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Would you rather be strong but slow and prone to injury, or explosively quick, powerful and injury resistant?  Yeah, I know: easy answer, right?   Remember when you were a kid, and goofed all over the playground, or maybe jumped in between pieces of furniture when your parents weren’t looking? If, however, you are into a reasonable fitness and exercise routine, with cardio, weights, and maybe some aerobic training and conditioning, you just might be a good candidate for Plyometrics. The motions involved with Plyometrics are a bit like those of Boxing, Volleyball, Skiing, Basketball, Football, and Tennis.  Some of the benefits include development of strength and speed for use by martial artists, high jumpers, or just your average person who wants to become more physically fit. Younger female athletes, especially basketball and soccer players, are more susceptible to ACL injuries than their male counterparts.  They will be happy to know that a well-executed Plyometric exercise program can reduce the risk of destructive and painful ACL problems.
PreMark Health Science is a full service, custom manufacturer specialist in nutrition and cosmetic products. If you are trying to have a stronger upper body so you can thrown farther or faster, a good plyometric workout is using a medicine ball, which is a bouncy and heavier ball.
Plyometrics give an athlete benefits that cardio workouts or general weight training cannot.

Like weight training, plyometrics for kids and teenagers can be dangerous and can result in injury. Start slow, build yourself up to a fitness level where you feel comfortable completing these type of strenuous moves, just modify them a little at first. Fred Wilt figured he should look into what was working for them, no matter how nerdy it looked. Whether you want to jump higher or throw farther, plyometric workouts will help you accomplish that!
These exercises benefit your fast-twitch muscles, which are the muscles responsible for jumping, sprinting and throwing.
Make sure you consult with a strength-training coach and doctor before you try any plyometric drill. In other words, plyometric workouts enable a muscle to reach the maximum force in the shortest possible time.

Regular participation in plyometric training can also help strengthen your bone structure and maintain a healthy weight. Also start off slow, you should be in a certain physical condition before you can do some of the more advanced drills. The results of plyometrics not only improve strength and power, but also improve skill and performance. This is just one example of a lower body plyometric exercise - there are many others you would do in a workout. My parents are going to let me try gymnastics for a few classes and then they will let me decide what to do.

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