walk the horse over it, calmly with the head down, then build up to seven poles at the lowest height. 4) Walk through 3-4 times, or until the horse negotiates the course calmly with a lowered head. 6) Raise the remaining cavalettis one at a time, walking the horse through them each time, that is raise the 5th, 3rd, 7th and the first, keeping the spacing the same. 7) With more experienced horses, repeat the above steps raising the poles from med height to maximum height. This will require the horse to concentrate and consciously put out the effort to move his legs correctly. The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Message: Options Quote message in reply? In order to be able to post messages on the The Horse Forum forums, you must first register.

Members are allowed only one account per person at the Horse Forum, so if you've made an account here in the past you'll need to continue using that account. Nestled between the metal horse barn (left) and garage (right), a charming cottage-like dwelling boasts a covered front porch. With stone-clad walls and metal roof, the cottage is adjoined by a de- lightful wood pergola in back. At 46 feet in length,  the back porch offers plenty of room to relax and enjoy the view.
The interior features an open floor plan, soaring cathedral ceiling and finely detailed millwork.
A large stone hearth with a flat screen TV over the mantel provides an inviting spot to gather around with family and friends. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. You can start out with ground poles, and then eventually up them to cavaletti's and then up them to actual fences.
The goal here is to maintain a consistent relaxed contact and to encourage your horse to really lift through their back, push from behind, and lengthen their stride through the poles while maintaining their self carriage. Here you want to achieve a shorter, more collected stride while again maintaining the self carriage and impulsion from the hind end as well as the relaxed connection through the horse's mouth. You want to achieve the shorter stride BEFORE reaching the cavalettis, just as you want to have your horse moving forward into a more lengthened stride BEFORE they get to the red poles. You can add in 10m canter circles before and after sets of poles for more advanced horses, as one idea, as long as you trot through the poles, since they're at trot distances.

Master maneuvering in six-inch heels with tips from a pole dancing fitness instructor in this free video on pole dancing exercises. When the horse has started working consistently through these you can start to string the red and green poles together.
This is a great exercise for nervous horses or horses that worry easily (we have a few of those) because they can stress themselves out before or after and they'll just keep coming back around to it. Please choose a username you will be satisfied with using for the duration of your membership at the Horse Forum. If you need to make a small circle in between that's fine too, just try to work towards straight from one to the other. We do not change members' usernames upon request because that would make it difficult for everyone to keep track of who is who on the forum. For that reason, please do not incorporate your horse's name into your username so that you are not stuck with a username related to a horse you may no longer have some day, or use any other username you may no longer identify with or care for in the future. I am aware that this is an old thread and I want to revive it rather than starting a new thread.

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