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Equipment: A box that's high enough to raise your feet above your head when you're down in a push-up position.
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First let’s go over what plyometric exercises are exactly so we’re all up to “speed” here (pun intended). So now that we know roughly what plyometric exercises are, how are they going to help improve our running speed? Doing plyometric exercises helps build your muscle force; this allows you to have more power when contracting your muscles, especially when running. Try out these 3 Speed Training Workouts for the Treadmill to help increase your speed as well!
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For this week’s Focus On post, I thought it would be fun to do one of my favorite workouts to teach: bootcamp. The great thing about bootcamp classes is that they’re always different, so you’re constantly utilizing different muscles and switching things up.
What to wear: Whatever you’re comfortable in, but make sure you have good supportive sneakers for jumping, running and lateral movement. I’ve never taken bootcamp classes at my gym because they dont have them ?? But I wish they did! I currently do not have the funds to join a gym so I have gotten a bunch of workout DVDs including Turbofire from your recommendation and Jillian Michaels Boost your metabloism.
Exactly right- but for the average gym-going girl, I would count it as strength and wouldn’t recommend more weight lifting on that day or on a consecutive day. Yeah, I was just about to add that I don’t think it would be a good idea to do strength training on the same day either, since boot camp stuff is usually more intense than the type of cardio people tend to do after weight training, like steady state on the elliptical. Actually in a bootcamp you are going to recruit fast twitch fibers quite alot especially if it involves a lot of plyo work. I have taken quite a few bootcamp classes, I do like them but your right it really depends on who is teaching. I teach bootcamp (step, spin and water aerobics too) and it’s my favorite class to teach as well!! My internship this summer focused a lot of Bootcamp Style workouts and they are such a favorite of mine now! Soooo, I’ve just started doing Cross Fit and it seems really similar to how you describe bootcamp classes. Love bootcamp classes – haven’t been to one in a while and reading this post is making me want to attend a class soon!
Plyometrics are exercises where you try to make your muscles exert as much force as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.
Using a plyometric exercise for your legs is highly efficient because you’re both utilizing a powerful type of exercise for large muscle groups.
Find out what our experts think is the best plyometric exercise you should try to gain more strength in your legs. There are so many great plyometric leg exercises, but if I had to choose one, I would probably go with jump lunges. Squat jumps and lunge jumps are excellent plyometric exercises for the legs that don’t require any equipment and are challenging regardless of your fitness level. Double leg box jumps: use a desired plyometric box height, or a stable leveled platform higher than the starting position to do this exercise. It is important to note that jumping with both feet off a box jump is too much strain for your Achilles’ tendon, and can easily lead to injury.
Colin – I think you can do variations like assisted jump squats, or even incline push ups where you push yourself off a bit. Burn fat with intense intervals focusing on of intense lower-body plyo and sweat-inducing cardio.
I placed stretches in the middle of the workout keep your knees from feeling the impact of these hard core exercises. While keeping your back straight, step forward on your right leg as far as possible, until your right thigh is about parallel to the floor. Note: If Prisoner Squats get too hard squat in place without jumping with hands behind head. Note: If Burpees become to hard step back into your burpee and step forward instead of jumping. Stand with your left foot on a low box (or step) and your right foot on the floor about two feet to the right of the box. Bend your knees slightly, keep your chest up, and bend your arms 90 degrees, keeping your elbows close to your body.
Push off your left foot and jump to your left, landing with your right foot on the box and your left foot on the floor, knees bent. Start on the floor in full push-up position, balancing on hands and toes, arms extended, a folded towel underneath feet. Note: If this is too easy you keep legs straight and lift hips high to bring feet toward hands.

Also, if you don’t have a hard floor to slid on use a paper plate to slid on the carpet.
Lie faceup on floor, arms by sides, legs extended with heels pressing into a folded towel on floor. Slowly pull heels toward butt as you lift hips off floor until knees are bent 90 degrees and body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees. Cross your right leg behind your left leg as you bend your left knee into a half-squat position. Stand with your feet in a staggered stance, left foot in front of your right, two or three feet apart. Punch left arm forward and retract; punch right arm forward and retract, then kick right leg forward (as shown) and retract. Start in downward dog: Get on all fours on mat, tuck toes under and press hips up to form an inverted V.
Shift hips back slightly and bend knees toward chest as you round back into a tuck, pulling belly button toward spine. Return to downward dog (or jump legs off floor before returning to tuck) to complete 1 rep. Studies have suggested that body weight training is more effective for weight loss than using machines. Get ready for monthly fitness tests, including body fat percentage and test of aerobic fitness.
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A set of 25 Circuit Training Cards has been kindly created and donated by Maree Buchanan, a Physical Education Teacher from Bron Bay, Australia.
A selection of upper body, core and trunk, lower body and total body exercises are available on the Circuit Training Exercises page.
When we design an effective plyometric program for volleyball at MVP Sports Center, we take into account the sport’s requirements for vertical power, lateral agility and quickness.
The key is to make the transition from the first box to the second as quickly as possible, with no heel contact on the ground. This exercise will help front line players make quick and agile movements with a fast transition to a blocking motion. This exercise is designed to allow hitters to apply plyometric pre-loading concepts to their sport-specific hitting motion. The box should be at a height that is challenging, yet safe to do repeatedly. If you want to start weight training safely and effectively, with the best info, diet, and routines, check out the 5 Day Beginner Weight Training Course! Doing this plyometric workout on concrete is a sure way to get joint pain and other un-fun aches.Also, make sure you've got some other strength training under you belt before you try these. Extend your arms up above your head to try to grab the object, or mark as high as you've jumped on the wall.Repeat. Keep your body upright and tuck your knees up and together, toward your chest, to clear the obstacle.Land, turn around, and jump over the obstacle again.
Also, mats to place under your hands.Start on the ground, hands at shoulder width and up on your toes as in a regular push-up position, but with your feet up on the box. You can use it to get benefits for a variety of sports, or just to jump higher and make your punches snap out faster.
Most of the energy is lost as heat when you stretch, yet some can be stored as elastic components of the muscle. So by adding plyometric drills to your workouts you are helping increase not only your speed of movement, but your power, coordination and agility of your movements as well. Give this workout a try and combine both plyometric exercises into your run to help improve your speed. This relationship helps to offset the costs involved in owning, hosting, updating and maintaining this site. It really depends on who’s teaching the class and what their format is, but here’s what you can *usually* expect from a bootcamp-style fitness class. Some teachers take the whole *drill sergeant* thing a little far and use whistles and the like, and other instructors (this is how I teach it) just instruct and yell like they would in any other class. These exercises can benefit muscular and cardiovascular fitness, and will consist of quite a few reps or sets during a class. Your instructor may use different props for class, including dumbbells, resistance bands, an agility ladder, medicine balls, or even hurdles. There could be different stations set up, and you can rotate through each station during class. My favorite is a pair of shorts, tank, headband (to keep sweaty bangs out of my eyes) and sneakers. Changes are that class will be different every time, so as I always say: change creates change.
There is something so exciting and motivating about taking an intense class in a group setting. Because of the nature of bootcamp class, it would be easy for someone to get injured if they’re not executing proper form. Since it includes strength work –often to fatigue- I would recommend taking active rest, or only doing cardio on consecutive days with bootcamp-style classes.

