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How do you design a basketball training program that really maximizes the time and resources YOU have available? To perform at your very best you have to dedicate some time to strength conditioning, power and jump training and speed and agility drills.
Assess your strength, strength endurance, aerobic endurance, take off power, speed and acceleration and flexibility. Aerobic ConditioningSpend 2-3 days per week doing some kind of low intensity, cardiovascular exercise. Strength ConditioningYou can take several weeks off strength training completely if you've had a particularly demanding season. Flexibility ConditioningLosses in range of movement occur incredibly quickly if you don't actively stretch on a regular basis.Perform stretching exercises daily or at least 3 times a week. Anaerobic ConditioningYou should start to move away from general aerobic conditioning and towards more basketball-specific sessions.Basketball is a multi-sprint sport.
Speed & Agility ConditioningAs the competitive season draws closer your basketball training program should place more and more emphasis on quickness and agility. You can do 5 or 6 tests in just a couple of hours.Record the results and plan a re-test in 6 to 8 weeks.

It's a prime opportunity to restore the imbalances that basketball places on the musculoskeletal system.Of course, it's also a time when you rest and recuperate. And who can blame them?Wind sprints and gruelling shuttle runs are usually on the menu served up by a merciless coach who loves to see players suffer!While punishing training sessions WILL still feature in the latter stages of pre-season, it makes sense to start gently and build up.
In a game you'll be required to perform several successive sprints close to maximum speed on numerous occasions. And don't forget flexibility.Even if you play the game for a living, how do you ever incorporate all of those components of fitness into just a handful of training sessions a week?You don't. The finer details of each session - sets, reps, intensity, specific exercises and drills are covered in separate articles.
The result?Your body quickly begins to accumulate lactic acid.Your ability to recover from this build up of lactic acid can have an enormous impact on your performance.
There is nothing more debilitating and disconcerting than trying to perform intricate skills when you're gasping for breath. This is an ideal time to try your hand at a new sport - swimming, cycling or racket sports.There's no need to monitor heart rate but if you must, keep to a zone of 65-75% of maximum heart rate (220 - age). Loads are typically light (50-60% 1 rep max) and repetitions are higher (15 and above).Keep sessions short and avoid drop sets or any other technique that will leave you exhausted.

As such your basketball training program must incorporate anaerobic endurance drills.Shuttles runs are a classic example and very effective. Two to three sessions per week is ample and you can perform your strength sessions immediately before your aerobic workouts if needs be.
Just make a start with where you are today.Remember how even professional players don't work on every component of fitness at once? Similarly two anaerobic endurance sessions is ample, especially as a game counts as another one.You can perform some speed and agility drills two days a week also. And how do you do that?Develop a series of simple fitness tests you can perform in one afternoon.

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