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The backbone of plyometric training, also called shock training, are drop jumps and depth jumps.
During a depth jump, when you are reversing the effects of gravity, your body is feeling the effects of about 10x your bodyweight. Another very important thing to keep in mind is drop and depth jumps are very hard on your central nervous system (CNS).
Plyometric training is based on the idea that a muscle exerts more force during a concentric contraction (jumping) if it immediately follows a eccentric contraction (dropping into the quarter quarter squat and reversing your momentum). Once you have the strong muscles to exert high amounts of force, you need to maximize the velocity part of the equation to increase your power. Depth jumps and drop jumps build reactive strength, also known as elastic strength, which helps to build and carry over your force when going from the concentric to eccentric contractions.
To put it simply,the drop jump, or shock jump, is performed by stepping off an elevated object (box, bench, etc) and sticking the landing. If plyometrics are already part of your training, use a box that results in your highest vertical.
Warm Up Properly – As with any exercise, please warm up to improve your results and prevent injury. Recovery Between Training Days – Take a few days off in between plyometric training days. Quality over Quantity – With high intensity plyometrics, it is very important to concentrate on making each rep count. Protect your Knees – Wear good crosstraining or basketball shoes and jump onto a shock absorbing mat or grass. Plyometric training is very intense, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it for long periods of time. I believe doing lots of trainings to have can help you achieve your goal of jumping higher. With your core engaged, push off the bottom of both feet into a jump, switching the position of your feet in midair, landing in a basic lunge with your right leg in front.
That’s all fine and dandy while the weather is nice, but when it gets wet and cold, things must change.
Mostly, as we hit the cold and wet season, I want the athletes to stay warm as long as possible.

Because the risk of injury is higher, we are doing the technically challenging exercises first. I like the focus on injury prevention although I reckon depth jumps are fairly poorly placed on the cost-benefit scale.
We talk about fitness, building community, the origins and goals of modern swordplay with an eye towards building a future of informed and talented practitioners.
If you are interested in training with us, check out Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly! If high intensity exercise is not right for you, low intensity or modified plyometrics may be a safe and effective alternative under proper guidance and supervision. Written by: Alison Buchman (Certified TrainerDiva NJ) To learn more about Alison click here. I’ve been doing other plyometric workouts also to increase my vertical jump like squat, box jump and even lunges. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
Making sure you're not too stiff, keep your stance active with your knees bent in a slight but not full lunge. It’s almost enough time to fully recover, but still short enough to retain the warm-up state.
Rings dips for Planche work to start, then MSH, Split-L’s and L-sits until we are exhausted. I wanted to keep the workout short, so we alternated each ring exercise with Depth Jump drills from a one metre height for a full body workout.
I understand the science (and benefit) of the extreme stretch shortening that is going on with them but I think that there are better ways to increase explosiveness such as speed deadlifts.
I get that they are an extreme metabolic stress when done for high reps but they seem to me like a shoulder injury waiting to happen. Plyometrics rapidly became known to coaches and athletes as exercises or drills aimed at linking strength with speed of movement to produce power. Not really enough time to build up top speed for a proper sprint, but perfect for our needs. The rest of the year will be spent getting those newly bigger muscles to the same uniform strength the smaller muscles had.

The depth jumps were done continuously until your turn on the rings came back up again, so there was some pressure for the person on the rings to fail as soon as possible.
I can move a 200 kilo deadlift, but somehow this bodyweight thing I decided to really try (after reading your blog actually) is surprisingly hard. FenceA blog that looks under the rug of the world of modern swordplay and martial arts and tries to find the solid underpinnings while blowing the dust away. It’s a bonus class for students who want to get an edge over everyone else, by having just a little bit more strength and speed. The kind of strength we want is the kind that involves more fully activating a muscle than normal. The whole sprint is a struggle to find the right groove, without having enough time to find it. To make the muscles bigger, I make sure our workouts suck every last drop of glycogen out of every muscle. The benefit in sprinting for explosive power comes in the starts rather than in any other part and IMO the injury risk of all out sprinting for the average armchair athlete is way too high. You develop this kind of strength by making the muscle work as hard as possible in the shortest amount of time, and having a nice long recovery between exercises. By the time you start to come out of the crouch and get the hip drive going, you are starting to get some good speed going and have to stop before you run out of field.
Longer rests are somewhat easier with ring work, as we don’t have a lot of equipment to work with.
We have short rest phase variations, and loading rest phases (doing another activity instead of actually resting.) Over the course of the year we spend time in each phase, cycling through as we adapt. Managing shorter rests can be tricky, but there is also room to alter the method of exercise to get the same results.
We do more sets, dragging out repeats and adding exercises long after we think we are done.

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