I really liked it and I thought the differences were minor even though the instructor kept saying “be ready for a change! However, when it comes to trying to classify them as either cardio or strength, I don’t so much consider them a strength workout in the classic sense. I liked that they had different trainers at each station, and it was a huge circuit class with plyometrics and cardio mixed in.
You never get bored with them (well it’s hard to, so many new moves all of the time!) and they are HARD in a good way of course! I have to admit, I kind of save it for days that I am feeling super energetic, because it really wipes me out!
Have you ever done a Focus On post on Cross Fit, or do you think it could fall under the category of “bootcamp”?
This combination should increase your speed and power, which is why plyometrics are so effective.
The reason why I like this exercise so much is because there is (1) an element of balance, (2) the entire leg musculature including hips and glutes are actively engaged, and (3) your core is engaged as well as you propel yourself in the air. My favorite variation (which is an advanced variation, please use caution when doing this) is to jump off a 12″ box then immediately on to a much higher one with no break in the flow of movement. Next, step forward on your left leg as far as possible, until your left thigh is about parallel to the floor. Most of these exercises you will learn can be done in any open space with no equipment at all; the rest can be done either with found objects like stones and logs, or with basic gym equipment like medicine ball and kettlebells.
You could use plain card or paper and include an explanation as to how to perform the exercise, duration and recovery. For that reason alone, plyometric exercises are especially valuable to volleyball athletes.
Below are three plyometric exercises to help up-and-coming volleyball players reach their full potential out on the court. They should be combined with proper strength, flexibility, core, and agility workouts to build a superior all-around volleyball athlete. This exercise helps volleyball players understand and use the basic plyometric concept of training quick explosive movements.
That base level of conditioning will keep you from hurting yourself.For each exercise in this plyometric workout, do 10 to 15 repetitions for 2 to 3 sets. That's one rep.After absorbing as little of the impact on the boxes as possible, push-up explosively into the air to start the sequence all over again. Your support helps enable us to provide this valuable service to those who wish to save money on fitness equipment. These classes are based on a series of drills, which can focus on muscular endurance, calisthenics and plyometrics.
The goal of plyo movements are to create a very strong muscle contraction in a short amount of time, and the movements consist of a quick lengthening phase followed by a resting phase. Along with the rising popularity of Tabata intervals, I’ve noticed that many instructors are using this technique in their classes, so you can also expect to be timed for intervals, like 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds on, repeating 8 times for 4 minutes total. I feel so much stronger when I can do one more Mary Katherine lunge, or one more tuck jump, and I walk away feeling like a powerhouse. It’s also easy to do anywhere, and you can make it harder by wearing a weighted vest or holding some dumbbells in your hands.
You can hop off of the platform with both feet, and quickly repeat the motion to get back onto the platform, which is more advanced, or simply step off the platform. Another variation is to put a small box in front of a higher one and jump consecutively from the ground to the first box to the second box with no break in the flow.
If you want to print it off, click on the link below for a complete weekly plan.Click here to download a PDF of the plyometric workout.
Some classes may use dumbbells or resistance bands, but will consist of mostly bodyweight exercises. In bootcamp classes, these movements can be used to spike up the heart rate so that you’re burning more calories during the strength exercises. Once an activity exceeds 15 reps, it’s triggering muscle endurance, which is not the same thing as muscle strength.
It is one of the only workouts where, when I’m finished, I feel like a serious badass. The “jump” should be performed with speed and power – don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with higher boxes. Even though the *meat* of the workout is unknown, you can depend on having a safe warm up and cool down as the bread of your class.
Bootcamps or basically, circuit workouts or complexes workouts are so great, because you are still doing mostly compound movements recruiting the most amount of fibers. Add Box Jumps to your routine once or twice weekly and expect your strength in major compound movements like the squat & deadlift to improve rapidly. Also, fast twitch muscles will always hypertrophy (build) because of their susceptibility to micro trauma (which causes muscles to build) so every time you are doing an exercise, these fibers will be recruited and they cannot really be isolated.

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