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No two programs are the same – they are tailor made for each individual by our team of qualified Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. Not just another Physio, we look at addressing the cause of your injury, not just reducing your pain.
Netball, surfing (beginner), social sport-basketball and volleyball, hanging out at the beach, spending time with friends and family, going to movies, listening to music and travelling.
Plyometrics are muscle-training exercises focused on developing maximum force in short intervals of time, meant to increase speed and power simultaneously. Tuck Jumps: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, jump and tuck knees in mid-air, extending them back out for the landing.
Vertical Depth Jump: Starting from the top of a box, jump down and then back up as abruptly as possible.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. One of the best resources on the internet is from John Davis, author of Modern Training and Physiology for Middle and Long-Distance Runners.

John continues with a history and some background on plyometrics, however the gold mine of the article are the 12 and 16 week progressive plyometric plans. We cater for ALL AGES and provide a relaxed training space with state of the art Pilates reformer equipment. Plyometric exercises are designed to teach muscles to shift from extension to contraction with explosive force, often with incessant jumping, high knees, and lunges on end for designated durations of time or repetitions.
However, the term plyometrics is commonly used in recent years to describe any exercises that involve repeated jumping, watering down the meaning of the word. A lot of things most runners and coaches would consider core elements of a training program, like high mileage, short repeats for speed, or long runs aren't supported by a solid body of science. It would be a disservice to your running if you don't incorporate these in to your running routine! Olympic long distance runner Fred Wilt, who was inspired by the exercises of Soviet athletes. Some things, like proper long-term development, just aren't well-suited for a laboratory study.

Speculating as to how the Soviets performed so well in the games, he observed their warm up techniques and noticed that they were mostly jumping instead of stretching. Original Plyometrics, also called “shock method”, involves dropping from a height and experiencing a shock upon landing, which in turn forces an eccentric contraction, which gives way to an immediate concentric contraction as the athlete jumps upward.
One area where this is true is explosive strength training, and plyometrics exercises in particular. Faithful exercise in the shock method has yielding impressive results in improving power and speed.

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