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How to sign up: Pick up a form at the front desk at Ageless in Gillespie or Ageless Squared in Staunton. Although there are a handful of great vertical jump programs on the internet, they are all missing one thing – technique.
Exercise sessions are progressed every 4 weeks, emphasizing a different component of the vertical jump. Athletes will be taught a dynamic warmup that should be used prior to every practice and game. Athletes will learn ACL prevention exercises that they can do all year round from the comfort of their home.
When it comes to playing sports like volleyball or basketball, having a good vertical jump is a necessity.
Vertical jump programs offering many different answers to similar types of questions can be found in many locations.
Vertical leap training is something that should be taken seriously by anyone wishing to take up basketball or indeed anyone already playing the game. How to increase your vertical jump might just be something you are interested in, especially if you would like to be the local dunk champ.

A plyometric workout is one of the most effective workouts that increases the vertical leap and is ideal to use in basketball training. Kansas University basketball guard had successful surgery to repair a fractured right kneecap. He sustained the injury trying a dunk at the Final Four shoot around at the Alamodome in San Antonio, andA  is expected to be able to be back in the gym working out in six to eight weeks and be ready to play basketball again in 12 weeks.
Our 4 week program specifically targets the standing and running vertical jump, as well as the one step quickness players need on the court. This program will continue for 3 months, leading up to the start of the high school basketball season. Study after study has proven the superiority of a dynamic warmup versus a static stretching warmup with regards to injury prevention and power development. The standard tests utilized to measure your competency in basketball is a vertical jump test. Really there are such a lot to choose from, that it becomes a bit of a nightmare delving through each one, sifting out what one would suit.
Adding to your vertical leap height, will apart from making you a much improved basketball player, it will bring great improvements to any other sports that you participate in.

It’s not only basketball players that will appreciate knowing how to increase jumping ability, many other sports like football, volleyball and some athletic field disciplines would benefit as well.
It will include strength training, plyometrics, speed and agility drills, and ACL prevention exercises in a progressive format.
Technique is a MAJOR component of any successful vertical jump program – how to land properly, exercise technique, deceleration technique, proper jumping mechanics, etc.
This article contains useful information for getting the muscle definition you’ve always wanted.
All training sessions will be led by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the NSCA.
We emphasize technique over everything, especially when it comes to ACL prevention training.

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